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  1. Terrace Grumbler

    Newcastle 2019

    You can make figures show anything.
  2. Terrace Grumbler

    Scorpions v Newcastle 23/08/2019 League

    Who's Steve Thomas? Unknown Aussie or Kiwi?
  3. I typed my thoughts on this evening, then read them; I’ve deleted what I wrote and will come back tomorrow when I’ve had a chance to think about it a while longer.
  4. Terrace Grumbler

    Newcastle 2019

    Anyone who seriously considers the current Championship to be comparable with the PL of 15 or so years ago can’t have seen the PL of 15 years ago. What is on offer now isn’t even a pale imitation. Coming back to Newcastle (this is a Newcastle thread,, after all) for me the issue at the moment may be in a lack of application: the (relative) lack of talent compared to 2003 has to be a given.
  5. Terrace Grumbler

    Newcastle 2019

    Agree 100%!
  6. Terrace Grumbler

    Newcastle 2019

    War cries? It's not the 1950s man! ;-)
  7. Terrace Grumbler

    Newcastle 2019

    Let's not feed the Redcar troll, eh?
  8. Terrace Grumbler

    Newcastle 2019

    Er, why don't you just enjoy what we have while we have it and leave this to the close season?
  9. Decent meeting but the whole thing was hostage to the weather: when the track is a dustbowl there's no passing on the bends and to an extent it was a gating contest. I'd take Barker over Jorgensen any day of the week.
  10. Terrace Grumbler

    Edinburgh v Newcastle

    Reality check. If having Danny Phillips in the side is the price for keeping Newcastle open (and I don't know if it is or not), it's a price very much worth paying in my eyes.
  11. Terrace Grumbler

    Newcastle 2019

    I don't think there's any shortage of effort.
  12. Terrace Grumbler

    Newcastle 2019

    Ostergaard for Bukhave is a very good change. I feel sorry for JB but that's life I'm afraid. If we can get Bjerre and Jorgensen fit this looks a good sextet.
  13. Terrace Grumbler

    Newcastle 2019

    He wasn't that good. These things happen in speedway: unless you're Poole you're bound by the maths of the points limit. I've got mixed feelings this evening - I don't like the rumour about people not being paid, but this signing is excellent.
  14. Terrace Grumbler

    Newcastle 2019

    In a word, yes. As for 2020, Bukhave has been around the block already and I don't see a vast improvement being very likely. Steve ( I ask you in your role as Mr. Memory) do you recall Ulli burning it up at BP in the last couple of seasons, possibly as a guest? I'm sure he did but can't find anything.
  15. Berwick? Great, we haven't seen much of them lately.

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