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  1. Just seen video. Come on, Cook slid off whilst racing hard. It’s a bit of banter snowflakes.
  2. Club captain- plus check facts Missed one meeting so far, other than injuries. All riders having to miss a match, he went first, as winning too easily and club want to reduce wage bill. He has nothing against Peterborough. But as I told Carl you are Sunday track, plus he doesn’t wish to do U.K. anymore.
  3. Stal Rzeszow Sunday’s - was asked in October and said no thank you
  4. Correct - no chance
  5. Yes I had called from manager on the track to say broken leg and hip. When Nicklas called from hospital he was surprised x-ray showed no breaks. He’s had a bloody painful week with skin looking like someone taken cheese grater to his left side
  6. Greg wouldn’t have raced at Bydgoszcz. Rzeszow knew this and were prepared if he couldn’t ride. Nicklas Porsing after his crash last week, opted not to ride today. But was there with his bikes and he or junior rider Rzasa would have ridden if Greg was unable to. Rzeszow won 29-61 so even without Greg or Nicklas it would have still been a big win to Stal.
  7. DWP

    Poole 2018

    Where do people get these figures. £60k a meeting, no rider even gets close to that in Poland
  8. DWP

    Poole 2018

    It’s all very well naming riders you think will fit in. One big problem, they don’t want to do U.K. Do the sums, 2x bikes, van, flights, mechanic, accommodation etc. At U.K. points pay need to average about 9 to break even.
  9. Did they ever employ PR person - recall advert requiring someone with social media skills and an English degree. Then I was later told Busters daughter was doing PR.
  10. I heard something re roadworks on Radio2 as I was driving to stadium along A10. No exact details but enough for me to cut a cross country, avoiding Hardwick etc. Parked facing away from Lynn on grass banking, was home in 15minutes
  11. As Lynn learnt 2015 in playoffs, Poole don’t have any spare shale.
  12. DWP

    Poole 2018

    Yes both in Schengen agreement, but you still need to carry an ID card or passport should you be stopped by Police. Australian even more so, as not EU National.
  13. I remember the wooden shed behind main grandstand ( about where turnstiles are now ) in the interval it was packed and difficult to get into to buy merchandise. God knows how much pocket money I spent on photos of Bettsy. Saved up to get race jackets. We made a speedway track around Fathers lawn. Even put tapes in from a pole to a tree. Local kids turned up on their bicycles to race. But my brother and I looked the best with our race jackets. Father wasn’t amused though as we destroyed the outside of his lawn. Happy days fond memories.
  14. Ha ha will get the GoPro out
  15. Wife away, forecast good so I thought I might have an evening at the speedway Wednesday night. Then I came on forum saw everyone had decided to go to Denmark instead, so have decided I won’t be going to Lynn. Lawn needs cutting so will get some laps in myself

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