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  1. Newcastle 2018

    Christ, that means Ludvig is at 1, this forum might get interesting, personally I'm looking forward to watching this team, might not be the strongest, but all 7 riders are entertainment How would everyone put the team? Obviously Ludvig is at 1 and Morris and Wilko are at reserve, how will the rest of the team look? I can see Lewis being our number 1 pretty quickly
  2. Newcastle 2018

    I knew he retired, I was just wondering how he is health wise, he's all ok? No adverse effects to his freak accident? I only ever got to see him ride a few times
  3. Redcar 2018

    I don't think Ben would leave Redcar to join someone else, I am wondering whether he's retiring? I dunno, I'd like him at Newcastle, but if he stays in this league, sure;y it's with Redcar I agree, but it's worth the thought in the back of your mind, that he might not be
  4. Newcastle 2018

    Does anyone have any updates on Kenni Larsen? Haven't heard anything for ages
  5. Redcar 2018

    So with Ben Barker quitting Rye House, the question is, is he quitting the sport? Will Redcar have to find a new number 1 in the coming days? Why has Ben left Rye?
  6. Newcastle 2018

    I can understand why people don't want to spend their money, it's their money, they do what they want with it If I really liked a drink, for example, and they changed the ingredients in the drink, and I didn't like it anymore, I wouldn't keep buying it just because it was my favourite before, I would stop, same theory applies for sports teams, music, just about anything, so I can see where these people are coming from, me however, I know I will still love watching the speedway on a Sunday night And think it's still worth the money
  7. Newcastle 2018

    I don't watch it for free, and while I don't think the team will be competitive, I'm just glad to see a team out there for 2018 (If yet completely announced!!) I'm sure at many points during the season we'll have great rides to watch from the likes of Morris, Robbo and Wilko but I'm also sure that at some points the end of the season can't come soon enough, but I'm sure all Newport, Halifax, Hull etc... fans would love to be in our position right now I still keep my opinion though, we should have dropped to NL, even only for a year until we got our financial problems sorted, people said if we did crowds would drop, but it looks like they're going to anyway, going by what people are saying on here, a NL team of something like Ashley, Ruddick, Alfie, Danny, Hopwood(or wilko if he'd have fit), Embleton and Burton would have been nice to watch for a year, something different
  8. Newcastle 2018

    and Aarnio and Morris have showed in recent years (At Brough) that they can do it in the main body too
  9. Newcastle 2018

    Morris, Aarnio, Wethers and Wilkinson are all very good reserves and Aarnio and Morris have showed in recent years (At Brough) that they can do it in the main body too
  10. Newcastle 2018

    Am I the only one who quite likes the team? We were never going to be world beaters this year, I'm just glad we have a team at all, all riders are triers and will be entertaining to watch every week, if we can now get a 8.00 rider to round it off, things won't be AWFUL, maybe we can beat Berwick and finish second bottom, but as I say, I'm just glad we're on track in 2018, because I fear if we weren't, we might not have been out in 2019 onwards either My three guesses for who the last rider might be, and I'm just going out on a limb... Sebastian Alden (Dunno if he still rides), Kevin Wolbert or Kenneth Hansen maybe? I know we don't have the best team ever, but I'm just greatful that I get to cheer on the Diamonds in 2018
  11. Newcastle 2018

    I know he rides in Poland, but would Josh Grajczonek be able to arrange his timetable to ride for both Newcastle and his Polish team? Same goes for Bjarne or Masters Other than these random names, I really can't think of another rider who might come in as an out and out number 1 Although, I think keeping Ashley and Wilko at reserve will be very important because whoever we sign, we will still lack in top end power, so the reserves will be vitally important!!
  12. Newcastle 2018

