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  1. Anyway how long is Ostergaard out for?
  2. Is kennett anwhere near being fit?
  3. Flappy

    Chanpionship Pairs Somerset Friday 20th

    Don't rule out Nicholls and MPT
  4. Grondal at reserve is an issue for me as i can't see him putting in big scores consistently
  5. Get on the phone to Richie Worrall to replace Ostergaard
  6. Ben Barker or Jake Allen surely
  7. I'd keep him as he's handy away.
  8. Got the result tonight despite being anywhere near form. MPT will be taking the number 1 jacket before long. Grondal nowhere near fit imo Credit to Lambert who rode well Bacon is getting better each week BWD solid Nicholls is what he is now a 7-8 pointer which is fine in a team built in this way. Hope Ostergaard is ok but it was another silly crash caused by his erratic style
  9. Grondal at reserve and Lambert at 2.....
  10. Hope the injury hasn't knocked his confidence as he needs to hit the ground running again
  11. Thanks to Ellis Perks for his months cover. Grondal practicing after tonight's meeting
  12. Really impressive result that.
  13. I'd tell them where to stick it personally. If they only want happy clappers then it'll end in tears
  14. Maybe it's time for that knee jerk reaction given the way your season is going
  15. I see it looks like they're planning on making changes with Haartel likely to be first out

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