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  1. lots of mutterings by fans tonight ….. if the riders cant be arsed … why should we the real cup final is Eastbourne v redcar ……………………… the winner will probably beat us home and away in the final for 2020 I would only bring back matty and max.... assuming there is a 2020
  2. well done Eastbourne and deserved esp coming back from 33-21 turning point was max clegg being clattered by Alfie …… very subdued and clearly suffering the effects and without his usual double figures we were stuffed however the finger again squarely points at our 3 heat leaders Worrall Jorgensen and bjerre - 13 rides and 1 win between them (and that was lucky as kerr was gonna win that before exclusion) ……. an utter pile of tripe from the 3 of them …… really good to see them trailing in 30-50 yards behind their counterparts again barely a pass by a diamond at home …….. we must the biggest gating tarts in the league as we never pass anyone - which is a bit unfortunate cause we are crap gaters beaten at home by the worst team on the road says everything about our team and season difficult to see how we avoid the wooden spoon esp with a rampant redcar to visit us …… that could be another long night in what is another very long season - thank god we only have 10 legue meetings …………… I couldn't stomach 16 with this lot ……………. and don't even get me started on danny Philips riding heat 8 when he should be riding 7 leaing cleggy to get a certain 5-1 in heat 8
  3. mauger65

    Newcastle 2019

    Steve this league is way easier than 2 seasons ago and Worrall with lambert were virtually unbeatable around brough then steve - is not the rider of 2 years ago atm in time (he may come good again) - and when he misses the gate he couldn't catch cold - harsh but true and as for bjerre and Jorgensen poncing around at the back when beaten .... well frankly it says everything (of course we get the crap they are hurting and really care.... yeah about their low wages due to low points scored) at least danny Philips tries to the end and they could learn at lot from that ! max and matty are the only 2 who can hold their heads up and both have been way above expectation of course, despite the bleeding obvious .... us keyboard warriors are not allowed to the criticise the fantastically built side which is always just one meeting away from glory ........ it is another poor team that is heading for the bottom 3 ................ and I hate writing this stuff as I would rather happily praise the riders one thing is certain.......... is sure Jorgensen and bjerre are not on the managements 2020 team - well at least I hope they are not ............. a poor side and its been another poor season ..... lets not kid ourselves otherwise
  4. mauger65

    Newcastle 2019

    well our very faint playoff hopes were ended by a 4 man team Max was superb and I agree the lad should be riding 7 races a meeting …….. continual poor team selection and just sticking to everyone gets 4 rides … Not for the 1st time …..the defeat lies solely at the hands of our 3 'heat leaders' …. another woeful performance by them and they must be the only heat leaders in the league who cannot pass on their home track ….. Worrall is a pale shadow of the rider he was 2 years ago and bjerre and Jorgensen have just rubbish all year cracking meeting in terms of the closeness of scores...… but the races were again fairly processional - due to the fact we cant pass anyone !! looks like Birmingham will stop us from getting the wooden spoon
  5. mauger65

    Newcastle 2019

    Cant quite understand some of the negativity on the Ulrich signing - it is a complete no brainer He's a rider who will probably average better than his current average and it strengthens the team and puts Max at 6 where he will be 1 of the best reserves in the league I feel sorry Jakob and hope he gets fixed up (and I would give him another go in the future) - but it is a numbers game and the Diamonds can still rescue this season The side looks a lot stronger with Max at 6 and Ulrich and Matty as 2nd strings ....... our heat leaders are improving (at last!) and if Stevie can get his average over 9 and TJ and Lasse improving to get theirs to near 8 - this side looks very competitive (certainly at home) and could potentially nick a playoff place
  6. I take it all back. Hats off to the lads and excellent performance. Ive given lasse some stick but that was his best performance ever at brough - well done. Max was superb and rest of the lads gave a 100%. Special praise go to Wallinger ………… who improved with every heat (Berwick riders take note) Difference between to the 2 teams - attitude. One team wanted it tonight ………. another was beaten before the start and ive never seen such as limp performance from the bandits at Newcastle for quite a while. To be fair the bandits reserves tried their best (although why Garcia was doing a wheelie to the tapes for heat 9 when his team was being hammered frankly summed up berwicks bizarre performance) and starke tried as his does and did his job but the rest well. Summers - missed the gate twice and was punished both times. But Jakobsen was awful and unrecognisable from last time.............. but Gappmaier and Etheridge were AGAIN an utter disgrace ….. again no attempt to even try and both could learn a lot from Wallingers attitude …. who learned how to ride the track and improve in 4 races. I expect any 6 point rider to ride any track ………. geez Brough may be a technical track but its not impossible to ride. Nice to see so many Bandits fans down … pity the team gave them so little to cheer for
  7. mauger65

