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  1. Justgotmecpc

    Glasgow 2015

    I was told by a rye house fan down redcar the other week that bunyans at Glasgow in 2015 ??
  2. Justgotmecpc

    Newcastle 2015

    which tales that then the 1 from Cardiff or the 100's of others when av nearly marked me cloth
  3. Justgotmecpc

    Sheffield 2015

    so covatti's on 7.53 what would be mine arson ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  4. Justgotmecpc

    Newcastle 2015

    wells and summers would be good along with kerr and rose and maybe rob lambert ? I would like to see joe Jacobs in as a 3 pointer with rose at reserve and a good solid number 2 to come in ( like henry )
  5. agreed about are start time being at 18.30 at our place as its about 18.45 before the 1st race gets under away so therefore is the meeting going to start at 17.15 or will it be 17.00 with the parade at 16.45 which means the riders who have international meetings on Saturday wont be in the parade as they'll be getting ready for the meeting, 1 things for sure you'll be getting your beauty sleep well before me as I've got to drive back down hopefully with a semi final v the monarchs to look forward to thanks granddad
  6. Justgotmecpc

    Newcastle 2015

    like who would you get rid of to bring ludvig back
  7. spot on comments white night,, as the more support the lads get on the road it gives them a boost as robbo was telling me at the plrc last sunday,, even if they made it a 4pm start we could've had a bigger bus going and it would've swelled the Glasgow coffers a bit but never mind its there loss
  8. looks like there's a few shy diamond fans but any other fans are welcome to join us if they wish
  9. Justgotmecpc

    Newcastle 2015

    just to confirm we have a couple of seats left on our coach for the cup meeting on sunday at Glasgow anybody wanting to go my numbers on the supporters club page
  10. Justgotmecpc

    Newcastle 2015

    I would like to see the top 5 on the 40 point limit and fast track two national league riders as reserves and it would be much better than the elite league as the reserves would be much and also learn a lot better in the prem league as its much better
  11. pity its a 5pm start as it seems to have put some fans off going from the toon so its unlikely we'll be running a coach but I may get up as i'll be in Edinburgh for the pedal bike version of speedway as the cycle speedway team including wor dean are there for a match,,so it should be a good day
  12. I think i'll get there for 1pm and I might get in free ha spot on mate but I do recall a couple of year ago on the way to Cardiff some 1 who shares the driving with me got us lost and luckily I noticed as we might have ended up in London ?? but at least we found out where pork pies are made ( melton Mowbray ) so I think i'll do the 1st part of the driving next year so we get there in time for a drink or 2 any diamonds fans wanting to go to Glasgow on sunday for a 5PM start can get my number off the website page i'll need to no by Thursday to book the bus/coach
  13. I've had a request to see if I will put a minibus or coach if we get enough intrest ( as it could be the last match of the year ) so is it 3 or 5pm start please
  14. no name calling just honest opinions mate just an update on the coach for the plrc this sunday there's still some ( but not many ) seats left.. so if any 1 wants to go my details are on the diamonds face book page,, the coach is departing brough park at 11 am on sunday
  15. its the mother of the weird girl friend who feeds him the bulletts and he fires as some of the stuff he comes out with is to clever for the idiot,, as he's only got half an ounce of sense
  16. that knacker from down the a19 even has a go when me and my son go down to watch a. he cant help himself but a noticed he kept away from us last night as my son had words with him last sunday and Darryl has been informed about it so he may well keep it shut in the future
  17. could have been worse for the diamonds this year a mean we could have had pardew and Ashley in charge ?????????? I would hate to think what guest they would pick if robbo misses the Glasgow home meeting ??
  18. agreed as they knocked us back on the double header I bet they wish they hadn't now ?? but the way the rest of our lads rode we'd have still gone through to the semi over the 2 legs even if it did mean a guest at short notice for simon.. so come this Monday hopefully that messers king ludvig lewis k and the king of diamonds ( robbo ) will get 45 to 50 points between them and a nice 8 to 10 from the reserves will do nicely to go back to Glasgow with
  19. Justgotmecpc

    Comets Scrap Two Fixtures.

    spot on there's far to much info kept from supporters these days,, any so called elite riders who don't want to ride over here lets say bye and it would be nice to join the the 3 leagues together and( fast track) but I would rather say bring young british talent on and if rules still state there must be a point limit why not have 40 points for the top 5 and then 2 young brits which must be of the in the same bracket as the likes of max clegg the 2 greenwood lads james sergant etc.. the likes of steve Worrall jay garrity kyle newman are far to good to be fast track reserves.. but respect to the lads for giving the elite league a go this season
  20. Justgotmecpc

    Who Will Make The Playoffs ?

    can I have a pint of what you'v had,, unless cook masters Fricke n steve don't turn up we may get 4 points but lets be honest there's more chance of Newcastle united winning the football prem league in the next 100 years......
  21. Justgotmecpc

    Comets Scrap Two Fixtures.

    agreed with all posts on the worky fiasco regarding the cancelations, what about season ticket holders who have payed up front for these meet's..
  22. Justgotmecpc

    Who Will Make The Playoffs ?

    looks like the diamonds hopes are gone now as worky will take a point for def or even all for as they are only 2 points down after heat 10 at the showground and have there big guns in the last few heats as they are already outscoring the panthers.. so we'll just have to win the cup but with millsy and rose out for the seas'n its going to be a tall order
  23. hope its not to serious,, that's put a bit of a dampner on the meet'n tomorrow........ lets hope he gets out asap
  25. did millsy hit the fence or the air fence ?? nice touch from the promoters for season ticket holders,,

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