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  1. Wouldn't it be nice to have a diamonds. Comets track and stadium bang in the middle between brough and Derwent parks & sat & Sunday meetings to have every weekend.. and not to worry about especially at BROUGH what we are faced with nearly every week ( from our landlords so called adult staff & what springs to mind is childish petty behaviour ) not good..
  2. Yeah they all do on there Todd when they have the whole track to themselves but it's a different case when there are 3 others in with them.. but he did look fast & controlled tho
  3. Even the track is like an ice rink
  4. Diamonds to win... Track looks well ripped up
  5. Yeah as it's not a D shape so it'll probably hopefully catch out your 2nd strings & reserves as the top 3 will do ok providing howarth doesn't go throttle mad as per... I'm hoping if Danny can trap & settle down & big Rambo settles I see a 50 40 win to Steve & the lads
  6. Well if the winter series track is anything to go by SLICK is an understatement,, it's a wonder the tyres never rip open after 1 ride as the blue/ grey / tarmac groove soon appears,, but at least it's track time for up & coming riders I suppose
  7. So that is the kiiss of death ?? But I hope not Dave
  8. Rumors of what tho... Not a return until it gets dark & then I would have the moth back as that's when ludde bangs in points ( but according to his mechanic well mmmm dogsbody he told us where to go !! ) Which I took with a pinch of salt lol
  9. pienpeesman

    Newcastle 2019

    Watch this space so of last season's team of Tero.Robbo.Ludvig.Kus.Weathers.Morris or Wilko,,, who if anybody would any fans swap for any of the current team.. as there was a lot say last season we were crap but they actually done ok..
  10. So he'll be ok at Eastbourne then & maybe Leicester & of course Edinburgh
  11. Yeah you views taking in.. the track is definitely still In winter mode at the moment but I still worry about Simon as his style doesn't seem to get the best of him at Newcastle buy away he could be a trump card especially if he drops to reserve,, max on the other hand will be a easy 5 plus pointer at home where ever he rides & as long as he doesn't put his Berwick head on when on the road we could carry Danny,, but it's early days & once our top end click well we could be in for a good season,,, great shout 4 the 4's if we qualify..
  12. Like I stated before in my post it's numbers that dictate... You obviously don't have a clue what your talking about as unfortunately it's a social media society we live in know so was our promotion going to tell Victor when he came over after spending money on flights then.. so they saved him money in that sense did they not also I do you know how lunna told the promotion was by phone text or call mmmmmm not sure on that 1... But if you look at the scenario I don't detect any bitterness from George English. Martin Phillips and others towards lunna as that's what caused the re jig of the team.. kind regards PPM
  13. Can't please everyone.. riders will always moan about track prep who'd be a track man

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