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  1. mauger65

    Newcastle 2019

    In the August meeting at Gosforth - there were talks about a Trust Group and supporters club ..................... has anything moved on ?
  2. mauger65

    Newcastle 2019

    who was the Berwick supporter
  3. mauger65

    Workington 2019

    very sad to hear of the comets demise .... gutting for all concerned and unfortunately the fate of a successful team !! - higher wages paid not matched by increase in gate receipts ...... must say .. last time I was there in 2017 I was shocked at how low the crowd was.... especially from the glory days of stonehewer and the much larger crowds which every team was envious of hopefully u rejoin in 2020 .... fingers crossed
  4. Regardless of how many leagues and depending on how many teams are in my league what i want is the following 1 A season that has competitive matches from April to mid September league cut off - with 3 weeks in 4 having a meeting (not 1 in 6 weeks like this year at some stages !!!) 2 Riders that are committed to riding in Britain and fulfil their league meeting requirements - Im sick of the number of weakened teams who come to Newcastle 3 A Knock Out Cup competition that has rounds in every month May, June and July with a final in August (controversial) 4 A league cup competition that has fixtures completed by April ............ semi's in May and final in June (controversial) 5 a 4 team tournament with only 8 teams in it on the day (but some form of qualifying so ALL teams get a chance .... not just the top 8 averages) 6 all teams to have 2 home and 2 away meetings in the 1st 2 weeks of September - so there is some excitement about reaching the playoffs in the last 2 weeks of the season - rather than 3 of 4 having qualified by early August because they have ridden their fixtures (week 3 can be kept free for rainoffs in weeks 1 and 2) And a set of promoters who all pull together for the sake of the sport and not the majority (NOTE not all) do what is only in their teams best interest (I am dreaming now!!!!)
  5. that's the beauty of speedway they seem to make up the rules on a daily basis........ but on the Workington rain off match .. we can assure you Workington were allowed proper replacement guests that night ............ roll on 2019
  6. well that's a surprise ………… I really thought we would turn this around ………….. well I have slaughtered several teams for their no-shows at Brough … especially this season...… so it is disappointing that Newcastle have fallen into the weakened side category...…….. and yes it is extremely unfair for the home supporters and I can understand the Workington supporters frustration what I would say is though …. people in glasshouses should not be throwing stones (well not too hard and certainly not holier than thou!!) ..... the side Workington was going to field at Newcastle in the rained off league meeting was inexcusable ……… Workington were allowed guest replacements ………. but they decided to send in NL guests as the rumours are saying (IF TRUE) …. wethers couldn't get time off, lindgren refused to ride and kus was injured. So George and Martin were rather dumped it !!!! George English comments after the meeting seemed to indicate complete annoyance at the team he had to field. He has complained bitterly about sides providing weak sides at Newcastle, so it must have been a cause of some embarrassment and annoyance to him having to field this side (this is a promoter who in the past has picked up the mike and apologised to home supporters when the diamonds have performed awfully away with their contracted 7 riders) This is an issue that is killing speedway and only hurts us all and the paying public … and frankly its down to the riders They sign contracts … and it is upto them to honour them Perhaps next year, if a rider cant make it (for any excuse !!!! except injury) … then he is replaced with a proper guest...……. that way the paying public are not robbed. The offending rider should then be banned for say 14 days and maybe fined (depending on reason) … but during that time the team can use a guest to cover him. that way the paying public are at least entertained and the rider is hurt in the pocket The riders sign contracts which they should fufil…. if they want to sod off and ride in Poland then let them go ….. but teams should not be signing them...…….. we need the promoters to commit to signing riders who are committed to british speedway ……… and not as a bit of income to support their continental riding Its upto the promoters ……. they need to spell it out to the riders and stop this farce …. or else there will be no professional speedway in this country in 10 years anyway … good luck Workington …. you have an interesting few weeks to look forward to
  7. mauger65

    Scunthorpe 2019

    bloody limit should stay at 42.50 lowering it just weakens the teams and the product being served ps ... can we have steve Worrall back please
  8. well the diamonds have Workington exactly where we want them over-confident and holding a 10 point lead from the away leg and fooled by our last visit ..... I think us diamonds will have the tie wrapped up by heat 14 .............. hey we beat the league champions by 20 points on their own turf
  9. anyway ... good luck to Workington ............... you have a busy October ........
  10. well said THJ Taylorj - everytime Workington visit .. its the same boring crap from you everytime ................ newcastles track reputation is a joke .......... its nowhere near as bad as it is made out ...... as is most riders attitudes when it comes to racing it ... they arrive defeated before they start............ no more so than this year .......
  11. mauger65

    Good luck Robbo

    good luck and best wishes for the future Stuart Good to see you leave the sport on your terms Thanks for all the memories over the years ......... you represent everything that is good about speedway ..... a pity there are not more of you around
  12. got to say robbo's retirement deserved a full page on the bspa website ..... not a one liner in the middle of our report come on bspa - this guy entertained us for 26 years with his superb passing and riding skills ...... and he is a top bloke who rode his heart out and rode hard but FAIR lets have a proper tribute for his services to british speedway and I for one - would support a Stuart Robson farewell meeting at Brough ........ a 6 team pairs competition over 15 heats .... come on George and Martin .. Im sure the supporters would back it
  13. yawn ….. same old tedious comments about track anyway …. not a bad meeting which clearly had an end of season feel to it and the comets (those who turned up) clearly trying to avoid injury for their very busy hectic post season (lucky sods) well done guys …. 8th ………… I certainly had us in bottom 3 at start with redcar and Berwick (hats off to them for 5th) good luck Workington ….. probably the most open playoffs ever ………… lakeside moving to rye could scupper them …. other 3 look capable of beating each other as for 2018 ….. some good meetings …. but overall good riddance ………. season far too disjointed …. it was a year of survival … we did …. roll on 2019 with optimism all the best robbo ….. great servant to speedway …. and pleased you got out whilst being competitive and fit and very well done archie … 125cc champion …… next stop .. the 250s

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