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  1. I think it was Piotr Swist and Billy Hamill team riding him out until he dived between them going into 3rd bend last lap, brilliant if someone could post if
  2. Red Flag

    RIP Mark Lawton

    Sad to hear this news, I like many knew Mark through Wolves Speedway and always enjoyed great banter with him,I had the pleasure in the mid 80’s to be team mates with him in the Speedway ten pin bowling league, and with his strength and frame could certainly deliver a mean bowl, such a sad loss RIP Mark
  3. Red Flag

    Corona virus

    Thought you wearnt the going anyway due to BB issues
  4. Red Flag

    Possible Odsal news

    Don’t know the realities of speedway back at Odsal but I always loved watching there, it was so different to watching at Wolves, which I love by the way, I used to go and watch even when Wolves weren’t there if it looked a good meeting
  5. Red Flag

    Wolverhampton 2020

    I know it won’t happen but would I love Piotr Pawlicki back
  6. Red Flag

    Riders who stayed on in the UK

    From memory he returned home but after so long over here he couldn’t settle. So came back, was down Wolves last year with his son
  7. Red Flag

    Wolverhampton 2020

    If we do it’s a totally uninspiring line up because when the big heats come up we will get done over because we have no-big hitters
  8. Red Flag

    Sheffield 2020

    He would only be coming back for a last pay day, fair play if someone wants to pay him, will score well and frighten many
  9. Red Flag


    Chunky, your post are always topical and worth reading across varied threads, don’t get dragged down by sad people
  10. Red Flag

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Running every week can cause problems, Wolves didn’t complete their fixtures because the spoons took ?? Monday’s so no spare dates for us and when the rains came they had to use Birmingham
  11. Red Flag


    What you on here for you don’t like Speedway
  12. Red Flag

    Somerset 2020

    Apparently his last season in Britain before he returns to live in Australia
  13. Dont care what they come for, just what they can bring and Kildermand don’t bring a lot now
  14. Red Flag

    bandits 2020

    And that’s why it will do him good, within reason anybody with a quick motor can ride a big track on the stop, you learn skill and throttle control on a small track which can help on the bigger tracks as well

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