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  1. Well that rules Wolves out due to lack of stadium availability, but hey ho at least your happy
  2. Red Flag

    Team USA at the SoN

    True, it's what made him realise how far off he was from been able to afford the equipment he would need. Shame as he was a clever rider and could have gone a lot further with the right equipment
  3. I remember his first official race, it was at Wolves, riding against spoons, you could see straight away he had something different. He can ride big tracks that require sheer speed, Belle Vue, and small tracks that require skill, Wolves. If he stays fit then the sky is the limit for him
  4. Dudek £40 less Holder £40 less Laguta £40 less
  5. Red Flag


  6. Red Flag


    What is Freddie riding at the moment? Is he back on Gerhards or still on GM's?
  7. Red Flag

    Rule Changes for 2018

    2 minutes I would guess??? Just enforce the 2 minute time allowance and not a problem
  8. Red Flag

    Poole 2018

    Been through it all pal and stand by my comments
  9. Red Flag

    Poole 2018

    Sorry about any problems you may have had and hope all sorts out ok for you but I will never understand why anyone would put this on a forum and share with strangers
  10. Red Flag

    Ivan Mauger 1972 unreal.!!!

    Was that the year he went about 2 months unbeaten until he got 5-1'd at Kings Lynn by I think Betts and Featherby?
  11. That wasn't the mighty Wolves, it was a Wolves Select side
  12. Well yes you beat half a team by 1 point well done
  13. Only 1 final and 1 semi but they came up against the mighty Wolves
  14. Red Flag

    Belle Vue 2018

    Didn't know that, if your good you can ride it,if your a throttle jockey you can't simples

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