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  1. Red Flag

    Bash the Bookie SEC finals Competition 2022

    Bewley £100 more Milik £100 more
  2. Woffinden £100 more Doyle £100 more
  3. Red Flag

    Poole v Leicester 08/06/22

    And weren’t the Templeton's uncles to the McMillans
  4. Red Flag

    Peterborough Panthers 2022

    He was only ringing round because he got binned in top devision in Poland, no sympathy
  5. Doyle £100 more lambert £100 more Thanks
  6. After his 1st ride he was on the ball and was passing for fun, bigger bends without having to turn hard should be easier for him
  7. Woffinden £100 more Lambert £100 more
  8. Only reason he is here is ZG were relegated
  9. Woffinden £100 more Lindgren £100 more
  10. Doyle £50 more Bewley £50 more
  11. Yes I’m aware of that but can live in hope
  12. I hope we get good racing
  13. There were bucket collections for New Cross Hospital
  14. Red Flag

    Wolverhampton 2022

    I think there is improvement in both Becker and Dougie, Morris’s has perhaps reached his level I think
  15. Red Flag

    Wolverhampton 2022

    Becker was wearing 2 at practice, Morris 3 and Dougie 4

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