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  1. I almost give up. Where did I try to deny free speech, or say you were having a go at Newcastle? I certainly didn't mean to. And what difference does it make if you were agreeing with what someone else has already said? Let's stick to the facts, shall we? You say you want to see one big league. In this week's Speedway Star the Newcastle promoter explains that the club wouldn't be able to operate under that system. I'm wondering whether you're bothered...you've drifted into watching foreign speedway on tv (presumably it's Poland on Sundays) don't go to BP any longer and don't read the SS so you haven't seen what the promotion are saying; none of that should stop you spending time on here airing your views, of course.
  2. "A good shout" that would close Newcastle (see this week's SS). Still, as you've stopped going, you won't care. I assume you watch the Polish league of a Sunday afternoon - who's your team now?
  3. Terrace Grumbler

    Ben Fund

    I've just found out that this is off (when I opened my copy of the SS...when it's busy at work I don't get on here much). I've got my sons coming home this weekend for this meeting reading the article just makes me feel crap. The usual mealy mouthed "we want to apologise to travelling fans" insincerity...it's unprofessional and depressing. It shouldn't matter who is riding in this meeting, it's not the point...run it as a Stars of Tomorrow or something. A dismal end to a dismal season.
  4. I was working in Carlisle yesterday and stayed over for this. I wish I hadn't. From my Newcastle perspective that's two visits to DP in the last couple of weeks which have been...well, "disappointing" is a bit of an understatement. Still, now we're out of the cup, we can concentrate on the league! Oh... Roll on next season.
  5. Terrace Grumbler

    Newcastle v Scunthorpe CL 9/9/2018

    @Aceslider, @singy13 I sense you're completely wrong. I am speechless about last night's meeting - it was unbelievable from beginning to end.
  6. Terrace Grumbler

    Redcar v Newcastle Thursday

  7. Terrace Grumbler

    Newcastle 2019

    It was a topper evening, a big thank you to the promoters and Dalbers; I hope there’s something similar at the end of the season. The three of us thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Excellent pint of Moretti as well TG (I’m back btw, should you have missed me ;-). )
  8. Let me make this quite clear, before I get my coat. The criticism in my last post was of the - in my view - ludicrously rose-tinted glasses used by the writers of articles on the club website. Having have re-read what I wrote I think that is quite clear, and I stand by every word. However, for the sake of clarity, without any sarcasm or any attempt at all at humour, I will say now that it was not intended as a dig at anyone else including Archie Freeman, who I hope achieves everything he wants in this sport and who along with every other rider has a lot more physical courage than me. Now that I have made that point, and having thought quite hard before I typed this, I will take what is left of my credibility and leave these boards to you. It's been fun (sometimes). TG
  9. Should you find yourself in need of a chortle, have a look at the write-up of Sunday's match on the Diamonds' website. it's a different world on there, where we're the best team in the league, every loss is heroic and undeserved, and Archie Freeman is world champion. PS Where is TWK?
  10. The guest was an affront to the paying public. Lindgren and possibly Morris apart the team's performances were abject and should have made the promotion embarrassed. The only good thing to come out of that is that I hope it will silence Ludde's detractors for a while.
  11. Is Jordan Stewart the only available guest, or is he the cheapest?
  12. Terrace Grumbler

    Newcastle 2018

    If it is the case that Cook can only sign for Workington, can someone on here explain the reason for that rule? If he can sign for Glasgow and we can afford him and he wants to come, I would release Matej Kus to fit him in. I don't know Kus from Adam and appearances can be deceptive, but if we're trying to get results using effort and commitment, he doesn't seem to bring much of either to the table. In any event none of the others has done anything to warrant the bullet. Ultimately, IGWT.
  13. Terrace Grumbler

    Newcastle v Workington Knock out Cup.8 July 6.30pm

    Comprehensively outgunned tonight. Some chickens thst have been staying away from the coop came home to roost and we were second best throughout. None of that actually matters, of course, If there are no resources available to change the team.
  14. Terrace Grumbler

    SGB championship fours 1st July redcar

    Well, that's disappointing - I acknowledge the track prep issues - they're no one's fault - but my daughter isn't the tallest and I'm now thinking twice about whether it's worth going. We've tried telephoning to reserve seats in the stand but the phone hasn't been answered.
  15. I didn't know Jade Mudgway is still riding. Coincidentally I was speaking with a Kiwi this week about speedway in NZ and struggled to name many riders. BWD, Grant Tregoning...did GT have a brother who rode? And is Ricky Wells a New Zealander? I ask only because he didn't ride for the USA in the Speedway of Nations. Can anyone name any others?

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