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  1. bewitched

    Ipswich 2017

    Have been told by an American rider that ruml isn't interested in riding in the uk
  2. bewitched

    Ipswich 2017

    would hope to see gino back next year would be surprised if he wasn't
  3. bewitched

    Ipswich 2016

    Nice to see paco won the second round of the Italian championship with nico coming second, must be a massive boost for his confidence!
  4. bewitched

    Ipswich 2016

    Did anyone know why the pits were closed off wonder if they'll be open next meeting?
  5. bewitched

    Ipswich 2016

    does anyone know what averages americans come over on? broc nicol will be riding in the uk next season.dont know about max.maybe 1 or both could be worth a punt.
  6. bewitched

    Ipswich 2016

    Wouldn't mind some youth with plenty of improvement for next year! I heard Broc was riding UK in 2016 seems to be a huge talent, wonder what average he'd come in on?

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