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  1. Panthers are desperate for heat leaders
  2. Would have either. The irony if Holder returned
  3. This has the potential of being a very good meeting. 6 of the 7 KL riders go well around the showground
  4. Away from home i fear we'll struggle at home we should be ok
  5. Summers staying permanently now
  6. Good win that. Good racing, another track record and a return to form for Andersen who top scored. All being 3 points under the limit. As per one of the comments above, we're not far off being a very good side
  7. Still think we'll finish ahead of Lynnand Ipswich
  8. Strikes me as if they're waiting for team changes elsewhere. Most likely Nicholls or Thorsell.
  9. So Panthers failed to sign Kennett and Gomolski to replace Cook
  10. Cracking meeting that tbf. Panthers need a number 1 but great to see Tungate, Bjerre, Wright, Barker, BWD and Summers stand up and be counted. Who goes now?
  11. Iversen turned panthers down then
  12. So Panthers have sent a contract to a rider and hope to have them in the team this week
  13. Gomolski would be here already if it were him signing
  14. 3 points under the limit what did people expect
  15. Thanks a bunch Ged

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