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  1. It’s been a tough, tough season for fans and club this year, in so many ways. So much optimism at the start of the season
  2. Funnily enough, I joked about the opposite - Workington were happy to go out for another heat after they got a 5-1, but not again after being on the receiving end in heat 13 I actually think we still would have extended the lead overall if we’d completed the meeting, even with the change in conditions.
  3. Completely agree, it looked a bit naughty from where I was standing too. It also certainly looked like there was contact from Cook (who was very impressive all night) when Nick hit the fence in heat 15. Really glad that Richard won the last race.
  4. They should start dismantling and auction bits off before the vandals turn up, I’d bid on all sorts of tat! Still trying to figure out how I feel about the whole situation, but going to Rye for the rest of the season certainly makes sense at this stage.
  5. If I had a quid for every time I’ve said that phrase about Arena ... well, I’d probably be able to build us a new track! It’s our s**t hole! And I’ll miss it if / when it goes. All this talk of needing to lose clubs to amalgamate into a sustainable league leaves a bad taste ... but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s in the minds of some.
  6. Sad day indeed mate. I’ve been going to Arena my entire life, it’s not just speedway and my club that I’d miss but all the memories I’m reminded of when I’m there. I can’t help but feel a bit pessimistic about the future of the Hammers at this stage but I really hope there’s some encouraging news to follow from the promotion.
  7. He’s 3rd in the averages according to the programme (8.40) behind Nick (8.84) and Adam (8.60).
  8. Hopefully - I might have a couple of newcomers with me this evening so I’m hoping the Witches put up a good fight!
  9. Mjolnir

    Witches v Hammers KOCup Round 1 Leg 1 3rd May

    Looked a nasty crash that one - speedy recovery Danny!
  10. Mjolnir

    Witches v Hammers KOCup Round 1 Leg 1 3rd May

    Decided to drive up for this one after missing the good friday fixture due to the weather ... hoping for some good racing and another win for the Hammers! Shame that we’re without Zach but I’d say it’s possibly evened out with the Witches having to use R/R ... would love to see a few points for Alfie tonight. Always impressed by the stadium improvements that have been made in recent years.
  11. Mjolnir

    Lakeside 2018

    Completely agree - very pleased with our new manager so far.
  12. I hope you’re right! I think it’s probably quite fortunate timing for us to be visiting. Still, much stranger things have happened in speedway!
  13. Not a bad guest! Agreed Waco - hopefully some entertaining racing and some points on the league table!
  14. I’ve come along as as neutral this evening, usually I’d be cheering for the Rockets but I’d like to see Leicester do well this year too. Hope it’ll be a good close meeting!
  15. As a few others have already said - I’m surprised that you think that. Morley is the only rider in the team that I might expect to score much different away than he does at home (he’s really got Arena figured out) and Lawson is great at home but through perseverance - he first arrived at the club as very much a big track rider. On the other hand, from memory I’d say Morris has been up and down round our place in the past and Ellis previously struggled with the track as a Hammer. Plenty of the Lakeside team should score well away from home this season, which is something we’ve often lacked in the past and it’s one of the reasons I was pretty happy with the team that was put together. Can only assume you were trying to get a few bites, in which case congratulations Anyway, we did pretty well around your place recently didn’t we?

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