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  1. Terrace Grumbler

    Newcastle 2018

    No, he really hasn't. It seems to me that the team is in some measure fuelled by team spirit and to sack one of them may do a lot of damage to that. Jeppesen averages 3.81 in the PL, which is probably about a 5 in this league. As I say, why?
  2. Terrace Grumbler

    Newcastle 2018

  3. Terrace Grumbler


    Send him down the A1 marra. Long time BP expert.
  4. Terrace Grumbler

    Scorpions vs Diamonds - 08.06.18 19.30

    This is a tricky one, and by no means an unreasonable question, but I think Ludwig's away performances have to be accepted for what they are because so far as I can see he is doing his best. It might be a little simplistic just to say he should get more points on other tracks. I dont know why he doesn't, but given how riders are paid, why wouldn't he want to score well? If - for whatever reason - he can't, then he can't. The point I am trying to get across is that he didn't ask to be at No. 1 and maybe he isn't suited to the role. Cast your mind back to the summer (the Parky and Tsunami will know which year :-) ) when we had a pair of underperforming Danish no.1s and Dickie Juul performed heroics at No. 3 while averaging (iirc) about 6.5. I don't remember anyone giving him the sort of grief Ludde is getting now. It is not necessary to be one of the top scorers in a team to be a good captain - see for example, Sneddon, D. and Havelock, B.
  5. Terrace Grumbler

    Scorpions vs Diamonds - 08.06.18 19.30

    The highest averaged rider has to be at No. 1. If by referring to a Number One you mean someone who can win heats regularly away as well as at home, we don't have one this season. It seems to me that Ludde gives all that he has to give. We can't ask for more than that. What, exactly, would you like him to do? For some on here it won't matter what he does because it won't be good enough for them.
  6. Terrace Grumbler

    Scorpions vs Diamonds - 08.06.18 19.30

    No, it wasn’t a let down for me because it was what I expected. If you’re “for real”, why do you think LL would score many more? Look at his scores away from home this season, look at his averages over his career and go figure. If you translate this into English, I’ll reply. Agree 100%.
  7. Terrace Grumbler

    Berwick v Redcar 9/6/18

    No meeting at BP this week so we’ll brave Ice Station Zebra... we’ve seen a lot of the Bandits and Bears already this season! Looking forward to what I hope will be a close meeting. Not sure Proctor is the best guest but prepared (as ever) to be provrd wrong.
  8. Terrace Grumbler

    Scorpions vs Diamonds - 08.06.18 19.30

    I’m not sure how his performance was a let down. It was in keeping with many of his awaydays this season, and surely you will have expected it? Ludde rides as a #1 at home and without his efforts the league table would look sicker than it does now. He and his team mates appear to be what we can afford, so lets make the best of it. The entertainment at home this season has generally been good. Grow up.
  9. Terrace Grumbler

    Newcastle 2018

    All our yesterdays ...Pepe was great unless he had to pass someone or the surface was anything but bone dry. Please may we move on?
  10. Terrace Grumbler

    Newcastle 2018

    Kus may not have been my choice but the fact is that (as La Dandelion has already pointed out) George, the team and Matej himself got him to a 7 point average in 2016. It hasn't worked out for him at Redcar for whatever reason but it's in everyone's interests for him to have a very different second half of the season and I'm sure we'll all get behind him. Every team can find room for an out-and-out gater and he will have to be ours. I've no idea how he goes round the EWR but I hope he gets off to a good start on Friday.
  11. Terrace Grumbler

    Newcastle 2018

    Humble apologies, Ms. Lion!
  12. Terrace Grumbler

    Newcastle 2018

    Logged on...three new pages...great, I thought, we must have signed someone...but no, instead we have an allegation of cheating. How uplifting. Where's Dandelion when we need him to spread some optimism?
  13. Terrace Grumbler

    Newcastle 2018

    Thank you Screm, let's hope it's a more competitive meeting today than yesterday.
  14. Terrace Grumbler

    Newcastle 2018

    Any guest news for this afternoon?
  15. Terrace Grumbler

    Redcar 2018

    If Ben Barker was riding NL bikes at Newcastle last week, I'd love to see him on decent kit because he was excellent. If you don't want him at Redcar please send him on the A19 northbound - imo he would fit in at Newcastle and maybe George would be the man to get him ticking over nicely.

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