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  1. teaboy279

    AGM November 2018

    Sad,but true
  2. Does anyone know, or can make an educated guess from knowing previous years dates, when tickets will go on sale for this. Last year I kinda thought it would be like Cardiff and you could pick your seat pretty much the day before the event, anyway around April after reading posts on here I looked at tickets and could only grab in the upper tier. Brilliant seats and view still (As seen by around 10k people who watched the final with me and the Mrs screaming all the way through on facebook) but I really wanna try get better tickets this year. Hopefully bringing my 8 daughter this time and my dad and bro and their partners, so to get seats together I need to get in straight away. Many thanks in advance.
  3. teaboy279

    Coventry v Eastbourne Play Offs.

    And ironically the Bangers crowds weren't as strong on the weekends that year, hence the swap back to Wednesdays for the cars and sat for the bikes the following year.
  4. teaboy279

    Wroclaw GP 2019

    I asked bsi directly, and I am on the SGP mailing list. Neither of these official sources gave me any info on sales etc.
  5. teaboy279

    Wroclaw GP 2019

    I am waiting on info on ticket sales, I guess like Warsaw they will go on sale with no press release, So I 'll do what I did for Warsaw and check the SGP website daily.
  6. teaboy279

    2019 NL Season

    Eastbourne still need to arrange a 2 play off semis, and 3 league matches in mid October. Others have 3 or 4 meetings left, don't think adding semis is the greatest idea.....
  7. teaboy279

    Coventry v Eastbourne Play Offs.

    Bspa confirming it's next Sunday 21st 3pm
  8. teaboy279

    Warsaw 2019

    Booked mine. 2 tickets row 11 just to The left of pits (The pits will be to my right). 55 quid including fees, and exchange rate. That's 33 quid cheaper then just my 8 year daughters ticket at Cardiff. Now it's a waiting game till 180 days beforehand before I can book coach/trains etc.
  9. On the buxton situation. Don't both Coventry and Birmingham need to ride there still? So whilst I agree these fixtures should of been ran before now, in this case (luckily) it has not had any bearings on the the play off places.
  10. teaboy279

    2019 NL Season

    Normally I would agree, but as it looks possible Kent will have a power reserve for the first time, can we hold off this sensible rule until 2020..... please Lol, in seriousness I think the KO Cup should Deffo count as all teams compete in it, National Trophy should also count subject to say 80 percent of the league compete in it.
  11. teaboy279

    Kent Laurels

    All but confirmed National League last year, whilst he is the only rider who is officially signed, speaking to various lads 5 of our team seems set in stone. 6 if the planning application for Saturday racing next year is passed.
  12. teaboy279

    Kent Laurels

    I believed it was announced tonight he has signed for 2019. I didn't actually hear that but I 've heard it a dozen times since. Standard wise his race winning times were comparable to heat 2 and heat 8 winning times. Great result tonight, I think so many people were happy for Armo to win something at our place and his victory was cheered as if a home rider had won.
  13. This is why the governing body should be independent, you can all get on your high horses about Buster all you like BUT push cones to shove he is in a no win situation. If he didn't use Adam Ellis tomorrow he would not be doing his Kings Lynn position justice. And by allowing it to happen he is not doing British speedway chairmanship justice. Until regulations are set independently from those with vested interests then these sorts of circumstances will always crop up. And any Poole fan who thinks that Ford and Middleditch would nt have done exactly the same if roles were reversed, are blinkered beyond belief.
  14. Quicker someone like Barry Bishop is at the helm of British speedway the better.
  15. teaboy279

    Warsaw 2019

    I have emailed bsi but had no response as of yet.
  16. As I Kent fan I am faced with a totally crazy situation. The rider who rode at #1 For us on Monday, is riding at #1 against us Friday. And the rider who rode at number 1 against us Monday is riding #1 For us on Friday. Is it any wonder when we bring new faces into the sport, that they quite like the racing but cannot grasp what the hell is going on. And stop coming as quickly as they started.
  17. Don't think anyone in their right mind could say Mildenhall don't deserve to sweep the board. In my opinion the best National League side ever, and built the right way, with every rider improving.
  18. teaboy279

    Birmingham 2018

    No thanks to the gold cup, whilst the play offs may not be the fairest way to decide the title, it does gives the club's a big payday and give the fans the big meetings to watch at the end of the season. It's not like (unlike many other criticisms) a phenomenon unique to speedway, with increasing numbers of sports using similar formats. Some sports it works, others it donesnt. For example I have been completely turned off by British Superbikes since they introduced the showdown. I think Play offs like Gp's instead of a one off world championships provide more positives to speedway compared to negatives, no matter how nostalgic any of us get.
  19. The brawl at Arlington, really took the jam out my doughnut.and all the BS arguments on social media.
  20. Yeah, after the event of the last few weeks, my speedway love has gone, so I am sat the other end of the updates tonight. In the last week or so, I've done about 2 weeks wages following my team. The way I feel today I won't ever be doing that again. Don't know what has been worse, the attitude of some riders and fans, or the insistence from others that their conduct has been acceptable.
  21. teaboy279

    Alarm bells at Plymouth?

    I think the consensus is not many any under the current system. But with more clubs in the higher league the quality will inevitably be slightly lower, hopefully reducing costs. I really hope for a 2 foreign rider rule too, so it's young Brits that benefit from the changes rather then a string of overseas riders.
  22. teaboy279

    Coventry v Eastbourne Play Offs.

    Yeah the NL in current format needs a 42 point limit (maybe higher next year, as this year's low average has falsely inflated some riders averages)
  23. teaboy279

    Coventry v Eastbourne Play Offs.

    The strong implications are Brum,easty Kent,Mildy and warriors are stepping up to a larger and slightly weakened second tier, with what was the national league turning into a development league with around 32 point limit and a 6.5 point cap on any rider. All speculation, but for once it's clubs and promoters speculating, rather then some no it all fans.
  24. I believe we can pull off a couple of massive "shocks" this weekend if all the boys are firing and have their trapping gloves on. Have not been to an evening meeting at Mildenhall for some years and certainly not since the new floodlights have been there, looking forward to my fish and chips under the lights.
  25. teaboy279

    Play Off Run In

    In fairness both Coventry and Brum need to ride at Buxton still. So had both teams got the fixture in, in all likelihood it's fair to assume the same top 4 would apply anyway.

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