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  1. Pob

    Massif thank you

    Got to have a reason to award the trophy and sadly there were more reasons to not award it this year .
  2. Pob

    Massif thank you

    With the way some have performed this season we might need more than one trophy
  3. Pob

    Massif thank you

    That's the feeling I had tonight .
  4. Pob

    Massif thank you

    Thanks Nathan and James for sorting that out , echo the words by bruv always welcome . Once a Witch always a Witch. As for this year's winner well it depends on if we get another meeting this season and a chance to award it .
  5. Pob

    Ipswich V Berwick

    The 7th loss at home over the course of the season, running out of words to describe how poor we have been at times. The Bandits showed slot of grit and determination to dig in and turn the meeting around . Crowd on the low side tonight which was to be expected , a rather strange atmosphere at Foxhall . On a plus note track was better than last Thurs, no calls for water from the fans .
  6. Pob

    Ipswich 2019

    King - will he ever fully recover ? I hope so but got to be worried . Rory - my feeling is I don't think he will be back Nico - sorry but time to move on Cam - another who has not performed time to go . Mark - can see why Edinburgh let him go couple of good meetings but otherwise disappointing. Coty - thumbs up from me but worried his average is creeping up now . Drew - one of speedways hottest young prospects got to be here disappointing if he's not but I'm sure everyone will want him .
  7. Don't think it will take much .
  8. Pob

    Glasgow v Ipswich

    Worse hmmmm looks like his form carried over to tonight for Somerset. 0,F,F then taken out of his last ride . It ain't looking good
  9. Was very light about 2 hours ago but in the past hour has came down alot heavier, I'm on the SE side of Ipswich and it seems to have stopped now . Might be more to come sky still rather full of clouds and grey . UPDATE - As i typed this it started again , anyone over the other side of town near the track got an update from that area ?
  10. Pob

    Glasgow 2018

    There is now .
  11. Pob

    Ipswich 2018

    Is Kemp old enough ?
  12. Pob

    Ipswich 2018

    Yup I'm bad my fault sorry Baldy
  13. Even thou i can feel my fingers burning as i type this being a Witches fan i think the Pussycats of Peterborough will be the team to beat . Now going to lay down in a darkened room for having such thoughts , must be the heat !
  14. Lollipop anyone

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