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  1. So it appears, quite pleasantly surprised to be honest, hope he comes through tonight unscathed
  2. Red Flag

    Bash the Bookie SEC finals Competition 2018

    Franc £200 more Michelson £200 less Lambert £200 more
  3. Haha ok leave it there then
  4. Real genuine question, why would you put them up, I presume you mean inflate them and they are in place? so that all the water runs over the track??
  5. Would be surprised if Nathan Greaves is fit enough to ride
  6. I'm presume you are hinting at drug infringements at the meeting, I wouldn't expect you to name names on a forum but would like to think you have notified the authorities of any information you have
  7. Failure to take the test= lifetime ban, simples
  8. Wasn't there so can't make a judgement but surely it was Worral, Tungate and Drodz that cost you a win
  9. Torquay may be though
  10. Red Flag

    Wolves 2018

    Heaps replaced by Jonas B Anderson
  11. Red Flag

    Swindon - Wolves 30.7.18

    Not too far wrong
  12. Red Flag

    Swindon - Wolves 30.7.18

    52-38 we just don't have enough heat winners on a consistent basis to really trouble teams away from home
  13. Red Flag

    Swindon - Wolves 30.7.18

    Greaves out, Tom Bacon replaces him
  14. Late 60's GB v Sweden at Monmore definitely 6 man teams,18 Heats
  15. Red Flag

    Belle Vue v Wolves - 25/7/18

    Wolves in town that's why

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