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  1. I would imagine the Cardiff wild card 2021 will be the British Champion 2021 not the British Champion 2020
  2. He has rode Wolves many times and never just twisted the throttle, showed good skill and throttle control each time
  3. Woffinden £200 more DYM and SS please
  4. Lindgren £100 more Woffinden £100 more
  5. No problem with them riding for Australia
  6. laguta £50 more Janowski £100 more Madsen £50 less
  7. Vaculik £100 more Thomson £100 more
  8. Red Flag

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    That will fool him
  9. Think the clue is end of this week or early next week....
  10. Red Flag

    Riders Who Never Made It?

    Elvis Jones perhaps
  11. Woffinden £100 more Janowski £100 more
  12. I’m pretty sure that was the case
  13. Daugavpils weren’t allowed promotion quite recently because they weren’t Polish

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