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  1. coldace

    Swindon 2019

    Worrying about the lack of any progress. Is the track and pits as they were at the end of last season still? Is it possible for Swindon to merely carry on as before or does some new work need to be done?
  2. coldace

    Belle Vue 2019

    Good point. I was wondering why no Joe. He made real progress last year and great to watch. Would have preferred him to Phillips
  3. coldace

    Belle Vue 2019

    Not good around the NSS I'm afraid
  4. coldace

    Belle Vue 2019

    What's the problem Phil, is it the club who aren't offering a contract or the rider who want's away? Sad if he does go but that will be tempered by who replaces him.
  5. coldace

    Belle Vue 2019

    I'm really sad that Tungate won't be back. Watching him come from behind was a real treat. I also think the way he and Bewley rode together was worth the price of admission some weeks, they obviously enjoyed being paired. The only consolation for me would be if it allowed for either of Bjerre or Batchelor to be included. If they were, we'd not lose too much at home and probably benefit away a bit more. Sadly though, I feel that this is probably unlikely. There will be a lot resting on Dan Bewley making a decent recovery next year I think.
  6. You are dead right, we've become so used to the fabulous racing at the NSS that what was a pretty ordinary meeting racing-wise didn't excite. Given that the Ht13s at both previous matches were classics it makes us hard to please. After the years of standing in the cold at the dog track up the road not knowing what sort of track to expect though means we really appreciate what we have. The crowds have improved a great deal since the move and if we can get back to Fridays, I'm sure they will again.
  7. I agree, this week's Ht 13 was a little better than the previous one. Seeing Cook move Doyle off the line was a treat. So if Fricke doesn't get them on the outside Cook will on the inside! Also very nice to see Cook back at his best, not only fast again but appearing so much more confident. As for next year, who knows. Will he be up the road at Glasgow if they move up? Hope KL have been watching, they can't take an aggregate victory over us for granted especially if we have Etheridge supporting Berge at reserve as has been suggested. Time to order your season ticket?
  8. coldace

    Poole 2019

    With the professionalism of this promotion I do think that we will start winning things, don't forget the cup last season! Agree with you about crowds but last year they increased over the season. Since being forced off Fridays it's gone backwards a bit. Racing on a Friday or Saturday makes a big difference in Manchester. However, all teams in large cities struggle as there is so much else to do. London can't support a team any more, Birmingham don't really pull them in. Smaller places like Poole, Kings Lynn, Swindon have a bigger share of the entertainment budget I think. In the halcyon days at Hyde Rd as I recall, they started bang on 7pm and pushed the meeting through so that all was done before 9pm. That meant people could still go out for the evening. Such efficiency is sadly lacking now with the constant gardening and returning to the pit gate after a false start. Having said that, the Colts meetings are run really well, without all of the messing about, so it is possible.
  9. coldace

    Swindon 2018

    Very pleased that at last something positive coming out of Swindon concerning a new track. I really hope it all comes together. The frustrations and constant doubts will be worth it if it does eventuate. It's reminiscent of what we went though before the NSS emerged. I hope Swindon fans enjoy such a good result as that and really, all the backbiting isn't worth it.
  10. Agree with you Halifaxtiger. Last year we saw attendances steadily build but Mondays just don't work for many. I'd imagine the promotion will be doing everything to get back to Fridays in 2019 and with Friday nights, a track as good as the NSS and, don't forget, the team that prepare it so well, attendances will be on the upturn again. As a season ticket holder for the last two years, I'd really welcome you joining us. Incidentally, one of the benefits of being a season ticket holder this year has been a pre-meeting visit to the pits and the opportunity to watch three heats for the centre green. A really wonderful experience and so much credit to Andy Mellish and his wife for conducting the tours, explaining the whole pre-meeting procedure and answering countless questions. He has been so good in this role; intelligent, respectful and really interesting insights to what is going on. Hats of to Adrian Smith and his team for introducing such innovations, in the many, many years of watching speedway, I can't remember too many more professional approaches to promoting the sport.
  11. Those of us who have watched Dan progress so quickly over the past three years have taken so much pleasure from watching him ride that I'm sure we will contribute both to the track collection and on line. Nobody has to, but I'm sure they will want to. For me hardly over the top but well deserved.
  12. coldace

    Colts vs Kings

    Agree Ht 13 was as good as it gets. Not sure why more don't experience the Colts regularly absolutely the best value in British Speedway. Long may they continue. Also, wouldn't mind Ben Wilson in the team next year!
  13. What a sense less post. Another Speedy Bill perhaps
  14. Yes I agree, not looking to score points and the more decent races the better. I've not seen it again on fb do you have a link or where I can view it please?
  15. Just seen Ht 11 from the Wolves vs. Leicester match on the SGB site. They are saying how exciting it was. If they want exciting then should put Ht 11 from last night with Fricke, Lambert and E. Riss. Outstanding!
  16. coldace

    Bob Dugard RIP

    Loved watching him ride in the late 60s. Never beaten always a trier. Sadly missed.
  17. I'd imagine the state of some of the tracks is why several riders do not want to ride here for a whole season.
  18. Not sure about that, I feel that the riders are becoming more vocal on the subject now and with good reason.
  19. Wonderful job done by the Facenna brothers to renovate the old stadium and a very good presentation yesterday but I felt that the track was too narrow and rather bumpy to encourage good, close racing. A real shame as the crowd were enthusiastic and willing the Brits to succeed. I must admit that after three years of watching racing at the NSS each week, it highlights the problems we have with many of our tracks and their preparation. I do, however, applaud the efforts to put such a meeting on and will support future such events. The club and their fans were first class.
  20. Sharpen Rake, thanks for the information, appreciate it
  21. Coming up for this one. Not been to Glasgow for years and certainly not since the alterations. Can anyone tell me what the parking situation is? There used to be a small car park next to a social club but don't recall it being big enough for the expected crowd. Appreciate any information, thanks
  22. coldace

    more investment for NSS

    Suggest looking at what Adrian Smith said in the after-race news conference last night. It's on FB
  23. coldace

    Belle Vue v Brummies Fri 22nd June

    Think Flint is pretty special. I remember late last season him doing after-meeting practice for the first time on a 500, or at least that's what Haley Bromley announced. He looked quick and assured. I was convinced that he was going to be a Colts reserve this year but, obviously, can't win them all. On another tack, I'm not sure Tom Perry is the answer to the number 1 spot.
  24. coldace

    Belle Vue 2018

    Probably the reason we don't use Auty to guest at number 3.

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