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  1. Didn't put this on the main thread as I think bookies read them.


    I know you have a bet on speedway. SKYBET have cocked up.  It might not win but it's still an error.  Laguta is their Fav at 6/1 and Sayfutdinov is 12/1.  However, you can back any Russian to win at 11/1!!!!!!.

    FWIW I think Iversen and Doyle are overpriced and backed them but the Russian bet had to be taken.

    1. Bald Bloke

      Bald Bloke

      Cheers, I just had a quick look as got to take Grandson to Footy. Couldn't see it. Maybe they realised..

      Thanks for the heads up mate.. Hope you can make them regret the error.

      I will have a look when I get back. Doyle at 17.00 does looks generous.


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