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  1. catinthehat

    Eastbourne 2017

    Shane Hazeldon or jack Kingston do they fit another local lads Oh wow what about the Standing Twins Dean and Darren maybe one of them
  2. catinthehat

    Mildenhall -v- Cradley Off

    Read in the speedway star this morning that Dugard has moaned about Cradley gettting the points so i am sure something is going on somewhere, But to be honest i dont think it was anything to do with Cradeley the problem being is that its effected the whole of the league. The problem really is the decision thats been made not of who the clubs who are involved. I dont think Dugard is the only one to moan but he is the only one to put it public and why not its a bad decision and he is right Re Run the metting? everyone earns money that way.
  3. catinthehat

    Cradley V Mildenhall Tpnl 11 July 2016

    Maybe they want to give the points back to mildenhall
  4. catinthehat

    Eastbourne 2016

    Cant see Brennan being fit, Charlie Powell was looking ok in the Bar at the weekend so and said he was going to be ok in 2 weeks to race in Germany grass track, Cottham is due to be back at the end of the month, maybe we could have a whole team for a change. Saying that we have to go to Kings Lynn the night before so fingers crossed it will be ok. Good to stop Birmingham on the run of meetings a well deserved win for the Eagles with all the bad luck they have had this season.
  5. catinthehat

    Eastbourne 2016

    Halsey is in for Zach so i guess thats an little bit of advantage for us.
  6. catinthehat

    Eastbourne Vs Birmingham Saturday 1st July

    Opps that was a mistake trying to iron the shirts and look at the txt dont you just love the smart phones, Hume is racing for Birmingham. I say Hunter has a chance over Bacon as well.
  7. catinthehat

    Eastbourne Vs Birmingham Saturday 1st July

    well done a bit of digging and this is whats come out the teams for the weekend. Ellis, Hunter, Wood, Perks RR, Knight, Harris, Brennan. Halsey, Bacon, Hume, Perry, Ritchings, Smith, JPB. just looked at the weather and for a change it looks like its gonig to be ok down there with overcast and brighter 17 degrees later in the afternoon but warm.
  8. catinthehat

    Eastbourne 2016

    Zac is away with James Shanes on the european grass track meeting this weekend, but i am sure there will be a good guest around for him somewhere.?
  9. catinthehat

    Eastbourne 2016

    Good result by the boys well done i am sure it will be enough fingers crossed, cant wait to see the meeting against Birmingham its going to be a tough. But i cant wait.
  10. catinthehat

    Eastbourne 2016

    He is like a ticking time BOMB waiting to show us what he has got, i hope he is able to win a race and show that he can hold himself one good start is all the kid needs as we know he is fast, he just has to be fast in the right places. Looking forward to his first meeting, i heard that Brad was going to be on the spanners for his first meeting?
  11. catinthehat

    Eastbourne 2016

    But in the League they cant use Brennan unless they are going to keep him for the season? nice to see that Luke Harris is not shouting about it and that he is going to enjoy the 2 meetings maybe he will come and watch and cheer the boys on.
  12. catinthehat

    Eastbourne 2016

    Looks as if they have played a good card with Tom, why destroy the kid before he has started, He can do 3 league matches then the 4th match would count on his average which could be quite high if he had a good run, but there is nothing to stop him doing KO Cup matches, Play offs if they make it along with any challange match as long as it does not say league on it. surprised they changed this weeks match with Kings Lynn to KO Cup as a few weeks later Tom could had done it?
  13. catinthehat

    Eastbourne 2016

    I think that i would be correct in saying that if Brennan is able to ride 3 matches then his does not get an average like powell last year and JPB but he would be able to do the KO Cup plus play off matches and anything else that does not have League on it. so we might be able to use him for a few extra meetings this year maybe.
  14. catinthehat

    Eastbourne 2016

    Any news on Cottham and how his operation went? as looking at the photos that was on Facebook seems to be a nasty looking break and he was just starting to feel his way back into the team. shame on the guy. What about Brennan any news on when he or if he will start as i heard that they were going to save him so he wasn't going to get an average, shamefull if thats the case, they need some fire in the belly if they want to take the pressure off the rest of the top teams with better reserves.
  15. catinthehat

    Eastbourne 2016

    Is Brennan ready for it thats the big question also who are they going to drop? have to be stay with RR for Gary as his rides can be covered by Wood and Powell and Another, so thats good for the team then remove Harris for a meeting to build his confidence up and then slot him in keeping Brennan on the side lines to make sure he does not get an average, thats what JPB did last year and Charlie Powell, so big questions for the team again.

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