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  1. No doubt! I guess Wellmeadow Café in Paisley closed a long time ago.
  2. Er, Google "Wikipedia Mrs Donoghue snail in bottle Paisley". Its like something out of "Ripley's Believe It Or Not". Incredible thing. The principle was even adopted south of the border.
  3. Its also where a certain Mrs Donoghue once drank a decomposed snail from a bottle of ginger beer in a Paisley café. A landmark event felt well beyond the realms of Paisley. Sorry I digress. Back on topic the repercussions were probably felt in all of England including Lakeside (apologies I've been on the sauce again)
  4. Afaik don't think snapper is referring to Taylorj
  5. You might not believe this, ok you will, the Armadale track always looks terrible from where I'm standing. Although usually you don't actually see the track at Armadale, only the fence and the helmets moving.
  6. Er, because its so tiny?? The riders always appear to come to a standstill on the apex of the bends, its a slow track so if the riders were going at any real speed the track times would be about 20 seconds cos its such a tiny tiny track, not really "speed"way is it
  7. Thanks. I know its a saying but I would point out there was no 'war', as I already said my sole concern was for the injured rider and it doesn't matter to me what team they ride for be it Berwick, Ipswich, Lakeside, anybody, I don't like to see crashes or riders injured and that was my sole concern.
  8. False. I merely asked a question, nothing else. The only way to ask was to give the context why I was asking. Why be so negative? There was not one shred of negativity on my part, why must people be so determined to be so negative. In fact I tried to assist you by seeing the context and recognising that it didn't look great and I gave you the opportunity to clarify. As I've said, the only person that could answer the question was yourself. Likewise the only person that can answer your false accusation is me and I can tell you one hundred percent that I did not do as you have falsely accused me of, I only asked a question, if you are determined to make something of it that it simply never was then that is your problem. The fact remains that I only asked a question. Human beings are intelligent beings but they all too often take something that simply isn't there as you have done. You were the only person that could answer the question I asked and I am the only person that can answer your false accusation and you should similarly accept that there was no intent whatsoever and I am deeply offended by your false accusation., you are wrong sir, your assumption is misplaced and factually incorrect. I also edited the original post so as to reflect your clarification as that was the decent thing to do. I am deeply offended by your false accusation. You should also have the decency to accept my clarification.
  9. Well, the only person that could answer the question was yourself and you have now answered no - that was all I expected to begin with. You now also appear to get why I asked, as you say it was "unfortunate" that your particular post immediately followed a couple of other posts and to be honest it didn't look great, hence why I put the context of the posts it followed and asked you a perfectly legitimate question. On a positive footing It gave you the opportunity to answer and clarify. All fair enough. Thanks.
  10. False. I simply asked a question, nothing more nothing less. It was a civil question deserving only of a civil answer nothing more.
  11. Hi b&p. Not the case in this instance, and as one of the more intelligent on here b&p you will see that I made a perfectly reasonable question, and it was a only a question thereby giving the poster a reasonable opportunity for an equally reasonable answer, nothing else. That the poster chose to respond with an abusive and juvenile response twisted the whole thing to be something it never was and certainly nothing to do with my reasonable question. Cheers.
  12. I asked a civil question. No need for an abusive and juvenile response.
  13. So after a post saying..... "Not heard anything would imagine a trip to Hospital after the meeting to get checked over would be on the cards. Was a horrendous crash though and went into the ambulance on the board." .....you say "Good DVD to get then" So you think its good to see an horrendous crash inflicting injury to a rider that requires to be taken away to an ambulance? EDIT: Bandit59 has since answered no and it was just unfortunate that his post was straight after the one it just happened to follow. All good. I've personally never been one for viewing crashes and especially bike crashes, having had bikes myself (not speedway ones) and injuries I hate to see crashes and injured riders and it doesn't matter which team they ride for be it Berwick, Ipswich, Lakeside, anybody, I hate to see crashes and injured riders, that was my concern and good to see Bandit59 clarified it, thanks.
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    Appreciated, thanks
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    It failed to record it tonight even though it was definitely set to record. Probably because it already had the half-recording so I should have probably deleted it before the re-broadcast so it would record the complete version. Typical. If anybody knows when its re-broadcast again I'll delete the half baked version so it records it this time intact. I know I can temporarily access via the BT website or via the 'BT Player' but I want to record it. BT definitely need to have a re-think about how their boxes are set up to record. As things stand, its all centred around the EPG programme guide that schedules programmes for the next 7 days. The problem is if there's a live programme on which over runs and the schedule then runs later than scheduled for subsequent programmes and it becomes all out of synchronisation, the BT box recording will stick to the original timings per the original schedule so you get half of the programme you wanted to record and half of another programme you didn't want to record. So I've ended up with only half of the True Grit film recorded and it wouldn't record it again when it was re-broadcast. Time for a re-think BT.
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    Indeed and I did see the programme. In the instance I highlighted, it isn't the watching, its the recording aspect, e.g. looking at it later when more convenient or say a number of months later. With the BT box you can access via 'BT Player' SGB league matches for example up to something like 31st March of the following year, so 2018 matches still available via the BT Player page for several months and I believe its something to do with such as copyright and contract deals so there's a time limit of availability. However, if you want to refer to it after that date the chances are it won't be available - true for league matches though not sure about this particular documentary type programme whereby copyright etc may well be different. I did see the programme but as I say I wanted to record it and on the original broadcast it ran later than originally scheduled and the recording missed half of it so tried again with this repeat broadcast. Haven't checked it yet to see if it got it complete this time. I'm also aware of and have used my computer to access BT programmes although it can be a bit of a pain to hook it up to the TV, and the quality although ok isn't as good as through the BT box which in our case is the equivalent of the Humax UHD DTR-T4000/1TB box just re-badged with a BT badge on it and has plenty of storage for recordings.
  18. Even better. SharpenRake won't be out of pocket then
  19. You won't have to pay anything for him as under-12's go free

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