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  1. DWP

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Re car park charge. I recall 2 years ago ago Buster telling me that the Council wanted to raise rent on the back straight car park to £30k per year (believe that was the figure) he was arguing with them re the rise. I don’t know but perhaps he manage to persuade them not to raise the rent back then, but now they have insisted on it. Hence why he now needs to charge £1 to park there. If that is the case then you can’t actually blame him for making a parking charge.
  2. DWP

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Believe he’s gone to New Zealand for his daughters wedding
  3. No - Poole riders were just crap out of the gate. Were crap round the first bend, then the second, third and fourth for four laps. Just because opposition was dire doesn’t make the track a gate and go track. You could see it in their faces as they came off from track walk. “This track has got shale on it, not used to that, there are no holes in track, the starts are deep and we are f...k’d “ and yes they were so right.
  4. Was in pits with riders. Not gate and go, Poole riders didn’t like grippy track and only started getting points as track got slicker. If Middlo wasn’t up for it, then he sure should be up for next years Oscars. Poole frankly were woeful !
  5. Nicolai was complaining about baggage allowance this morning on his SAS flight from Birmingham. Assume flight isn’t to King’s Lynn
  6. DWP

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    I know many of the King’s Lynn fans still have a soft spot for Nicklas Porsing. Very sadly on Thursday night, Nicklas’s fiancé gave birth to their little girl in her 8th month of pregnancy. Sadly her little heart was not strong enough to bring her into this life. Nicklas and Vitalina are totally devastated. However, their parents, myself and my wife were here in Poland to comfort them. Vitalina is now home and they are being very strong. This has been a terrible week for them, as earlier in the week we were mourning the death of Nicklas’s Stal Rzeszow team mate Tomasz Jedrzejak. Nicklas and Vitalina pray for their little girl and thank the many speedway fans from around the world who have sent their condolences and best wishes.
  7. Yes just a 4 day visit to U.K. Fancied his favourite Dinner at The Hare Arms so popped over as no Holsted meeting yesterday and next meeting is Sunday in Rzeszow
  8. No he didn’t and I was on track with him. He asked for shale, was told none available and Poole track man suggested old oil and Buster laughed and said “you must be f..king kidding”. I don’t recall you being on the track that evening. So fake news
  9. It is against the law to dispose of waste oil. All waste oil most be disposed of and handled in the correct manner laid down by the Environment Agency. Pouring on your garden, yard, field, race track is totally against the law even if you own or rent the land
  10. It’s history but for what it is worth. As it was Nicklas Porsing and myself who first walked the track at Poole that day and discovered a hole in the 1st bend at about 5pm. I would like to point out unbiased facts. We walked the track from pit gate anti clockwise until we got to bend 1, Nick toed the track as he had done throughout the walk. The track looked normal but as he toed it, the track gave way easily. More toeing of the track in that area and the track broke up to a gravel base. We reported this and other Lynn riders and Rob Lyon who had arrived came and looked at it. Poole management were informed. On Busters arrival he discussed how the track could be easily repaired with a tractor bucket full of shale, but was informed that there was no shale available. I remember someone from Poole suggested putting down old engine oil to bind the track in that area. But this idea was dismissed. From what I saw of the track we had no reason to think this was deliberate, just general poor track maintenance and astonishment that there was no spare shale available. We drove back to Norfolk and made 2 further trips to Poole in pouring rain, only to be told meeting was off on our arrival each time. Unfortunately when meeting did take place Nick was unable to ride due to a Polish team play off commitment. I think at this first meeting Poole did have a depleted team and Lynn were favourites. But I heard no mention within the Lynn team of any under hand tactics, just disappointment that the meeting couldn’t go ahead.
  11. Just seen video. Come on, Cook slid off whilst racing hard. It’s a bit of banter snowflakes.
  12. Club captain- plus check facts Missed one meeting so far, other than injuries. All riders having to miss a match, he went first, as winning too easily and club want to reduce wage bill. He has nothing against Peterborough. But as I told Carl you are Sunday track, plus he doesn’t wish to do U.K. anymore.
  13. Stal Rzeszow Sunday’s - was asked in October and said no thank you

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