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  1. I for one am looking forward to the new season
  2. Is anyone actually surprised or bothered that Rathbone is likely to leave? Ever since the Holdergate he wanted out
  3. Flappy

    2019 Predictions

    Peterborough Wolves Belle Vue Poole Swindon Kings Lynn Ipswich
  4. Any alternatives to Tungate or is he nailed on?
  5. Panthers have a top class signing lined up according to Carl Johnson. That's an odd way to describe Rohan Tungate
  6. Shock horror Harris signs for Ipswich. So it wasn't financial at all then....... Tungate or NKI to Panthers then
  7. He's not as good as the other heat leaders
  8. Probably stronger as there's no way in a million years Harris keeps that average up. The way all this has been handled is wrong but we may very well come out of it stronger on the track anyway.
  9. Tungate to Panthers, Harris to Ipswich on Chapman's orders is the rumour that appears to be the loudest.
  10. With the right replacement Panthers could quite conceivably be stronger. It still stinks how this has been done though.
  11. This doesn't have to make the team worse on track, who replaces him? Tungate Bellego Sundstrom Nicholls
  12. It stinks, however Harris was on an over inflated average which he wasn't going fulfil and the reality is he can be replaced. Hope he gets fixed up at Ipswich quick Or has someone better become available...........
  13. Just chill. On paper we have the best team in the league, we're back where we belong. Enjoy it
  14. Premier League team building suits him much better than Championship
  15. T-Balfe are continuing with their title sponsorship too it seems

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