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  1. Belle Vue Colts 2018

    That's a weaker team than anticipated but think I'd have Andy Mellish in it. Not really concerned to win the league as long as the racing is as good as it's been these past two years and that we see the riders progress. Think Kyle will be a big scorer this year.
  2. Belle Vue 2018

    Sounds good Phil and will be good watching the development. Which country is he from, do you know? Interesting suggestion of James Shanes at reserve!
  3. Belle Vue Colts 2018

    Has JPB got a NL place? Would he be eligible? Certainly be a decent replacement for Dan
  4. Belle Vue 2018

    Thanks Phil, that makes sense.
  5. Belle Vue 2018

    Can't imagine why there is no word on the team next year. Would be surprised if it's not the same as last year except a replacement for Kenneth. I'd favour bringing Paddy Hougaard back, doesn't seem to be featuring in Somerset's possible team combinations.
  6. Bv Vs Lakeside Play-off Semi Leg 2

    I think that this is a reasonable question. Certainly not seen Lee Paine at the NSS for a long time nor heard how he is. I'm not sure that his absence or presence would have made any difference to our season. We have a young improving side some of whom will go far. Bewley, Bickley and Smith being prime examples.
  7. Bv Vs Lakeside Play-off Semi Leg 2

    The Colts are nothing like the old Exeter, as you say, they can ride away as well (both Colts and Aces) There is no comparison between the two tracks; Exeter was dangerous with the surface and the steel fence. The number of riders who would miss a trip to Exeter or score way below their average seems to suggest it. However, the number of riders who say how wonderful it is to ride at the NSS proves that there is no fear factor. Totally agree about George, he put a lot of work in last year and during the winter to build this team. He is missed.
  8. Totally agree with both these posts. Last year it was slicker all over and allowed Steve Worrall to win despite being on 15mts. Also, he and Cookie were passing on the inside out of the bends, this year it seems to be on the outside out at the fence far more often. Just looking at the grippy track last Friday made me concerned. Wonder what input the riders have re. track preparation now. Also, these guy need to bring these Polish engines.
  9. Simon Barber

    Chase the Ace does a better job with the crowd and he can dance!
  10. Simon Barber

    Hayley knows great deal more than Simon Barber about speedway and some of her interviews have been really good. I recall one recently with Jon Armstrong, also last week with Mark Lemon. Contrast the excruciating, embarrassing interview Simon did with Natalie. I think the majority of us will be glad he's gone, anyway we still have Chase!
  11. Belle Vue V Somerset - 1/5/17 , 12pm

    Well said mikebv. Never understood the need of the negative ones to try to influence those who don't agree with them. I'm off to the track now and expect a good match.
  12. Yes, was a surprising scoreline and was particularly surprised that Armstrong didn't show apart from his battle with Shuttleworth. Hope that this is not the norm as the racing last year was consistently entertaining. Maybe Mildenhall were just not prepared. They certainly weren't gating and Halsey had bike problems. Payne was really fast so hopefully he'll do ok with Berwick tonight. I also think that Bewley is just too good for this league a nd maybe should just do Premier and Championship. Anyway, although not a lot of excitement an enjoyable night with a decent crowd.
  13. Wolves V Belle Vue 18/4/17

    Went last night and thought the racing wasn't very good at all. Feel as a regular at the NSS we have been spoiled so expectations as to what good racing is are raised. Also, for some there is a natural reaction for the years of criticism being directed to the Kirky Lane track and having to take it. It will pass. Did think however, that the crowd was small for what had been billed as an attractive fixture.
  14. George Carrswall

    Over the years I've heard so much attributed to a 'reliable source' I'd estimate that most of it is proved to be utterly untrue. In this open media world, unfortunately things that are published become the 'truth' for those who want to believe it. It seems to matter little whether it is or not.
  15. George Carrswall

    This is a serious allegation so I'd like the evidence. 'Heard' not good enough, from who? As a regular at BV I know the high regard George is held in by those who attend every week. It is a pity he isn't involved more directly but possibly it's because he was linked to a different consortium. He was in the PC suite after the meeting so I doubt your allegations and wonder what your agenda is. Such stirring is unwelcome after the 12 months we have experienced.
  16. Belle Vue 2017

    Yes Phil agree with you. However we are all so jumpy right now that anything read is being dissected and meaning taken from it. Not pleasant this, just hope someone would make a definitive announcement. Murder
  17. Belle Vue 2017

    Looking forward to any news this week. On a related subject, has anyone information on George Carswell's position. He's listed as Promoter in the programme so I rather assume he has been 'struck off' with Gordon and Morton but have seen no reference to how he might have been linked to the financial problems. At the final two Colt's meetings he seemed very confident of running the Colts next year and he always appeared to be the one responsible for the Colts. I also believe that the Worralls, Fricke and Kyle Bickley are signed to and by him rather than by the club. If this is the case do these signing revert to the BSPA or does he still 'own' them in the way Rick Frost held the registration of several Peterborough riders. I really hope that George is part of the new promotion not only to provide a link but because he appeared a genuine guy who had BV speedway at heart. Any views or information?
  18. Belle Vue 2017

    That's reassuring as I have become a little anxious but trust posts from Halifaxtiger. The sooner the promotion is in place, the sooner we can get signing the likes of Cookie and the Worralls.
  19. Belle Vue 2017

    Just want to say thanks guys for an informed, intelligent discussion. What these forums should be about really. Just to add, as an aces fan I attended most Aces and Colts matches last year and had the best season, racing wise, for simply years and years. Really stunned about the news this week so for me, just having racing to watch next year will be sufficient. My only hope is that Mark Lemon and George Carswell are part of the promotion, we need some form of continuity. If I could have one more wish, it would be that Cookie is captain. Thanks again and keep up the fine discussion.
  20. Belle Vue 2017

    David Gordon accepts that there are challenges bought about by the problems at the start of the season but I'm not sure he will easily be defeated, especially after the nine years it's taken to establish the NSS. A much more positive set of comments by George in last nights Colt's programme. We'll all know soon enough and until that time, all we have is rumour. Pretty sure no one posting here knows the exact position. Whatever the outcome, it's been one hell of a season for us, quite the best for many years. So a huge thank you to David Gordon and his team.
  21. Belle Vue 2016

    Phil, what did the track look like, especially the 3rd-4th bends? Hope we can get some action this week. Regarding the post above what possesses them?
  22. Belle Vue 2016

    No I don't think so. He has the ability to focus on the future and the potential for the season.
  23. Leicester Lions 2016

    No point sacking without a replacement in mind. Would Kenneth Bjerre be available and acceptable?
  24. What's the weather like in the Black Country? What are the chances of this going ahead?
  25. Belle Vue Colts 2016

    Hope you are right, looks like they've been doing their homework and looking at riders who may have a certain commitment to BV and will improve. Better than our last excursion into this level, thought some of the riders then were unlikely to improve much with the exception of Garrity and Howarth.