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  1. Swindon Stadium

    K.D.V. did shut down for a while.
  2. Swindon Stadium

    Kingsdown Wine Vaults back running as a music venue.
  3. Oxford

    A 1939 (29 Oct.) Oxford programme sold for £96 the other day on Ebay.
  4. Swindon 2018

    Got it now, thanks.
  5. Swindon 2018

    Seen, but says nowt about speedway
  6. Swindon 2018

    How does one check this information?
  7. Swindon 2018

    Joined 2016
  8. Swindon 2018

    As partner of Mike Bowden he certainly did arrive with much publicity and ideas going forward, the evidence is extant on the internet.
  9. Swindon Stadium

    see previous page for the planning app
  10. Swindon 2018

    I see Per-Axel Warensjo has resigned, joined with a flourish left without a mention, wonder why.
  11. Swindon Stadium

    Bloody fire brigade.
  12. You should check out Swindon there are some people who did a few second halves, years ago, get a free pass. P.S. Don't ask me why.
  13. Swindon Stadium

    I now consider this app. doubly spurious
  14. Swindon Stadium

    Read all about it
  15. Swindon Stadium

    Who are they?
  16. Swindon Stadium

    Strongly worded objection from Barrett Homes on behalf of their customers shock surprise
  17. Swindon Stadium

    More rubbish from the North East, this latest planning app. is self evidently spurious and has no chance of approval as well they know.
  18. Swindon Stadium

    Not approved by the Lead Local Flood Authority.
  19. Swindon 2018

    Mineral oils?

    Three pounds admission was Wembley '81, standing on the bend, league speedway cost less than a pound at the time, I seem to remember. As for Bruce, his riding was sensational that night, possibly one reason for so many riders calling it the best meeting they had seen.
  21. 30 odd years ago, when Bob Jones and Jim Gregory rode their Rudges with Steve Chilman on a Douglas and others rode in second half most people stayed.
  22. George White rip

    Whoever wrote the obituary for the Swindon Speedway website has forgotten that he rode in the 1957 Wembley final.
  23. Speedway Music

    Wait and see Fats Domino
  24. Mastermind

    ....and me, c1990, the entrance, including the workshop and terracing were still intact, I've still got my souvenir bricks.
  25. Just A Thought...

    His brother Ivor (RIP) was the driving force, along with Barry at Iwade. Yes, as stated in Lee's book he rode at Weymouth four times only, then at the pre season trials at Swindon and once after the meeting at Oxford and then second half rides at Swindon. He had however practised in a field near Uffington a fair bit.