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  1. JOS50

    Swindon Autodrome

    A 1928 Swindon Autodrome program sold today at Barber's auction, £520 hammer price.
  2. JOS50


    I gave it a like, good to watch again, filmed in 1951 surely?
  3. JOS50

    The Jolly Rogers.

    Also, he scored eight points in his first world final.
  4. JOS50

    Your best speedway year

    I first went to Cradley in '64, age 14, sidekick to a novice rider, didn't get a pork sandwich but got stuck into the Stingo in the bar after the meeting. Have to say we loved going up there and found it real warm and friendly and always had a good time.
  5. JOS50

    Tadeusz Teodorowicz

    Teo with Ian Williams, taken around the time he arrived here .
  6. JOS50

    In what order would you place these Aussie greats???

    Freddie Williams
  7. JOS50

    Corona virus

    Apologies for misleading people, I was alluding to resizing and posting photos ("if anyone can do it") definitely not riding speedway, something I would never joke about. However I have had a go and your right, I am tall, here's a Mick Kilby pic.of me at the Mike Broadbank training track '67.
  8. JOS50

    Corona virus

    Not me, it's a modern pic from the U.S.A. rider unknown. A 22" rear wheel it is for sure, which were used there long after they were banned here, when Martin Ashby first rode over there they were still in use then.
  9. JOS50

    Corona virus

    If I can do it, anyone can.
  10. Must be the '57 final George White, Ian Williams and Bob Roger from Swindon.
  11. JOS50

    Split Waterman RIP

    It might help if adults desisted the veneration of criminals such as Split, surely a bad example for any young people watching.
  12. JOS50

    Sandy Powell-Dirt Track Rider

    I've taken this record around a few tracks and played it on a portable gramophone, it was a favourite of Ivor Thomas's.
  13. JOS50

    Sandy Powell-Dirt Track Rider

    Only just noticed this thread, nice one, that is part one and two on the youtube vid you posted. I have two versions one on Imperial and another on the Woolworths Victory label, So it predates 1930.
  14. JOS50

    California name debate

    Hi chunky, I was joking, thanks for your reasoned reply, however the Wokingham council Wiki site calls it a village so I'll phone them and report back.
  15. JOS50

    Split Waterman RIP

    In that case you could inform Wikipedia of the erroneous assertion that California (nr. Wokingham) is a village, it might help to cheer up your pal the doctor.
  16. JOS50

    California name debate

    You may find the history of The California Ratepayer's Hall interesting, it's where the California Womens Institute meet.
  17. JOS50

    California name debate

    As for song titles I don't need google, every title I've posted, bar one, is in my record collection, the church I mentioned describes itself as being in the parish of Finchampstead and California. Thanks for your pleasant and polite response.
  18. JOS50

    California name debate

    Oh yes there is, California nr. Wokingham has a ,Parish church called St Mary and St John California and a California village hall a California Co-op etc. Perhaps you should look at a map.
  19. JOS50

    California name debate

    Wikipedia says otherwise, there are seven places in the UK listed as California.
  20. JOS50

    British world champions ratings list

    You tell em Sam , I was starting to feel that Peter Craven was being overlooked on this thread. My take on the Wembley '62 final, (my first time there) is that Peter was an exceptionally popular winner for both fans and riders.
  21. JOS50

    1946 Queries

    Father and rather like Colin very tall for a rider. Doyens in the world of grasstrack racing and nice to know.
  22. JOS50


    Oxford '64 I was there and often wondered what became of the promoters, Rodney Rycroft and Cyril Melville, who at the time were most affable and approachable and then disappeared, apparantly.
  23. JOS50

    1948 Queries

    Fellow 1948 enthusiasts may be interested in a film clip featuring Vic Duggan riding in a grass speedway meet at St Austell that can be found on You Tube, search West Country Gazette.

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