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  1. Fans will never lose patience with NKI
  2. The track is always grippier on race nights than when riders practice, but it soon gets slick after a few races. Seemed a few riders had problems turning bikes in turn 3. But that was riders not the track. Turn 3 you need to make back straight a little longer than it is before turning in.
  3. The man is an absolute tool. Did he expect we'd just turn up and say thats okay? The sooner he f=-=s off out if thus sport the better it will be for everyon REF above the track was watered at the request of the Teams NOT the track Curator As usual a keyboard warrior who has not the nuts to go and ask the man himself !! I was in ear shot of the pits so heard the discussion first hand ACEF No dummies were even in sight ! You talk b*ll*cks - hot laps passed by SCB - no dummy thrown out - track was watered slightly at request of teams. As usual keyboard warrior who was no where near King’s Lynn and makes false accusations
  4. Or as in Poland, in discussion with riders the manager selects 2 riders to have 2x 1 minute practice laps. Pit gate opens, 2 riders from away team take to track. One minute practice then red flag out, riders return to the pits and home team 2 riders go out. This is then repeated with same 4 riders. Not rocket science
  5. To right, why don’t we have this here. I can’t see any reason why this practice should not take place before every meeting. It gives both home and away team an idea of track conditions re set up. Correct set ups gives better racing. But f..k it - promoters don’t want fans to go home having seen good racing. They might return and British speedway hasn’t got anymore room to fit all the fans in.
  6. Kings Lynn 2018..

    But that’s the point, he would have been in charge of world speedway. He would have made himself in charge, his billions would/could have controlled every aspect worldwide.
  7. Kings Lynn 2018..

    A number of years ago I heard that Bernie Ecclestone wanted to take on British speedway. The then BSPA committee turn him down as he wanted get rid of them all and run speedway as a dictatorship, as he did with F1. Love or hate him, I wonder where British speedway would be today if he had got his way.
  8. Yes they do but it’s pitiful the amount paid. Next time you see me, I will let you know.
  9. Polish Geography Help.

    Poland is a big country, you don’t say whether hiring a car or using train. Probably closest for you would be to fly to Wroclaw see meeting there. Krakow then about 3 1/2 drive away. Or fly Katowice or Krakow about 2 hrs to Czestochowa and back to Krakow. No experience of trains in Poland, but generally where there are motorways in between cities they are very good. If you choose Gdansk, Torun etc. Expect a long journey. Hope this helps. ll the other ones possible, depends how many hours travel you want to get Krakow.
  10. Gardening Back !!!!!

    Just get professional and make every club use a 2minute countdown clock. Then that ends all arguments. Not ready for tapes at time zero - excluded. Plus no rider to replace that rider. I saw a rider in Poland last year arrive at start with 20secs left. He was called forward by start marshal. Rider came to tapes then backed off to adjust his goggles and clock hit 0.00. Referee immediately excluded him. This rider had also been excluded for touching tapes earlier. When he got back into the pits the Club manager sacked him on the spot. Told him to f..k off and don’t try collect his pay before leaving the city. Rest of team knew then that 2 minute clock meant 2 minutes.
  11. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Poles clap clap clap
  12. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Agree nothing like