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  1. British riders are masters of tight tracks but can struggle on big circuits. Woffy and Ruthless seem to have the big tracks sussed. With bikes having so much power it looks spectacular on tracks like Bellevue after all its called speedway.
  2. would love Lawson to win tonight. i think if there is a dark horse it could be Auty.
  3. more like a bag of doggy poo. eat rubbish talk rubbish type rubbish. thats all.
  4. just pointing out WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS.
  5. Jenga lives under a bridge so how would they find him.
  6. The den is open all day everyday for food and drinks so once again you look rather silly.
  7. The Edinburgh promotion have the same weather reports as you and l, so they were hopeful at the very least. ln seasons past they have been quick to call meetings off so wby not last night? As for bomber he has a right to feel exasperated, As do all other riders and fans. Its not speedway weather at the moment and why they try and run meetings in march is beyond me all you have to do is look at the fixtures that were cancelled last night. So everybody just cheer up the action will start soon enough.
  8. baba

    Glasgow 2018

    dont know about a ladder jenga, but you speak from your bladder.
  9. only if you last the same amount of time as a speedway race
  10. usual scotman reply....the kind of guy that says sorry after he cums.
  11. scunny look decent and wont lose many home matches.
  12. baba

    Glasgow 2018

    sorry steve that was westcoast humour. i know jenga is a male, although apoor example of a male but talks/post more rubbish than a woman ever could.
  13. baba

    Glasgow 2018

    gazc havent you realised that jenga is female. it explains everything!
  14. Glasgow all the way. Edinburgh mid bottom.
  15. baba

    Glasgow 2018

    https://mobile.twitter.com/_glasgowtigers/status/952882043976867840/photo/3 Looking wide as the clyde.
  16. baba

    Craig Cook Support Group

    I hope Craig receives offers that can enable him to get equipment he needs. Good luck Cookie.
  17. baba

    Official Teams 2018

    Newcastle look the strongest team yet
  18. baba

    Glasgow 2018

    Perverts! looking at somebody cause of their body. Double standards.
  19. baba

    Workington 2018 .

    Anyway jenga play nice and have fun. Im going to have beans on toast for lunch then 20 pints of beer. Glasgow doesn't have a drink problem....honest. 🍺
  20. baba

    Workington 2018 .

    This guy in picture has small village mentality and cant stand change or newcomers in anyway shape or form. Sounds familiar doesn't it?.
  21. baba

    Workington 2018 .

    https://goo.gl/images/NwUs6Y Is this you Jenga?
  22. baba

    Race Nights

    Workey should race on a Monday afternoon when the Farmers market closes. Huge potential for footfall in the area at the time. Folk could race their prized farm animal in a open championship over two heats rather than a second half. 😶🐖🐄🐑🐓

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