    Berwick v Newcastle Ko Cup

    another nil contribution from a rider who shouldn't be in this league ……… hes not good enough
  8. A 6 point deficit … diamonds should be favourites but starke is in very good form and was excellent here with Glasgow - masterstroke by the bandits further blow with no Jacob …. and wallinger in …………. our reserves could be the real weak link close match with diamonds to sneak it 46-44 ……… but Berwick alas to go through
  9. mauger65

    Newcastle 2019

    Hardly the dramatic team changes we hoped for but to be fair not sure what was really available Good luck to Jacob Best wishes to Simon - he obviously tried and gave 100% but sadly Brough just isn't his track and probably best decision for both parties But he will always be welcomed back even as an opposition rider - he gave it 100% and that's all we can ask
  10. mauger65

    Newcastle V Leicester 19/5/19

    potential replacements are an issue ..... but something needs to change 2 wins in 11 is poor - and the wins were against Sheffield who were a 4 man team up here and Edinburgh - both sides who look pretty average outfits given results thus far and we are yet to hit 40 away from home ...... another tough season beckons
  11. mauger65

    Newcastle 2019

    Kenneth was rubbish for 3 months ? eh not the Kenneth bjerre I saw - he was new and had some gating issues but everyone could see he had raw talent and pace he had - and he scored enough points at he start of the season to ensure his average wasn't too shabby by the end of year - Kenneth was also riding in a more competitive league Lasse on the other hand is veteran and should be improving his average ............. lets not forgot an average team will score 42 points in 14 heats - some 3.5 points and 9% higher than the team building 38.5 This is a much weaker league ....... the team that had Larsson, bach and lemon would murder any of the current championship sides Lasse has never performed on this track - which is disappointing because I would expect every heat leader to race at any track
  12. mauger65

    Newcastle 2019

    I feel sorry for Lambert .. he's trying but Brough is just not his track Bjerre - no sympathy for .... remains an enigma but in 6 home meetings he has shown no ability to master the track - which we did fear at the start of the season .... Philips - cant fault his heart or effort .... but just aint good enough im afraid changes need to be made - but who is available is another matter
  13. mauger65

    Newcastle V Leicester 19/5/19

    Yes a cracking meeting and fair play to Leicester who did deserve the and will certainly pick up some trophies I see the official excuse for the defeat was ....... bad luck ............. hmmmm ......... when our riders fall its bad luck but not oppositions Bates and Douglas fell in scoring positions and I felt Perks was harshly excluded when Bjerre clearly clouted him going into turn 1 We have problems everywhere .... Our heat leaders are frankly not performing ................ steve excellent when bike working ... but having too many issues Jorgensen is just so inconsistent its untrue (rubbish in heat 4 then brilliant in heat 7 to average in heat 10, excellent in heat 11 and then nowhere in heat 13 !!!) and Bjerre has been awful and his 4 point haul summed it all ... he's not gating and he is slow and certainly has no idea about the quickest way around Brough Lambert and Philips are struggling.... very badly - the former cant ride the track and the latter aint good enough Saving grace - Wethers + Clegg .. riding very well (certainly at home) It is clear now that the team isn't good enough ..... regardless of what the promotion says ....... its 4 home defeats in 6 and I cant recall us ever starting like that I applaud George for being loyal to his riders , but drastic surgery is required and I hate saying it but Bjerre, Lambert and Philips need replacing
  14. mauger65

    Newcastle 2019

    did George and martin say anything after the Glasgow meeting ? they wanted supporters to stay behind for some reason

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