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  1. I'd be shocked if Panthers come to the tapes next season
  2. Spot on. He's actually riding the showground quite well tbf Bellego is also now available another who I think would be better than what we have the same applies to Wells. We all know the big issue though and that's missing heat leaders
  3. Small bleed on the brain for Hans and possibly a wrist injury
  4. Flappy

    Panthers v Witches 1/7/19 Premiership

    Can we have Harris back now
  5. He averages 2 so far
  6. Lynn on the other hand may have lost Nicol before he turns a wheel.
  7. Sign Wells for Bates and I think we look half decent tbf Andersen Procter/BWD Nicholls Wright Tungate Summers Wells
  8. Wells is available now too
  9. Can't see a way Panthers can win this
  10. Who else was available to guest
  11. Flappy

    Ipswich 2019

    I'd take Bellego over Bates for Panthers
  12. Pulled out of tonight's meeting abroad
  13. Bjerre is ill apparently
  14. Kenneth Bjerre has a lower average than Anderson
  15. Fractured shoulder for Hans

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