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    Three pounds admission was Wembley '81, standing on the bend, league speedway cost less than a pound at the time, I seem to remember. As for Bruce, his riding was sensational that night, possibly one reason for so many riders calling it the best meeting they had seen.
  2. 30 odd years ago, when Bob Jones and Jim Gregory rode their Rudges with Steve Chilman on a Douglas and others rode in second half most people stayed.
  3. George White rip

    Whoever wrote the obituary for the Swindon Speedway website has forgotten that he rode in the 1957 Wembley final.
  4. Speedway Music

    Wait and see Fats Domino
  5. Mastermind

    ....and me, c1990, the entrance, including the workshop and terracing were still intact, I've still got my souvenir bricks.
  6. Just A Thought...

    His brother Ivor (RIP) was the driving force, along with Barry at Iwade. Yes, as stated in Lee's book he rode at Weymouth four times only, then at the pre season trials at Swindon and once after the meeting at Oxford and then second half rides at Swindon. He had however practised in a field near Uffington a fair bit.
  7. Just A Thought...

    Weymouth, from the early sixties until its demise.
  8. Tv Times 27/7/63

    The you tube vid. of the '74 final shows three races featuring Dag using a Jawa, Lee Dunton states ( defunct speedway site) Dag used a JAP in 75/76 including at the Intercontinental final at Wembley.
  9. Tv Times 27/7/63

    Egon riding a JAP upon which he won a long track final, 1974?
  10. Split Waterman 94 Years Young Today

    And there was a poem about him on Radio 4, sometime in the eighties.
  11. Enjoyed the trip to Monmore Heath on Monday, came home watched it on youtube and it scared me, a real tough battle for points and a real high level of skill on display and surely the most frightening first turn around.
  12. Looked it up now, thanks, still a bit of a shock, rival groups eh? I had no idea. We get up to Monmore for both types of speedway when possible so I have an interest.
  13. Banned? no please what?
  14. Top Five Channel Islanders

    Stefan soon became Steve, he lived at Ogbourne St George twixt Marlborough and Swindon the son of the vicar, he did second half rides at Swindon and other tracks, I didn't realise he came from the Channel Isles.
  15. No not plastic nuts now, I saw the adjuster on track so... greetings from Swindon, you don't no what youre missing.
  16. Anyone know what happened to Hans back wheel when he crashed?
  17. Footwear In The Pits

    Will do, though it might be better if I don't, being extremely aware of the risks the guys are taking. In case you haven't already, check out a set of early two piece leathers, thick leather a mass of padding and heavy. Take your point, I was mainly referring Dean Machines point about thrill seeking riders not giving a hoot and no I wouldn't wear flip-flops inthe pits.
  18. Footwear In The Pits

    In response to the above, think of the money riders could save on helmets, goggles, gloves 'n' all, were it not for restrictive safety rules.
  19. Swindon 2017

    Zach and Adam placed first and second at the Wimbourne grasstrack yesterday.
  20. Cycle Speedway Bit On Bbc News

    Just seen on I player, thanks, these new tracks are pretty aren't they? Wolverhampton and Poole tracks are well worth a visit,both situated in the most pleasant of locations.
  21. Fans Faves And Not So Faves!

    WHAT no Bob Kilby?
  22. There's a Dragons meeting posted for the 14 May.
  23. Ronnies serious injury happened long before Briggos golden greats era.
  24. Just thought I'd let you know Bill, someone known as David Williams is attempting to steal your identity.