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  1. Think that was due to the Polish President attending. Been many times to Bydgoszcz always had a good time
  2. Red Flag

    berwick bandits 2021

    He both Barker and Kerr so no gimmies, he’s progressing nicely
  3. Red Flag

    Play off merry-go-round

    You would endorse keeping Batchelor then
  4. Red Flag

    Speedway to reinvent itself?

    And what attendance do they actually get
  5. Red Flag

    Name your 5 favourite tracks

    Bydgoszcz Hyde Rd Bradford Wroclaw Wolves
  6. Red Flag

    Tigers V Wolves 12/8/21

    Same as Klymo before Woffinden replaced him
  7. Red Flag

    Name your favourite five riders.

    Wolves riders; Olsen,Ermolenko,PK, Lindgren,M.Karlsson Others; Screen,Henka,Shawn Moran,Gollob,Loram( I know he rode for Wolves)
  8. Red Flag

    Philip Rising R.I.P

    There was one at Wolves tonight
  9. Christ I do admire your patience
  10. Who’s given him that bloody bone back?
  11. Red Flag

    Sheffield 2020

    This is where the system is wrong, not blaming Sheffield, it’s been obvious for a long time he isn’t coming back, they should be forced to replace him
  12. Red Flag

    Peterborough Panthers 2021

    Just wonder how it will impact if Palm Toft goes to reserve, will he be scoring 15+ a meeting?
  13. No denying it’s much weaker over here but you have to factor in his can’t be arsed and stuff the fans attitude that has seen him bombed out of every team he’s rode for

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