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  1. He used to call Cradley fans cabbage patch kids, top man for that
  2. Red Flag

    Your best speedway year

    Was definitely Landshut for me, I’ve never been to Norden,
  3. Red Flag

    Your best speedway year

    Yes I was there, sure it was night before World Final at Pocking, remember sitting in an old hanger waiting for the rain to stop
  4. Wolves late 70’s he was Hurricane Hans Nielsen
  5. Red Flag

    Corona virus

    Im 60,I had it, was no walk in the park for me in fact I couldn’t walk, 10 days in hospital on oxygen, been out 10 days now and can just about manage a shower before having to rest again, no underlying health problems either. Give me flu any day
  6. Red Flag


    SS has been taken weekly by my family since about 1967, just me left now that still takes it, I did on Monday decide to take out a subscription as I had missed last weeks edition,Tuesday morning it arrived and tomorrow I will receive this weeks, happy days, great publication keep up the good work
  7. Red Flag

    British League Riders Championship results

    Sure that’s right not sure which year ,would guess 96 as Sam Ermolenko won and wasn’t at Wolves that year, Sheffield?
  8. Red Flag

    Strikes, bans and protests

  9. Red Flag

    Strikes, bans and protests

    And some of us fans as well
  10. I think it was Piotr Swist and Billy Hamill team riding him out until he dived between them going into 3rd bend last lap, brilliant if someone could post if
  11. Red Flag

    RIP Mark Lawton

    Sad to hear this news, I like many knew Mark through Wolves Speedway and always enjoyed great banter with him,I had the pleasure in the mid 80’s to be team mates with him in the Speedway ten pin bowling league, and with his strength and frame could certainly deliver a mean bowl, such a sad loss RIP Mark
  12. Red Flag

    Corona virus

    Thought you wearnt the going anyway due to BB issues
  13. Red Flag

    Possible Odsal news

    Don’t know the realities of speedway back at Odsal but I always loved watching there, it was so different to watching at Wolves, which I love by the way, I used to go and watch even when Wolves weren’t there if it looked a good meeting
  14. Red Flag

    Wolverhampton 2020

    I know it won’t happen but would I love Piotr Pawlicki back

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