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  1. R/R for Fricke would be risky I think as apart from Bjerre we are inconsistent. I'd go for King as he could get a couple of wins especially if he gates.
  2. Would Auty's average fit to replace NBJ?
  3. It could now be a truly competitive meeting. You might think it's Cook's to lose but he isn't so consistent at the NSS. Also, I think that there a good half a dozen riders who will believe they can win. Looking forward to it, just hope it's a classic for those watching on TV. I'm sure that you will see a god crowd. Can't wait!
  4. Agree with you, the last match with Kent was really good and better than many of the televised matches seen this year. Hope we can get a big crowd now the school holidays are here.
  5. I agree about Ayres, he's certainly quick and rides the NSS well. You never know, could be a decent replacement for Aarnio in the Aces team, at least he'd be exciting to watch. Also, if we save any points average-wise by such a move we could engineer a place for Bellago too!
  6. coldace

    Belle Vue 2019

    I'm beginning to think that the best way forward for us is to get riders who are strong at the NSS. We don't do very well away and there are probably few riders available who will allow us to do so. This being the case, we have little chance of a two-leg win in the play-offs. If. however, we can get a big score at home then possibly we can defend it during the away leg. How about Bellago in plus a reserve who can score big at home?? I know this means that we have to replace one of the top five, but maybe it's time to do so.
  7. coldace

    Swindon 2019

    Agree, but don't know how with the averages as they are. Would doubt he could replace Aarnio
  8. coldace

    Belle Vue 2019

    But is it an Aussie?
  9. coldace

    Kent v Bellevue Mon 24th

    Agree with that and think the first leg at the NSS was one of the best NL matches I've seen with both the racing and the importance of the score contributing. Very surprised with the rather negative comments about Jenkins at Kent, he really rode well at Belle Vue, I'd have him in our team. Would be nice if both legs were put on a video and sent to John Cook.
  10. coldace

    Belle Vue 2019

    Sounds to me like a broken record fueled by hate and envy. These sentiments are not what you hear for those who regularly go.
  11. coldace

    Belle Vue Colts 2019

    Agree with the above, a great match last night. I'm particularly impressed with the 15, 16, 17 year olds. We need to ensure that they can progress within our league system and not get dropped if it doesn't go so well. They should get some priority; the way Workington stuck with Kyle Bickley last year was admirable and we see the benefit now. Hope some of the heats are on the SGB website, especially the one in which Rowe and Jenkins both went under Phillips on the entrance of bend three and also heat 12 with the battle between Flint and Rowe. Still can't believe the value of attending Colts matches and how some think it is inferior to the Premier League.
  12. Somerton Park Newport certainly didn't produce good racing
  13. coldace

    Swindon - Belle Vue 17 6 19

    It's rather nice when Max doesn't gate at the NSS as watching him pick his way to the front with such speed has been entertaining in the extreme. Having said that, at Swindon hope he can gate as he did in Prague.
  14. coldace

    Swindon - Belle Vue 17 6 19

    I'll be interested in how Max goes, he really is on fire around the NSS and had a good meeting away at Wolves recently where he usually struggles. Not sure we will win but hope to get a ponit..
  15. I wouldn't turn my nose up at MPT. He will do a lot better than Nick Morris who they looked for to guest. Tofty is really good around NSS
  16. coldace

    Belle Vue 2019

    What about Ryan Douglas. Has some experience and can ride bigger, faster tracks.
  17. coldace

    Belle Vue 2019

    What average would Rasmus Jensen come in on? Would we be able to it him in if we looked at changing Wells and Berge? We need to make sure we have real cover in Ht 14, we are weak there now.
  18. Our reserves will need to be in the points tomorrow. Can see Jacobsen being a big danger for Poole.
  19. There certainly was not enough dust to obscure anyone's view, I sit in the grandstand and could see perfectly. It is ridiculous to suggest that riders could not see coming out of bed four, simply ridiculous. Really can't understand your comments.
  20. coldace

    SON ticket for sale

    Plenty making the effort. The Grandstand has been virtually sold out for a week at least.
  21. Yes, it was a little longer than normal and longer than the Colts meeting on Friday. But the only 'dead' time was that between heats 14 and 15. There was brief announcement suggesting some confusion/disagreement on who could ride in heat 15 but that was not explained. Other than that thought the meeting flowed well and I find it perfectly acceptable for a short delay between some heats for the water bowser to do it's job. All-in-all a good meeting with some decent racing and really nice to see Ricky Wells in the thick of it especially Ht 5 when he wouldn't be intimidated by Masters. It's been a good Easter at the NSS.
  22. Is it R/R for Morris? The BV site lists him as riding. They are stronger with him riding in my opinion. Could be tight but if Dan can score 8 or 9 and Jaimon 6 or 7 I feel we will be ok. Looks like it will be a big crowd.
  23. It is clearly quite possible to prepare a track for decent speedway whatever the weather. I haven't been to Poole for many years but have noticed how frequently the Poole track has been criticised over the past few years and I recall watching a televised meeting where BV won and the track was awful. So maybe those in charge at the self-anointed 'Manchester United of Speedway' send someone up to Manchester to learn how to do it; seriously. We all have an interest in having tracks where close exciting racing is possible.

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