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  1. luckily missed last nights horror show..... but we have been dodging bullets at home all season I like ranting roy…. but his digs at us keyboard warriors a few weeks ago seem somewhat misjudged …… all we ever pointed out is the team is weak … the averages don't lie with lakeside, peterboro, Glasgow and Workington still to visit us in the league it could be a somewhat of a depressing 2nd half of the season this team is going places …….. it certainly is Roy …. from 5th to 10th still sticking with my original bottom 3 of redcar, Berwick and Newcastle
  2. so funny … everyone has been complaining about luddos away form ……. then people demanding know why he's been dropped luddo has ridden redcar well before …. but his form hardly warrants him being in the team and he might as well have a weekend with his family
  3. I hope kyle is Ok as hes always a good entertainer and tryer But as usual we have the usual harping on about the track ….. sorry to disappoint but it was 100% Kyles own fault (as was Riss the week before) …. went into the bend far too quick and lost control trying to avoid luddo as for the meeting .. took wait too long … I know there were plenty of stoppages but the ref was too slow with the 2 minutes otherwise predictable fare …… wright and shane good entertainment.... bjerre better than normal …. kurtz utter rubbish and nicol and wood were always going to find it tough ……… any hopes Sheffield had of getting a point disappeared in heat 1 (apart from Ipswich - every away seems to want us to win at home!!!! - strange old season) kus im afraid really needs to take a good look at himself ……… this trailing around last not trying it not acceptable ………… and please don't cite engine problems...…. there were quite a few comments made in the crowd about him …. not many repeatable !!!!!!!!!
  4. paper , shale or grass ……. all the form points to a home win ………………………….. cue shock home defeat
  5. I will be surprised if you get a point ……… you were awful last time you were up and we were struggling at home then (53-37), bjerre does nothing at brough and broc will not have seen anything like brough before, and Sheffield are not exactly pulling up trees away from home also we are now riding well above our averages at home (its away that our issues are) and likewise I expect nothing but a drubbing down your place I had Sheffield down as certainly playoff contenders at the season start but can only see 6th at best now, and us 9th (Redcar he wooden spoonists again)
  6. apart from 1 bizarre result at Berwick …. diamonds have hardly threatened the home side
  7. mauger65

    Newcastle 2018

    i know he will improve on is false average...... but at a team average of 37.50 we gonna give redcar a good fight for that wooden spoon .......... still can only see nil points from our travels ...... can we remain unbeaten at home .......... we've dodged a few bullets so far ... but apart from Sheffield who cant ride our track ....... I think the others will be fancying an away win
  8. mauger65

    Newcastle 2018

    you heard it here first lol I like kus and he's better than a nl guest ……… but this is hardly the signing we need ,,,,,,,,,,,, our team average is now 37.50
  9. mauger65

    Newcastle 2018

    Fair point .... but if this so why hasn't it been communicated by either the BSPA or Newcastle .............. its just typical of the sport that the paying public are kept in the dark ... for no good reason If we turn up with a guest at Scunthorpe there will be more claims of foul play !! however, as the conspiracy cranks will point out do the rules allow it ? do the rules only allow the granting of one 28 day period ........ and that the BSPA are bending the rules in providing an extension to Newcastle because of the difficult circumstances ..... its not like BSPA havent bent rules in the past (or frankly ignored them) however, rules are rules and i think opposition teams would be quite right to be unhappy...... although its not the promoters fault the simple fact is it is upto Newcastlte to field a side and if it is an under strength side then so be it - lets face it the original 7 would not have been their team of choice and was the best they could do ............... what is more worryling is Newcastle's future if we cannot attract any decent riders because of this Polish situation ...... other teams have been able to move from a Sunday .... but econoimically we have to ride Sundays ...... i think our crowds have held up well and accepted the 2018 situation ... however if this continues into 2019 i think it will be challenging to say the least ...... scraping home wins and being thumped away wont attract new support anyway I dont know the rules but likewise no one seems to know whats going on with this facilty
  10. mauger65

    Newcastle 2018

    we don't know but neither do you ………… we don't when the bspa granted the 28 day facility …………. but clearly Berwick speedway don't think we cheated as they haven't objected
  11. mauger65

    Newcastle 2018

    yep … the clock is ticking ……………… kus is sadly looking the obvious likely replacement as he is better than a nl guest and is ONLY ONE available and is ours ….. and apparently not riding much in Poland …………. I don't have anything against kus …. but when we have 9.24 available … to sign up a lad out of form on 4.76 is hardly progessive ……. but its a sad state of affairs we cant find anyone who will ride for us ….. poor promoters have only been looking for 4 months
  12. mauger65

    Newcastle 2018

    I think we can all agree mathematically that the facilty ran out on 2nd June If Newcastle used it first on 6th May v Ipswich ….. that's 26 days in May, so that leaves 2 days in June ie ending on a Saturday Now given Berwick did not object and the referee rules the team ok there can only be 2 explanations 1 - the 28 days facility starts from when it is 1st used (unlikely - but I don't have the rule book) 2 - as leander quite rightly points out we don't know when the facility started. Lewis may have handed in an injury note before making the official announcement. A team may be allowed rider replacement in such a case until the BSPA officially gives the 28 day notice. we just don't know But to call George a cheat is bang out of order …….. it was not like we sprung this on Berwick at the last minute ……. Newcastle team was announced in advance and Berwick could have done the maths and objected … but they didn't and they haven't complained since still - we wouldn't want a sport where the rules are clear and the supporters understand whats going on ………………...
  13. mauger65

    Newcastle 2018

    geez that's even worse … don't we have to give 72 hours notice for a redeclared team …. so we have to sign someone by Tuesday …. please not kus … when we have 9 points to play with
  14. mauger65

    Newcastle 2018

    any news on a signing or are we still going with R/R indefinitely and chasing the wooden spoon …….. very sad state of affairs that we cannot attract a decent rider

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