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  1. jchapman

    All Clubs are For Sale

    Yes the price will be lower.... Although not sure it would be presently worth much either way!
  2. They are a joke, clearly wanted the referee to side with Poole.
  3. jchapman

    Kings Lynn v Poole Wednesday August 29th

    Awesome performance by the Stars. The form team going into the play offs and fingers crossed they can bring home their first top league title!
  4. jchapman

    Race for the Top 4

    After last night's results the Stars must now be favourite to finish top and Belle Vue to finish in 4th place. If these are the final standings then I forecast the following semis: Stars v Aces Pirates v Rebels With Stars and Pirates to meet in the final.
  5. jchapman

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Me too, I can not imagine the devastation for Niklas and his fiancée. I hope they receive the support needed and take the time to heal and rebuild so they have the strength to try again.
  6. A very simple solution and a great shame if not offered. Never know I few may go because of this offer with the intention of leaving after the first meeting, but enjoy the racing in the first meeting and decide to stay.
  7. jchapman

    Jonathan Chapman - It's Your Time

    Sorry for late reply to this thread, but it was hidden away under a section I don't often look at. I don't think raising funding is the issue anymore as the only way to take the sport forward is to start from ground zero. This essentially means an amateur/semi pro sport which is run by promoters who want to rebuild speedway as a sport with 'grit' which every working person in this country can afford to be part of. I believe speedway needs an entrepreneurial type of leader to take this challenge forward, one with a track record in sport and business would certainly be helpful. Whilst truly flattered at the suggestion I am the person for this, I am restricted within my employment terms as Chief Executive of the British Assessment Bureau to take on ANY additional roles of responsibility (professional or non professional) without board approval. However, I would and could, happily offer my services as an unofficial advisor to a person or group who wished to take this challenge on. Hope that helps.
  8. jchapman

    Mid Season League Predictions

    Apparently only top 3 reach the play offs, however this has not been confirmed on BSPA website.
  9. jchapman

    Premiership League

    I am confused as i have heard this rumour before, however the official BSPA website states the following under the league table: PLAY-OFF PICTURE - HOW IT WORKS - Each team will race each other twice home and away. - Top four teams progress to the play-offs (All play-off ties raced over two legs) . - The team finishing top gets to choose from the second, third and fourth placed teams who they wish to race in the semi-finals.
  10. jchapman

    Kings Lynn v Leicester Lions 4/7/2018

    Some good points SL but I can assure that in situations like this the promoter would advise the referee of the situation and what he feels is best for club and supporters.... And if they did not agree with this there is the option of going over their head.
  11. jchapman

    Kings Lynn v Leicester Lions 4/7/2018

    Lewis is one of the nicest guys in speedway with a wife and family. It is not often I would say this but in his case I hope once he has recovered he assesses whether the risk out weighs the reward. If it does then he should give the sport up irrelevant of how much talent/potential he has. Ps I think gladrag is spot on with his comments regarding a paramedic. Only one ever has ever been in attendance and if required to stay with Lewis until ambulance arrives then this explains why the meeting could not restart.
  12. jchapman

    Rye House 2018

    I would only get involved if i decided I had enough time to set up a new association which was based on a franchise model. No rider assets and every club had a financial interest in every other club to ensure they all worked together for the betterment of the sport. So why would I not be happy to tell. Of course but too much for me to detail on here and far better for a journalist to write a piece.
  13. jchapman

    Rye House 2018

    Never been asked, can only guess people are afraid of the fall out from the truths of what happened during my time in the BSPA which included a short stint as vice chairman
  14. jchapman

    Rye House 2018

    Now I wonder who could give some great insight on that topic
  15. jchapman

    Kings Lynn v Leicester Lions 4/7/2018

    Kings Lynn used to run with two ambulances to reduce the risk of hold ups. Then the medical room was built which was approved as a secondary holding unit so once an injured rider was transferred to this the racing could resume. No idea what has gone wrong tonight to create this long hold up.

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