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  1. Central Park's opening League fixture comes a week later then expected after the match against Leicester fell foul of the inclement weather but means the visitors are back to full strength. Plymouth arrive with 2 reserves having something of a break through season and both will look to continue thier improvement Monday. Campos and Extance have both had good and bad meetings this year but if they both fire it could be a tough night for the home side. In the heat leader roles you have 2 exciting track specialists and thier never say die attitudes pretty much garuntee some exciting racing. Leading the line after his 15 point maximum on the isle of wight is Ben Wilson, he had a slow start last time out at Kent but then scored 7 from his last 3 rides and will look to carry that form into heat 1 Monday. For the home side Hope's are high for being able to track a 7 man team for the first time in a number of weeks. At reserve Nathan Ablitt continues to impress, and despite taking a few spectacular knocks has never lost confidence or speed. And partnering him is Jacob Clouting who has continued to improve week on week and you can also see the confidence starting to grow. Rob Ledwith skippers the side and is looking more and more secure and in control, without losing any speed. A real professional both on and off the track. Jordan Jenkins comes back from exams and a coccyx injury looking to continue in the form he was in before his short break when he was beating everyone and anyone. Anders Rowe Continues to impress where ever he rides at both national and championship level whilst also slipping under the radar somewhat. Spearheading the team is young sensation Drew Kemp, who takes all aspects of the sport seriously and his maturity fair outweighs his years. Will be looking to repeat the maximum he secured in the national trophy fixture a month or so ago. But the big news is the potential return to the side of 2018 supporters rider of the season Alex Spooner after his horror smash, assuming he is fit, this meeting is just about taking the points available and getting through the meeting safely. I think on paper Kent look favorites on home turf, but I dont see anywhere near the 22 point margin from early this season. The Plymouth top 3 all have the potential to get maxes on thier night, so I can see this going towards a last heat decider with the guests looking to secure a league point.
  2. teaboy279

    Kent King vs Plymouth Gladiators.

    Not only dry, but warm also.
  3. This match has to be a massive doubt with the yellow level weather warnings for heavy rain, which personally for me is perfect as I will miss it if it's on, but actually it may be better for everyone if both sides were at full strength. Assuming it's on then there are lots of ifs and buts about the Cubs team. Is Perks fit, if so is he fully fit and who would be available to guest if not. Much depends on if the Thompsen twins take to the track instantly. For Kent Spooner Gilkes and Jenkins all out injured and with no real fixed date of return for all of them, Kent continue to do battle with a patched up side. RR operates for Jenkins and a tbc guest for Spooner I believe is the chosen option this week, and newly declared king Clouting continues in the reserve berth.
  4. teaboy279

    Kent Kings vs Leicester Cubs

    Most definitely so, I know of a couple of occasions this season we have had to change plans on potential guests because they were to expensive.
  5. teaboy279

    Kent Kings vs Leicester Cubs

    I think if we had not related, Jacob Cloutings average was gonna go above 2 and we could nt use him. Dan was always likely to be a Kent man this year despite what others may think. He will be back when fit and not before. And that's the right thing for a lad with so much talent.
  6. Hoping to try something different and get train down to the SGP qualifier at Lamothe Landeron, France. Are the dates and venues set in stone, as train is already very expensive, and doesn't appear to be masses of local accommodation. Also how early do the federations submit their entrys for these events. I will be less keen if the sole Brit out there is not gonna be competitive.
  7. Lambert 50 more Kolodziej 50 more
  8. So effectively a one off shoot out on Monday evening with either side winning the crown. Ironically last time IOW won a trophy Chris Hunt and Kevin Sheppard were joint managers but this time they will be involved for opposite sides. The warriors actually need to win by 7 points or more which makes thier task that bit tougher. With Morley and Wood both Central park experts at the spearhead they could both go unbeaten. Dsnno Verge has come on massively over the winter and is a true heat leader now. Lots will depend on how Ryan Terry daily and Chris widman go, both have had excellent races and both had nightmares. Connor King secured his first ever national league race win for IOW at central park last season but if memory serves also had at least spectacular off afterward, and young Chad seems to score well at most tracks especially if he gates. Kent continue to operate RR for injury victim Alex Spooner and with Jordan Jenkins on exam duty Richard Andrews comes in as a most popular guest, and his 5 rides (inc rr ride) will be most critical to the Kings fortunes. Drew Kemp is a out and out no1 and you can tell every dropped point really annoys him, not always out of the gate first and with the track being slick in recent weeks that has made passing that bit harder. Andrews as mentioned is a popular guest and his swashbuckling style especially around central park meant he was on many fans winter wish lists. As long as he and skipper Rob Ledwith stay upright the Kent engine room should be enough to see the kings home. Rob by his own admission started the season on gas mark 9 and spent a fair bit of time picking himself out the fence, especially at Plymouth. But he has now wound that in to gas mark 7 and is now with the rr ride consistently getting paid double figures and his influence will be key. Rocket Rowe is making Kent a bit of fortress whilst slipping somewhat under the radar. He has added outside passing, and more first bend aggression to his arsenal. And is consistently posting ever faster race times. Jacob Clouting has stepped in the last few weeks and has really delivered the goods, had a confidence boosting heat 2 win last week and looks to have a decent future in the sport, with a very attractive style.And nitro Natham Ablitt has bitten the dust so many times this year but jumps up and scores points in the ReRun each time, a young man with a massive future. Action gets underway with parade at 6.15pm and tapes up 6.30pm. What ever the result the trophy will be presented Monday night, so hopefully a bumper crowd will be in attendance. For what it is worth i predict a topsy turvy evening with Kent winning on the night by a narrow margin.
  9. Also helps when you main sponsor is involved in printing...
  10. I think your looking at longer then 2 gp's. Tai is a winner and he wont wanna miss 2 gp's and come back half fit. Think once he misses Prague his title shot is over, so I imagine he will try to get 100 percent fit before coming back, rather then the 75-80 percent riders normally come back at. Although i dare say the paymasters in Poland will exert a degree of pressure to return as soon as humanly possibly.
  11. teaboy279

