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  1. pienpeesman

    Newcastle 2019

    But there must be other alternatives steve
  2. pienpeesman

    Newcastle 2019

    So you ain't got an iron stomach then ?? Sounds like you could do with a but plug when you drink dark fruit !! Another poor night for Danny at Redcar guesting for Edinburgh,,,
  3. So did you find the track ??
  4. Check out speedway updates it'll be on there
  5. Don't know how the pay structure would go but when a guy like Matt Ford said that we must be looking at 1 league it just goes to show something is wrong.. I know it would be hard for some teams to keep going but there must be light at the end of the tunnel somewhere,, maybe do away with some of the foreign riders or all of them & make it a proper British League
  6. pienpeesman

    Newcastle 2019

    He's the lowest averaged rider in the championship......
  7. pienpeesman

    Newcastle 2019

    Yeah agree it's getting to the busy time now with July & August rammed with meetings but how long can Steve, Max & Matty carry the rest of the side ( not buchave tho as he's got to be given time ) Thomas needs to relax as he beats himself up to much & he could be a 8 point rider & lasse has to sort his gear out as he's having far to many bike issues & Danny just seems to lack confidence on the bike...
  8. Got to go with 1 league now if we want speedway to continue in Britain
  9. pienpeesman

    Newcastle v Scunthorpe 16.06.2019

    In fact it's on here
  10. pienpeesman

    Newcastle v Scunthorpe 16.06.2019

    Go onto the Newcastle speedway website & see George's video with the track 3&4 bends & you'll understand why it was called off
  11. pienpeesman

    Newcastle 2019

    Let's hope ( which I'm sure they are ) the promotion working on putting a decent meeting on ,,
  12. pienpeesman

    Newcastle 2019

    That's why I never mentioned any named of riders who did ride for us at the beginning of there careers Steve as it would be unfair on the promotion as some still ride and have polish contracts.. I'm sure they will come if they can make it !!
  13. pienpeesman

    Newcastle 2019

    Probably the bottom 5 lines of your post will happen at some point.. but let's hope the promotion can get some legends back on track & hopefully the Owen brothers make a very welcome return among others
  14. pienpeesman

    Newcastle 2019

    Let's hope that if the promotion do replace Danny with a 3.5 rider if possible ( they will have to be careful which I'm sure they will ) as some riders on a small AV think like a heat leader at times & want heat leader deals..
  15. pienpeesman

    Newcastle 2019

    Cheers AV got it the rider who rode it was derrol Keats's

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