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  1. Some good points SL but I can assure that in situations like this the promoter would advise the referee of the situation and what he feels is best for club and supporters.... And if they did not agree with this there is the option of going over their head.
  2. Lewis is one of the nicest guys in speedway with a wife and family. It is not often I would say this but in his case I hope once he has recovered he assesses whether the risk out weighs the reward. If it does then he should give the sport up irrelevant of how much talent/potential he has. Ps I think gladrag is spot on with his comments regarding a paramedic. Only one ever has ever been in attendance and if required to stay with Lewis until ambulance arrives then this explains why the meeting could not restart.
  3. jchapman

    Rye House 2018

    I would only get involved if i decided I had enough time to set up a new association which was based on a franchise model. No rider assets and every club had a financial interest in every other club to ensure they all worked together for the betterment of the sport. So why would I not be happy to tell. Of course but too much for me to detail on here and far better for a journalist to write a piece.
  4. jchapman

    Rye House 2018

    Never been asked, can only guess people are afraid of the fall out from the truths of what happened during my time in the BSPA which included a short stint as vice chairman
  5. jchapman

    Rye House 2018

    Now I wonder who could give some great insight on that topic
  6. Kings Lynn used to run with two ambulances to reduce the risk of hold ups. Then the medical room was built which was approved as a secondary holding unit so once an injured rider was transferred to this the racing could resume. No idea what has gone wrong tonight to create this long hold up.
  7. jchapman

    Rye House 2018

    I feared a few clubs would hit the wall this season after seeing the outcome of the AGM. When I was in 'the club' I was always amazed at the amount of ideas coming from promoters which increased costs and when ever I had an idea that increased revenue they would turn their nose up. Seems the boat has now sailed and nothing but a complete reset will fix the mess the sport is now in. When the whole lot collapses I may put a plan together for a few clubs to break away and start a new league based around British riders on club supplied equipment with standard engines. Numbers drawn out of a hat for who rides what bike before the start of a race with team selections made after practice. From there the sport can grow again.
  8. Trees please pass on my best wishes to Jane in what must be a very difficult time. Gerald was a gentleman and a true stars fan. I am sure he will be missed by many. RIP.
  9. jchapman

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    I feel sorry for any new promotion team at Lynn, as I think it is hard to meet the expectations of fans who supported the club during that era... and for good reason. The parade track rolling out to the intro of 'welcome to the jungle' always made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck, and everyone involved (from fans to riders) were emotionally immersed in the club. 9 titles in 4 years (from memory) is as good as it gets and shows what the club was all about back then. Unfortunately since then the club has lost yourself, Rob Lyon and me and personally I do not believe any have been appropriately replaced... although not through lack of trying as I did recently read a job advertisement for a centre green announcer who must like wearing illuminus shell suits
  10. jchapman

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Nope, however this time he has the chairman on the same team so fingers crossed he can make a bigger difference than I did.
  11. jchapman

    Swindon Stadium

    An excellent review which raises more questions as to how genuine this is. I remember having a new building designed for kings Lynn (although never built) and every single one of those points plus more where discussed and put into the design. Seems likely to me that this will sadly emulate the Coventry saga.
  12. jchapman

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    At last I might be able to help the club from a far, please click the link below for a free 'introduction to GDPR' e-learning course and if anyone at the supporters club wants a complimentary upgrade to the full course just send me an inbox message and I will provide it. https://uk.bablearn.com/introduction-to-gdpr-knowledge-awareness- Communication with stakeholders is key to the success of any organisation, and I would hate to see the stars get on top of this and then fall foul to a fine of up to 20million euro if they do not handle the data correctly.
  13. jchapman

    A Speedway Housing Estate!

    Fantastic, really pleased to see this. However wish their was a Littlechild or crane
  14. jchapman

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    The biggest crowd during my tenure was vs Coventry in the elite league when Emil Syvutidnov made his debut. Don't think anything would have come close to beating that since. The second biggest was against Poole in the elite league on a good Friday when the turbo twins were spearheading them. In the league below (premier when we was in it) the crowds against Ipswich and Sheffield were always good, and rest of the matches were pretty consistent week in week out. However they did grow considerably in the semi finals and finals of competitions no matter who we were against.

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