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  1. Ipswich vs Newcastle 26/4/18

    Yes a surprisingly sluggish start to Ipswich season especially given their powerful top 4 on paper after Newcastles horror show at redcar, they responded with 2 very good performances and wins (and 2 fingers up at us critics ) , both of the which the scoreline flattered the opposition on both matches !! However, they were against teams built similar to us and I expect us, Redcar and Berwick to be in the bottom 4 ..... so a confident Newcastle ride into town and will take all the points ? I don't think so ...... only Ashley is riding well to be fair (very well at that though) Question is can a Newcastle rider get anywhere near danny and rory .... I doubt it and I would be surprised if they don't chalk up 28 points and 2 maximums But the Ipswich reserves look weak and could score only 1 point - the big question is how well Ipswich middle order well fare - can they get 17 points in 12 rides to secure a 46-44 .... difficult to say ... Kerr can be flaky (depends on his gating gloves) and Heeps and Hartel are not exactly flying ............. but who knows with Newcastle .... toft is a good guest but can luddo, wethers and rose provide him with enough support.... I think the Ipswich reserves will pick points off us and will be the key factor in a 51-39 win for the witches ...... anything below 36 for Newcastle will be very disappointing ... given we are on an up, Ipswich on a down and that our powerful reserves are against one of the weaker pairings
  2. Ivan Mauger

    some people say he would have struggled in the current championship series format ........... what utter rubbish in 71 he lost to our other great diamond ole olsen when scoring 14, in 73 he lost to a pole in a run off and 74 he finished 2nd on a track prepared for Anders Michanek (another diamond....) I think his sheer consistency would have won him titles between 68-74 ... maybe Olsen would have had a chance in 71 Likewise he could won in 67 and between 75-79 I think his tactical genius would have won at least the 2 titles he won in that era anyway ..... he probably would have 8-10 titles between 67 and 79 under the grand prix system Individual meetings on the night were always harder to win, even the great Tony Richardsson wouldn't have won 6 individual titles Ivan ... was the total professional... a genius..... and total legend
  3. homer - given the amount of times redcar have picked up the wooden spoon youre probably well qualified to spot a wooden spoonist I somehow think neither redcar, Berwick or Newcastle will be winning any honours this year ...
  4. staggering result - well done lads - good response to Thursday's shocker what happened to doolan ?
  5. I look forward to the written comments in the programme yes George was very honest but saying we didn't gate well ... its only the most important part of speedway also .. trouble is with people predicting changes ... the riders know they are already under pressure and makes them more tense
  6. given our best rider on Thursday was Doolan ..... I'm frightened to think what the score could be Berwick are a team we should be targeting at least 40 points ... after Thursday and with a weaker team .... 35 will be a challenge but I hope am wrong and we sneak a 46-44 win ................
  7. And your point is Steve? I have total sympathy for the promoters cos they had little time to build a side . total sympathy for the riders who are trying but it is a weak team ... the vast majority are tipping us for bottom .... and after 3 meetings there is little to suggest otherwise anyway lets hope for a big crowd on sunday... to say farewell to a legend
  8. well I said anything under 40 would be alarming... this was worse than I feared ....... oh boy do the diamonds have problems well done redcar... but don't get too excited ... you wont have an easier home meeting (until we return)....... one wonders how the Newcastle Propaganda machine will respond next I laughed when I saw the newspaper article about Sheffield and in a meeting where we were hammered 59 31, the biggest part was about our 5 1 win in heat 2 justifying our strong reserves and the make up of our team ...... ignore the fact 3 riders got maximums against us Then (and I enjoy Ranting Roy!!) but the bare faced cheek to criticise us 'internet' 'experts' in his article cos he knows better and he likes the look of the team, and then when lindgren wins the 1st race on sunday, he proudly boasts who says lindgren cant be a number 1 - well Roy ..... 12 points in 13 races in 3 meetings would say so No doubt the reports tomorrow will report how superb the diamonds were in the 1st 4 heats and 12 12 was a reflection of this great team. Then the last line will end ... and redcar won a close 58 32............. Still what do I know ....... I'm just an internet 'expert' ...... It gives me no joy to written this.... boy do I wish we had a team like Sheffield (or even Redcar!!) ..... but the criticism of this team .... from what I have seen ...... has been fair and measured .... yes they are all triers ...... but its a team of 7 second strings ....... and I know the promoters hands were tied ..... but at the end of the day we are simply not competitive ....... Scunthorpe would have beaten us if they had picked a better guest (and Roy that's a fact not opinion .. there is a reason why lewis kerr is 6.8) .... redcar will start as favourites on sunday and heaven help us when Sheffield roll into town...... 3 meetings gone and we have won 11 heats ..... that's fact .... not an opinion ps I also feel sorry for lindgren .... he's riding like a man carrying the world on his shoulders ... a he's on a hiding to nothing at number 1
  9. 32.8 ... clearly building for the future hopefully a good meeting with the diamonds bringing their usual hefty away support ............ just a pity the redcar supporters don't seem to know where Newcastle is in the return fixture
  10. this will be a measure of Newcastle's strength in depth team realistically redcar is one of the only 3 tracks we have a chance of taking away points so a minimum of 40 points would be expected redcar hitting anything over 50 will be very worrying for our future away day travels I expect a redcar win but given their less than stellar start to the season ... perhaps we could catch them cold Lindgren is the key man ..... in some meetings at redcar he has been brilliant (its one of his better away tracks) and given redcars team theres no reason why lindgren couldn't score 12-13 ............. but if he has another away day blue and comes in with only 5-7 ... it could be a long night
  11. RIP Ivan The greatest ever Lets hope for a big crowd on Sunday to pay tribute to a sporting legend
  12. RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    I only got to see him at Oxford (he scored a max) and in 1975 for the diamonds re-opening (beat Jim McMillan 3 times) Luckily got to meet the great man in 2010 and his wife Raye at Brough for his book signing Greatest rider ever RIP Ivan and thoughts with Raye and his children
  13. a competitive meeting but the victory didn't even cover up the cracks that are apparent Lewis Kerr is hit or miss at Brough and was a real gamble by scunthorpe....... and luckily this was a miss ..... his 5 points from 4 rides cost Scunthorpe the match. given that people like ricky wells, Richie Worrall, aaron summers were available .... the decision to pick Lewis was baffling to say the least
  14. Sheffield v Newcastle 05.04.18

    nearly .............. they certainly wont be in the playoffs however they may have the bragging rights of the north finishing 8th ... above us workington and berwick
  15. Sheffield v Newcastle 05.04.18

    the criticism of lindgren is completely unfair ............ hes a 3rd heat leader not a no 1 ... and he has never pretended to be a no 1 hes riding out of position as is robbo the team - despite being tryers - is an awful team whilst our reserves on paper are the 2nd best in the league ............. 1 to 5 as a unit are not good enough and will be ripped apart by any decent side - and lets be honest Sheffield are a potentially league winning side....... we won 1 heat ............ and if another person says we have strength in depth ............ ffs ....wake up .....we are not Hull 2004 3 maximums scored by opposition ....... whilst we have this team in the 28 competitive matches we will have I reckon will have a record 36 maximums scored against us this season ............. and no rider will score a max for the diamonds