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  1. We didn't hang on they didn't have a plan. Nicholls and a 4 pointer really doesn't change much imo as Lambert will be at number 2 where he's struggled all too often.
  2. In other words he has winged the team building as he hasn't had a plan
  3. As you say i can't seea better option. I'd have liked to see Danny Ayres signed but his average is just too high. Any brit reduction? We've made a right pigs ear of building this team.......again
  4. So they can be taken off your club and given to another club when the promotor leaves
  5. Even with Nicholls it's difficult to find many other positives with the team. As for the last rider i have no idea unless Branford can be persuaded to come back over. Would any new rider to the league come in on a 4 average? 1 Nicholls 2 Lambert 3 Lunna 4 Ostergaard 5 MPT 6 Grondal 7 4.04
  6. 4.39 is too high let alone 5.20
  7. Where's the improvement in that average or the one of MPT or Lambert
  8. So Nicholls and some dodgy 4 pointer
  9. Konopka is done haha
  10. Redcar 2018

    Nicholls and Konopka
  11. Redcar 2018

    I would've had Kus at Peterborough he goes well around the showground
  12. Konopka and Dilger the last two
  13. Go on what have you heard