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  1. Red Flag

    Wolves 2019

    Jacob should be nailed on especially on his average.The biggest issue last season wasn't just about his riding No it was a consequence of the massive accident he had at the end of 2017, he wasn't riding with confidence and at times was awkward and stiff on the bike, he was having even bigger issues in Sweden where he struggled even more, in my opinion a fully fit Jacob would have stayed at No 1 all last season, as it is I'm expecting him to exceed his starting average whatever number he rides at this year
  2. Red Flag

    Wolves 2019

    Think either of them are not really news and would expect pretty much nailed on, really hope Piotr and then fit the rest
  3. Red Flag

    AGM November 2018

    The cameras can now pick you up for speeding even if you switching lanes so surely they can do you for lane hogging? Good fine and 6 points should sort it
  4. Small world, I was on the Rats(RIP) coach to goteburg in 1980, great trip
  5. Red Flag

    AGM November 2018

    Really? You want to swap 2 meaningful heats for 6 un meaningful heats that the crowd aren't bothered about, from my memory at least 50% of the crowd left after the match, then some of the top riders were not interested and often dropped out anyway followed by whoever was in the Rider of the Night Final agreeing to split the prize money whatever the result
  6. Red Flag

    Somerset 2019

    And these are probably the same clubs that are un competitive whatever the structure
  7. Red Flag

    Wolves 2018

    Yes, it was over 15 or 16 heats with a final
  8. Red Flag

    Wolves 2018

    Pretty sure there was a one off final in 87 when Sam won but will stand corrected
  9. Red Flag

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    Are you for real?? one trick pony?? Why reference to front wheel over the white line?? It's allowed you know, guess you got no mates so need some replies.. Enjoy
  10. Red Flag

    Bash the Bookie SEC finals Competition 2018

    Thanks for running this, I have enjoyed playing
  11. And Zmarzkik and Magic but don't let that influence your Polish bias
  12. White City won the league at Wolves on a Sunday afternoon
  13. Red Flag

    Bash the Bookie SEC finals Competition 2018

    Kudryashov £1000 less
  14. Red Flag

    Poole v Wolves. Prem B. 5/9/18

    Agreed good race but seriously how bumpy is that track?
  15. The changes show the chosen team was no good and needed so many changes

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