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  1. This programme is from the first meeting at Plough Lane, following the tragic death of Tommy Jansson. I would like to give this to someone, UK or abroad, who wishes to keep it or give it to someone. I will pay postage cost.
  2. Council Tip

    Leicester Lions 2018

    I have just put a message on to the "Items for sale" section of BSF. This an offer of 160+ Leicester home and away programmes from 1972 - 1981 which I need to let go for FREE. Please see that message for further information, when the Moderators have approved it which I hope won't take too long.
  3. I need to let these go as one single batch. Free of charge and I could deliver to an LE postcode. Otherwise available to collect from LE4. Summary as follows: 1972. 6 Home. 2 Away 1973. 1H 4A 1974. 16H 15A 1975. 21H. 6A 1976. 9H. 5A 1977. 16H. 14A 1978. 15H. 8A 1979. 10H 1980. 10H. 1A 1981. 3H. 1A Sorry I don't have lists of actual matches
  4. Council Tip

    Leicester Lions 2015

    No problem Weatherwatcher. Happy to be of help. Just to clarify my answer slightly - Leicester City Council owns the land the stadium sits on (as well as the rest of the area) but of course Leicester Speedway Ltd owns the "fitments" of the stadium. When the revised planning permission was drawn up last year, it required certain work to be done with the stadium itself (such as extra noise prevention), as well as work to the surrounding land. I've not been up there for a long while, but it sounds like not much, if anything, has been done to the land surrounding the stadium to carry out that work. As for the stadium, it sounds like there's been some work carried out but I've no idea if its been done to the council's satisfaction. My guess, for what its worth, is that City Council would prefer to not rock the boat much, as long as they've got some money coming in from the speedway. To get involved with more serious action would presumably cost them quite a bit in legal fees etc. Hope you get a couple of good, closer matches with Coventry this weekend!
  5. Council Tip

    Leicester Lions 2015

    The original planning permission in 2010 was granted to a company called Beaumont Sports Complex Ltd (BSC), to be responsible for building the various facilities and associated infrastructure. To enable them to do this, and on condition that planning conditions were followed properly, they were granted a lease on the land by the owners, Leicester City Council. BSC Ltd has never actually traded as a company, no annual accounts ever filed, and is officially classed as "dormant". Despite this being the case, the Speedway stadium was built, with the remaining land being used for tipping of rubble. The premise under which the rubble tipping has been allowed, is that it serves to enable the necessary ground level raising, to prepare for the sports facilities to be installed. As we know, the other sports facilities have yet to be created, and what we have is land covered in rubble. Leicester Speedway Ltd (LS Ltd) carries out speedway operations but to my knowledge has never been the legally-appointed leaseholder for the land, or holder of the planning permission. This is an "active status"company, but limited by its memorandum to operating speedway etc at the stadium, presumably on a sub-lease basis from BSC (the mysteriously dormant company). However, since 2010 and up to the end of last year, Leicester City Council had received about £75,000 from a combination of business rate payments, "rental and lease income", "sporting facilities" and planning fees. This could only have been paid by parties other than BSC Ltd, perhaps LS Ltd (and/or others), because it couldn't have come from BSC. David Hemsley is the sole director of both BSC and LS, by the way. This also begs the question as to who carried out the "ground level raising" operations (or rubble-tipping as some would see it), and was any money received and if so by whom? It would have been difficult for it to have gone into the coffers of BSC as the leaseholder and responsible development company, as that company has never officially traded. So who did pocket any income thus derived - and what was done with it? Make your own judgements on that. Last year, Leicester City Council stomped around a bit and the original planning permission had to be revised and updated. One of the new requirements, was for a new "development plan" to be agreed between LCC and (presumably) BSC, designed to kick start the long-awaited development of the other sporting facilities. There was an August 2014 deadline for this plan to have been agreed with immediate start of implementation. This date came and went, without any such agreement being reached, and to my knowledge it still hasn't. So what, if anything, will LCC do? Terminate BSC's lease and rescind the planning permission maybe? LSC would then become (officially!)direct tenants of LCC, as the latter would own the stadium. But in doing that, would LCC also become responsible for footing the bill to restore the rest of the land to its original state? Or will they just allow the current status to continue, with the planning permission a meaningless and un-enforced document, the "landlords" not really existing, and the land continuing as a rubble tip - and happy as long as some income keeps on coming in, probably from Leicester Speedway Ltd or whoever is paying it?

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