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  1. The weather is glorious this evening and a very tasty looking nights racing ahead. Looking forward to some hard but fair racing by two great teams 😊
  2. HaggisHunter

    New/updated Official Rider Websites,

    Paul Starke. In 2016 Paul will be riding for Somerset in the PL and Leicester in the EL. http://www.speedwayportal.com/#!paul-starke-landing-page/pr26c www.paulstarke.co.uk
  3. HaggisHunter

    Somerset 2016

    I personally think that Garry May and the Hancocks have a sufficiently proven track record to deserve our trust and belief. Though as a true Somerset Rebels supporter and not a fair weather, only when we're winning fan I will gladly get 100% behind any rider who wants to wear our colours.

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