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  1. sharpandroid

    Speedway and the NHS

    Are you on drugs?
  2. sharpandroid

    In what order would you place these Aussie greats???

  3. sharpandroid

    Speedway On Tv And The Internet In 2020

    Written by Sim Erbolenka that famous ex rider from USA who has a tendency for pismronunciation.....
  4. The four rider team format proved quite well that the Polish nation produce many great speedway riders, surely they should have the chance to show the world every year how much better they are, eventually the rest will catch up.
  5. sharpandroid

    Redcar v Scorpions 12.7.19 League

    Tractors out FIVE times.... Not much overtaking in the heats. Can't see why people thought the Redcar team would be weak with MPT and Charles Wright in. Good result though. Imagine how great Auty would be if he could gate. Sounds nice and loud in the stand.
  6. sharpandroid

    Newcastle 2019

    Follow the money, points scored doesn't keep the club going.....
  7. sharpandroid

    Scunthorpe v Berwick 05.07.2019

    I know that's not good news but is it going to put him out for a while, he's a major part of the team.
  8. sharpandroid

    Eastbourne v Scunthorpe - Sat 22JUN19

    I believe it helps to be positive about things.
  9. sharpandroid

    Eastbourne v Scunthorpe - Sat 22JUN19

    Unfair comments above. The team of Auty, Nielsen, Ayres, Kinsley, Nicol, Andrews, are capable of scoring well.
  10. The track at Poole has never looked good on tv to me, suprised the bikes don't get damaged being rigid on the back, the increased risk of injury should have been discussed a long time ago. Not a race track really is it.
  11. sharpandroid

    Scunthorpe v Glasgow

    Keep it quiet but I think we have a couple of riders out injured who may not be available for this Friday, if we say nothing no one will notice and we can reschedule for a date when they will be fit.
  12. sharpandroid

    Tai Woffinden at his majestic best Sunday April 14th

    Blah blah effin blah the good old days, it's a thread about the great Tai Woffinden in the now, today and the future.
  13. sharpandroid

    Unpopular Opinions - Speedway Edition

    I didn't want an answer, i just expressed my unpopular opinion.
  14. sharpandroid

    Unpopular Opinions - Speedway Edition

    I think Buster Chapman has done great things for UK Speedway. I think Rob Godfrey has too.
  15. sharpandroid

    Maciej Janowski

    It certainly was.

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