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  1. Kent 2018

    get Armstrong in to pair Hampshire
  2. Kent 2018

    7.25 to play with: Bowtell, Coles, Armstrong or Stoneman?
  3. Isle Of Wight 2018

    Top rider and top young man.
  4. Kent 2018

    will do probably 200 better class? I want NL and no foreigners he's doing pretty well so far!
  5. Kent 2018

    So that's 6 years we've had to put up with all your negative Kent/Len comments lol. Hardly any of the Kent fans would want to move 'up' anyway. I'd like to see Edwards as one of our reserves but i've a sneaky suspicion that he'll go to Mildenhall...
  6. Kent 2018

    Bowen, Rowe and surely Thomas are all nailed on...
  7. Isle Of Wight 2018

    Good signing - was impressed with him at Kent
  8. Eastbourne 2018

    So you unsettle Hunter and now target Rowe?
  9. Confirmed Signings For 2018

    George Hunter?
  10. Eastbourne 2017

    this post is so full of crap. the eagles rode very well last night and us Kent fans always clap the race winners regardless of which team they ride for.
  11. probably a rider from a different team!
  12. Eagles V Kings And Eagles V Fen Tigers 16/09/2017

    r/r can't be your best friend every season
  13. Kent V Plymouth Nl 11th September

    no bother - the outcome was the same such is our strength in depth
  14. Kent V Plymouth Nl 11th September

    Bowen will own Boxall and Roynan tonight. Kent to win by more than a dozen.
  15. Brummies V Kent Wed 6th Sep

    Did you want to have another go at this sentence?