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  1. See my earlier post. Sad day club up for sale.
  2. Referee is corrupt. Buster Chapman has paid him to screw Poole.
  3. Everyone ready for tonight's Poole Pirates trophy celebration?
  4. About time Ellis got what he deserved. Jumped starts in every race.
  5. Luck is certainly with us tonight.
  6. There's only one Craig Ackroyd only one Craig Ackroyd walking along singing a song walking in an Ackroyd wonderland. How did we get away with that one.
  7. Gavan's worst nightmare is becoming a reality Poole 5-1, Poole 5-1, Poole 5-1, Poole 5-1
  8. Updated betting odds for tonight. Gavan to have a meltdown before Heat 10. Odds @ 1/100 Gavan to have a meltdown after Heat 10. Odds @ 1/250 Gavan to have a meltdown after all 15 Heats have been completed. Odds @ 1/750 Gavan to act like an adult throughout the night. Odds @ 5000/1
  9. Utter utter utter joke. Chapman's a p***k who abuses his power.
  10. Gavan's either a troll or he's just very thick...…………………………………..So he is .
  11. Chris 'Bomber' Harris you F'in beauty lol. Rolling back the years. To think Shovlar wasn't happy when Matt signed him.
  12. Well done referee. Surely we're not going to do a Somerset and choke

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