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    ellesmere port gunners
  1. gyrsaker1

    Race Jackets

    after ellesmere port gunners ??
  2. gyrsaker1


    lot more info came to light in recent weeks ....this has now become restore to original rather than rip an replace job .bike was purchased from P Collins after he spent few yrs restoring it ....it was then purchased by my boss from P.C. for alledgedly 15k back in very eary 80s
  3. gyrsaker1

    Ellesmere Port Gunners Race Bib

    ok im bidding on ebay on genuine gunners race bib but it has 5 days left an me top bids 60 rip way its goin i aint gona have it So anybody know anyone doin replicas ? .my moby is 07518174911 would realy make my day own one o these .as i can still see old track from bedroom window thanks guys
  4. gyrsaker1


    hi after some head bolts and replace pushrod tubes 500 jap must be good chrome cheers any other parts considerd ring 07518174911 thanks mark
  5. gyrsaker1


    not rotax , but more info has since come to light ,,, frame is a longton
  6. gyrsaker1


    hello all new ti speedway bikes but used to race pre 70 motocross (many moons ago) iv just been given a bike from old friend its a jap and apparently jap frame girder forks ? will try post some pics over weekend .it was fully restored over 20yrs ago but sadly has stood in damp shed ever since and chrome on frame .oil tank.mud guards ect is on its arse as well as wheel rims .engine seems good lots compression an good spark oil tank is empty so presume old girls wet sumpd .any advice on spares ? chrome work ect gratefully recived cheers mark my number is 07518174911

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