    Cradley Heathens 2019

    Same with the change to 2.0 riders, meant the Couzins, O Keefes etc left out in the cold.
  12. teaboy279

    Cradley Heathens 2019

    I asked the league co coordinator about this, and a rule change in the winter meant that any unattatched rider gained an average after any 4 competitive fixtures, to prevent riders spending a season riding as an unattatched rider for every club ala spooner 2017.
  13. Yeah I ve always liked attendance figures.
  14. There was an awful lot of sponsors guests on Monday, 50 from one company. There was more people in the stadium then at Wimbledon fixture, but there were only a handful of guests at that one. So yes until we have official attendances it is very much educated guesswork.
  15. teaboy279

    KENT 2019

    The last who visited really enjoyed it, and has inferred she will return. Albeit she did not say whether that would be in professional or personal capacity. Had a bit of coverage on BBC radio 2 today too, although I was asleep so didnt hear it.
  16. Think last season the average gate was over 800, ironically Monday was our lowest gate this season but still in the region of 800 there.
  17. teaboy279

    leicester v stoke potters.

    If Luke Priest and Shelby Rutherford hit a bit of form, and Rowe Coles and Lawlor have thier gating gloves on it could keep it interesting. Think it will be a mauling in the reserve department though.
  18. That's hurt my wallet....
  19. 3 out 5 bang on, and correct nationality on the 4th. I ll take that lol
  20. teaboy279

    National Trophy

    So once again British speedway changes rules mid season, and have scrapped the national trophy final, and another piece of credibility of the sport goes out the window. now certainly no sour grapes here as today's away win puts us in prime position to win. But how can you start a competition trying to get a top 2 spot, (so potentially aim for an away point rather then taking risks) and then change it is beyond me. And to just change the page on the BSPA site without making any press releases.... On the bspa website after fridays match, the bspa even quoted in the first line of the match report that Mildenhall have one foot in the final..... So what's changed since Saturday morning? I really love my sport, but really starting to see why people are leaving British speedway and doing monthly trips to Poland instead. Just means more meaningless fixtures kow when teams can no longer qualify, meaning lower crowds. So there is mo winner here.
  21. teaboy279

    Cardiff GP Tickets

    Hello mate sorry thought I had messaged you, it's a bit too far away from my partner, which in itself is a not a problem other then toilet breaks for my daughter.
  22. Does anyone know, or can make an educated guess from knowing previous years dates, when tickets will go on sale for this. Last year I kinda thought it would be like Cardiff and you could pick your seat pretty much the day before the event, anyway around April after reading posts on here I looked at tickets and could only grab in the upper tier. Brilliant seats and view still (As seen by around 10k people who watched the final with me and the Mrs screaming all the way through on facebook) but I really wanna try get better tickets this year. Hopefully bringing my 8 daughter this time and my dad and bro and their partners, so to get seats together I need to get in straight away. Many thanks in advance.
  23. teaboy279

    Speedway GP Qualifiers.

    Novratil whilst not world class, he still impressed me at the SON as I expected a complete wobbler. Niedzwiedz has a bright future and could be a spoiler this year but probably wont be in the reckoning overal
  24. teaboy279

    Plymouth 2019

    Leicestershire shale has been unavailable for over 2 years now according to the quarry company. (Braydon aggregates or similar it was called). There was a supplier down Gloucester way last season but I think it was from there the shale came, that got panned at multiple tracks last season for being substandard. To my knowledge the only place to buy bulk of shale is in Scotland and whilst the price is half the price of a tonne of top soil, as has been stated it's the delivery costs that are the killer.
  25. teaboy279

    Speedway GP Qualifiers.

    Cook hopefully has good chance in Glasgow even against such a strong field. Dont know his record but doesn't strike as a Lambert type track. Harris must consider himself to have a good chance in France, The other lads have lines ups on British tracks you would fancy thier chances of at least being in the mix, but overseas may find this a level to high atm.

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