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  1. Flappy

    Premiership Pairs

    I get he's self employed but it is a bit mad how many meetings he's riding
  2. Scott Nicholls is 44 today. Didn't realise he was that old
  3. It was. Excuses are being made
  4. This 100%. it's looking for someone to blame
  5. Or don't sign Ulrich on that average. They were loyal and there's not enough of it these days but there's loyal and there's almighty gambles
  6. For me we have to be careful here. I see the dogs starting to come out for Buster and the track, it has a feel of just because we're losing we look for a scapegoat like king's Lynn did last year. This management and team defied all the odds last season when they should've been nowhere near in reality, in hindsight they should've gone out on a high but fancied another shot at it which is proving the wrong call. Last season should never be forgotten as it was so special. It wouldn't surprise me if Kildemand ended up in the team as soon as he's fit, Klindt is also available.
  7. He should never have been signed on a 7+ average.
  8. Pathetic by Panthers
  9. Yep dad's army are done. Legends for last season but they're finished
  10. Silly comparison. I just feel it may have been one injury too many. I don't want to see a legend sacked though
  11. I think in reality Hans is done as a heat leader level even in the UK
  12. Of course it did. Ostergaard and Andersen in particular were never going to reach 7 point averages again
  13. Starting averages MPT 7.17 Nicholls 6.54 Ostergaard 7.09 Andersen 7.05 Harris 6.84 Basso 4.00 Palin 3.00
  14. Looks that way unfortunately. Legends the lot of them for last season and for that I get why they all came back but in hindsight it needed 2-3 changes
  15. Only Basso is currently riding his average or higher

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