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  1. Betting For Whole Season

    Cheers Orion. So bloody close to a nice priced double
  2. Betting For Whole Season

    I had Swindon +8 & Leicester +6. Swindon covered but bet365 saying Leicester has lost? But the defeat was 6. Surely that's covered?
  3. I've recently purchased a streaming box and it's currently running on the Kodi platform. I remember reading something on here about an add on which allows people to watch speedway meetings live from all around Europe. Unfortunately I can't remember on which page that was, so if anyone can recommend an add on function or direct me to the page on this forum. I recently downloaded the add on - Speedway Portal. Which is fantastic for catching up on meetings but unfortunately they don't stream live meetings which I'm looking for. If anyone can help that would be very much appreciated!!
  4. Betting For Whole Season

    Swindon look nailed on for the win tonight but do you think they can cover the -12 handicap?
  5. Betting For Whole Season

    Found this - Stat pack for Swedish GP - https://youtu.be/tshzOwJSCHk Weather forecast doesn't look good apparently!
  6. Betting For Whole Season

    Swedish league tonight - Lejonen v Piraterna Rospiggarna v Smederna Betting thoughts?
  7. Betting For Whole Season

    Anyone having a punt on the Polish Ekstraliga?
  8. Betting For Whole Season

    Anyone got any websites I can check for speedway fixtures around Europe? Poland, Sweden etc..
  9. Betting For Whole Season

    Noted! lol
  10. Betting For Whole Season

    Main Bet - Hancock to win Heat 2 @4/6 (365)
  11. Betting For Whole Season

    Cheers SCB! Didn't realise that, would of found out the hard way!
  12. Betting For Whole Season

    Need some help boys... What you think of my 2 bets? Which one should I take? Or have you got a better one? Pedersen over 11 @6/5 Previous points scored at Latvian Gp - 2014 - 18 (7 races, 4 wins) 2013 - 11 (7 races, 2 wins) In good form at the moment & as I said previously has made 4 out of the 5 last Latvian GP finals. Also like the look of Hancock over 11 @13/10 who has also been very consistent at this track matching Pedersens track record - 2014 - 16 (7 races, 4 wins) 2013 - 18 (7 races, 4 wins)
  13. Betting For Whole Season

    Decent rider then.. Think I read something somewhere that said this was his home track and rides with Lindgren & Lindback in the Polish first division. Will be infesting to see what his rider totals are priced up at.
  14. Betting For Whole Season

    Yes mate he did. 33/1 is huge even if he is finding it tough. Anyone know anything about the wildcard - Kasts Puodzuks.
  15. Betting For Whole Season

    Fancy Pedersen 6/1 & Hancock 13/2 for tomorrow's Latvian GP. 5 Latvian SGPs, Pedersen has always made the final, finishing second three times, third once & fourth once. Only his arch-rival Greg Hancock has matched his record of five last-four outings. Will be looking into other markets when available..