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  1. I'm not sure how well Clegg would go in the body of the team. Remember Sean Stoddart.
  2. Hopwood brought with him the experience of being an NL heat leader, and on occasion it showed. We're more or less out of the Shield. Perhaps DP will be given the rest of the Shield fixtures to improve. I think Simon Lambert will come good.
  3. Terrace Grumbler

    Newcastle 2019

    Sorry Danders, you've lost me completely with this one.
  4. Terrace Grumbler

    Newcastle 2019

    I’m really looking forward to the new season. Just saying, like.
  5. Terrace Grumbler

    Newcastle 2019

    Wilko has been a great servant at many tracks. No one could fault his effort last year but he isn’t the Wilko of old.
  6. Terrace Grumbler

    Newcastle 2019

    I'd opt for Simon Lambert - he's had some good meetings at BP in past seasons and always seems to give 100%. Unless MacDonald is Pickering Mk 2.
  7. Terrace Grumbler

    Newcastle 2019

    Well said Ms. Lion, I'll echo all of that. Remember everyone, it is our patriotic duty this Christmas to keep the nation's breweries in business and to contribute to the exchequer through payment of excise duties.
  8. Terrace Grumbler

    Newcastle 2019

    Just out of interest, are you the Redcar supporter who ed go turn up at BP dressed as a condom? Just asking...
  9. Terrace Grumbler

    Newcastle 2019

    I agree. He looked more like a speedway rider than others, in his spell with us.
  10. Terrace Grumbler

    Newcastle 2019

    Thank you, very much appreciated - see you on Saturday!
  11. Terrace Grumbler

    Newcastle 2019

    Slightly off topic, who do I contract to pay for 4 tickets for the Xmas do? Thanks Terrace "mine's a pint of Moretti" Grumbler
  12. Terrace Grumbler

    Newcastle 2019

    I don’t pretend to follow the NL closely but Coles was out of his depth when he was a Diamond. Has he improved a lot? i assume Philips will take the other reserve berth anyway. Someone mentioned he averaged 6 at home when he was with us - I have to say I don’t recall him riding to that sort of average. As to the other two team places, well, if one is Ludde then I think that might speak volumes about how the team is being put together. That said, it’s the art of the possible and the promotion will be doing their best, I’m sure of that.
  13. Terrace Grumbler

    REDCAR 2019

    You look to have a very decent team. Redcar is only 30 minutes from us so hopefully we will get to some meetings in 2019.
  14. Terrace Grumbler

    Newcastle 2019

    Righto, thank you, onwards and upwards...
  15. Terrace Grumbler

    Newcastle 2019

    Good points but at this stage of the game (end of days, if we’re not careful) getting a season ticket is as much about easing cash flow and a gesture of support as anything else. VFM doesn’t really come into it and I imagine the prices are set to reflect the envisaged costs. A twin spearhead of Rene and Aaron (I wish) won’t be cheap.

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