    Does, David Bellego, Timo Lahti, Justin Sedgmen, Nicolai Klindt, Nicklas Porsing or Thomas H Jonasson have Polish teams? Thomas H Jonasson would be particularly nice, but VERY unrealistic and expensive lol... He would be on a 6.03 average (I think) So him and Rose would be a dream finish to the team 1. Ludvig 2. Aarnio 3. Jonasson/Any of the other 5 4. Rose 5. Robson 6. Wilko 7. Morris Would be very entertaining, especially Wilko and Morris at reserve, best reserve pairing we'd have had for years and years (Maybe excluding Kerr and Schramm/Mills that year) I love the idea of Bjarne too if available, maybe we can arrange our fixtures around Poland
  13. Newcastle 2018

    He does though, he's a great entertainer and puts in lots of effort each week, him and Rose or him and Robbo at 3 and 4 would be a dream to watch when they're together
  14. Newcastle 2018

    Wonder whether the third signing will be a big one or not, will it be a new face? Or will it be our other reserve? Not long to go
  15. Stoke

    Maybe Stoke decided they wanted to develop a relatively young rider for once rather than just using the older guys, I don't have anything against older riders riding in the NL, (As like captains), but I think the main focus should be youth
  16. Newcastle 2018

    Ludvig or Alfie hopefully
  17. Newcastle 2018

    1. Matej Kus 7.84 2. Dimitri Berge 6.91 3. Lewis Rose 6.49 4. Ludvig Lindgren 7.21 5. Stuart Robson 7.02 6. Ashley Morris 4.88 7. Alfie Bowtell 2.14 I'm trying, but they're all even less realistic than just having Scotty in the line up, can you tell that I am putting my jobs off?
  18. Newcastle 2018

    1. Matej Kus 7.84 2. Ashley Morris 4.88 3. Lewis Rose 6.49 4. Ludvig Lindgren 7.21 5. Stuart Robson 7.02 6. Nathan Greaves 4.51 7. Danny Ayres 4.24 Total: 42.19 It's even worse than my original suggestion lol, could have had Jacobs if he hadn't retired I don't see why Scott is any more unlikely than any other rider though, I mean we were going to go for him last year too, weren't we?
  19. Newcastle 2018

    You got to remember, we're on a tight budget... BWD and a foreigner we'd have to pay flights for would be very expensive, granted Aarnio and Lindgren won't be cheap, but not as much, and you know what you're going to get from them, they've been around all the tracks, no gamble unlike a 5.20 rider I also think Aarnio could improve his, with a good run at number 2 or 6
  20. Newcastle 2018

    I thought it was 3, and Ellis and Ashley have done more than 3 years and I've already factored in Alfie's reduction (It is 2.5%, right?)
  21. Newcastle 2018

    Unless he got a reduction (Which I'm not sure he would), Ellis wouldn't fit!! Or otherwise I would have had him in instead, although I am a pretty big fan of Aarnio
  22. Newcastle 2018

    You're right, that's no where near enough of a reshuffle before the season even starts for the Panther's promotion At least 4 of the 5 need to go I think
  23. Newcastle 2018

    I'm guessing... If we get Nicholls 1. Scott Nicholls 9.72 2. Tero Aarnio 5.02 3. Lewis Rose 6.49 4. Ludvig Lindgren 7.21 5. Stuart Robson 7.02 6. Ashley Morris 4.88 7. Alfie Bowtell 2.14 Total: 42.48 And have Josh at 8... Would also have Robson as captain, and this team would always mean that we would have a very strong reserve in Aarnio or Ashley, and we'd have a pretty solid top 4, as I'd see Lewis upping his average and Robson, Ludvig and Nicholls (just about) maintaining theirs... Maybe dropping or adding a little bit, but them staying similar... Also Alfie would be one of the better young British number 7s in the league
  24. Newcastle 2018

    I think he'd at least stay in the low 9s or high 8s, and he'd be worth more than that to the likes of Alfie and Rose maybe if we sign them... Would be a good head to have in the pits Wonder who would be the captain, Robson, Nicholls or Ludvig... Hmmm