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  1. pienpeesman

    REDCAR 2019

    Agree but we need to be thankful we're still seeing speedway at the end of the day as it's getting harder & harder to run speedway every season up here in the north... I don't know what & when we could've got ready for the season up in toon if it wasn't for Danny & his dad as they have only been the only new faces to join the track team as there's only a hardcore of 7 of us #hardgraft
  2. pienpeesman

    REDCAR 2019

    It would be great to see Josh embleton as the 4th diamond... But that's Ben's call !! As the lad really rides the track well
  3. pienpeesman

    REDCAR 2019

    Wallinger has invested heavily on new gear this season & Kyle Bickley is progressing in the correct way & as it's a friendly 4 TT I'm sure the track time ( extra ) will do them the world of good,,, good on Ben for the invitation
  4. pienpeesman

    Play off contenders

    Mmmmmmmmmm not sure on the silver but the conference did ( I think ) have a bronze best competition & we could still run 15 heats and 2nd halves if the 1st heat starts as stated at Newcastle quote ( Tapes up 18.30) rather than 18.40... 18.45 & especially in the early months people who like to stand outside don't get hacked off when it's cold
  5. pienpeesman

    Play off contenders

    It tecks nee notice
  6. pienpeesman

    Play off contenders

    Yeah far to sensitive
  7. pienpeesman

    Play off contenders

    Should have said So not Do ha stupid phone
  8. pienpeesman

    Play off contenders

    Do we should see some great racing down the A19 as always.. looking forward to the 1st meeting weather permitting
  9. pienpeesman

    Newcastle 2019

    17th march is the Ben fund so if anybody would like to to see our new number 1 Thomas Jorgensen & ex diamonds Steve & Richie worrall in action I will sort a bus out leaving brough at 9am & return at 9pm cost per head £14 each way with a special offer already in place so I'll be at brough every Sunday apart from the 24th of Feb to take bookings
  10. pienpeesman

    Play off contenders

    Just as fans said last year & where did we finish... So let's see who is eating there pudding at the end of the season with that Massive wooden spoon & I bet it's not the Diamonds roll on the 29th of march for our 1st meeting at Redcar
  11. pienpeesman

    Newcastle 2019

    Well if Danny Phillips rides as good as he works ( track staff winter work ) he's going to be out of the reserve birth very quick & pushing for a easy 6 point AV lol ( keep it up Danny great work )
  12. pienpeesman

    Newcastle speedway

    Weather permitting work did take place and as per it was the same old crew who grafted to get things sorted #thankstoallwhoturnedup
  13. pienpeesman

    Newcastle 2019

    Spot on Steve & it would be great to see new faces joining the track work team on Sundays and the new trust group we are trying to get set up to raise vital funds for speedway to continue this season and many many more

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