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  1. baba

    Where is SCB

    F'him blooming creep. He will convert to islam in prison for protection.
  2. Im sure his nicknames airfence
  3. Has there been any hint of going back to sundays next season? l always live in hope that its being discussed. Have crowds been what was expected with fridays. Any info would be great.
  4. yeah its hard to tell the difference down berwick
  5. baba

    Craig Cook

    i changed jobs so i could go a sunday then they changed to Saturday and fridays are a cant do ever. So i havent been in a while to Ashfield. We used to go as a family every sunday.
  6. baba

    Chanpionship Pairs Somerset Friday 20th

    lakeside look like title contenders but Wells and Riss....ex glasgow v edinburgh final. Wells cool as a cucumber seems to score heavy anywhere he goes its tough to predict but Scunthorpe could spoil.
  7. This meeting will be tremendous entertainment hope rain is early and stays off after 5 so we can all see speedway at its very best.
  8. i know its weird me starting this thread but if England beat these cheating bamsticks will the match still run? im down redcar way and was going to attend? But realize huge match for England could jeopardize it.
  9. super meeting tonight some great racing redcar reserves were awesome. Special mention to the bear mascot she made my wee girl and boys night, very enjoyable evening.
  10. hes allowed a below par meeting once and a while but reckon he will bounce back tonight.
  11. baba

    Glasgow 2018

    when he underperformes we lose.
  12. should be cracker redcar to win but would love Richard to get 15 point max lol
  13. but jengas a numpty.
  14. baba

    Redcar 2018

    will be good a manager if he remembers how to ride the board...s
  15. is it Richard and Aaron in for Garrity and Better Worral
  16. cheers boys for swift reply and Gazc is correct i have no idea about potential fixtures England MAY have hehe
  17. baba

    Glasgow 2018

    I dont like Worral much either hes a nugget who rides a bike....thats all.
  18. Lakeside look like winning this.
  19. British riders are masters of tight tracks but can struggle on big circuits. Woffy and Ruthless seem to have the big tracks sussed. With bikes having so much power it looks spectacular on tracks like Bellevue after all its called speedway.
  20. would love Lawson to win tonight. i think if there is a dark horse it could be Auty.
  21. more like a bag of doggy poo. eat rubbish talk rubbish type rubbish. thats all.
  22. just pointing out WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS.
  23. Jenga lives under a bridge so how would they find him.

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