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  1. Red Flag

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    Are you for real?? one trick pony?? Why reference to front wheel over the white line?? It's allowed you know, guess you got no mates so need some replies.. Enjoy
  2. Red Flag

    Bash the Bookie SEC finals Competition 2018

    Thanks for running this, I have enjoyed playing
  3. And Zmarzkik and Magic but don't let that influence your Polish bias
  4. White City won the league at Wolves on a Sunday afternoon
  5. Red Flag

    Bash the Bookie SEC finals Competition 2018

    Kudryashov £1000 less
  6. Red Flag

    Poole v Wolves. Prem B. 5/9/18

    Agreed good race but seriously how bumpy is that track?
  7. The changes show the chosen team was no good and needed so many changes
  8. Have seen Archie Freeman a couple of times at Wolves this season in organised youth races, he is very impressive
  9. Red Flag

    Wolves v King's Lynn 03/09/18

    I enjoy watching Robert Lambert at Wolves, he is always improving and carries lots of speed through the bends as apposed to scrubbing it off by turning too tight, I have to say though he let himself down last night by riding through the tapes after been excluded, he had been in white all night yet came out in yellow in Ht 15, why?? Riders can be hyped up but real bad from mechanic/ team manager that he left the pits with wrong helmet on
  10. Big punch up??? Just hand bags
  11. Red Flag

    Swindon 2019

    Wolves, Olsen won in 75 refused to come back in 76, went to Coventry
  12. Red Flag

    Wolves V Swindon 20/8/18

    To be fair as a rider I don't like Batchelor and would never want him in any team of mine, however although he didn't score much he was properly racing and on the pace for once
  13. So it appears, quite pleasantly surprised to be honest, hope he comes through tonight unscathed
  14. Red Flag

    Bash the Bookie SEC finals Competition 2018

    Franc £200 more Michelson £200 less Lambert £200 more
  15. Haha ok leave it there then

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