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  1. Not to mention the added revenue that 500 more spectators would provide, more programmes sales, greater catering sales, parking? etc.
  2. Englishmx

    Betting in 2019

    Ditto, liked the look of that also
  3. Englishmx

    Russia @ bet365

    Opened out at 11/8 this morning on Bet365 both Russia and GB 5/4 and 6/4 respectively now, obvious where the money is going Poland 11/10 against Denmark, surely the Poles will perform better than last night, worth a shot?
  4. Englishmx

    Betting in 2018

    The overall is all down to 1 race
  5. Quite local then, consider yourself lucky
  6. Mon 11th September - Premiership Semi Final 1 Leg 1 Mon 18th September - Premiership Semi Final 2 Leg 1 Mon 25th September - Premiership Semi Finals 1 AND 2 Leg 2 Mon 2nd October - Playoff Leg 1 (Promotion/Relegation Playoff) Wed 4th October - Playoff Leg 2 (Promotion/Relegation Playoff) Mon 9th October - Premiership Grand Final Leg 1 Wed 11th October - Premiership Grand Final Leg
  7. Looks like Iverson has turned up tonight Complete with a piece of foam
  8. Englishmx

    Share Your Bets.pre Match.beat The Bookies.

    All over that
  9. Englishmx

    Share Your Bets.pre Match.beat The Bookies.

    Looks like I'm heading over to Labrokes for speedway - 18 is Bet365
  10. Englishmx

    Share Your Bets.pre Match.beat The Bookies.

    Poole -12 ? Where did you get that? -18 here
  11. More of the same please, great heat 3
  12. Englishmx

    Poole Vs The Aces For The Title

    Politics, bickering aside......Damn fine metting

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