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  1. 3 local riders. I'd imagine only Kasprzak may be unrealistic
  2. 1 Kasprzak 2 Wright 3 Andersen 4 Bjerre 5 Iversen 6 Pickering 7 Shanes
  3. I have a sneaky feeling Thomas Jorgensen will be a Panthers rider
  4. Problem is he's so inconsistent himself. Shanes or Sergeant may be a better option
  5. If only Jack Holder Charles Wright Niels Kristian Iversen Kenneth Bjerre Chris Holder Jake Allen Tom Bacon
  6. Please no Lambert or Ostergaard
  7. Flappy

    Panthers up for sale.

    Top level here we come
  8. Flappy

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Surely not. It'd make no sense at all to ride national league
  9. Flappy

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Will Panthers be PL though
  10. Flappy

    Panthers up for sale.

    Sundays also affected the team Panthers can put on the track let's not forget that
  11. Flappy

    Panthers up for sale.

    So what's the option then?
  12. Flappy

    Panthers up for sale.

    You don't need to be his friend

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