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  1. I'd sign Barker over Ostergaard on that average for next season and get him some decent bikes
  2. How does the 8 day rule work if we choose Lakeside?
  3. On a similar averageI'd rather have Ben Barker
  4. Nobody is writing Workington off, it appears you want to be the underdog....
  5. It's not a ridiculous comment at all. Nobody is mocking his commitment but i think it's time over this winter to thank him for that and go our seperate ways the same applies to Lambert. Hopefully as treble winners
  6. So is that top spot confirmed? For a side that was written off by myself and many others as cheap and nasty whata season we've had so far.
  7. There certainly doesn't appear to be many riders on a similar average to Nicholls available.
  8. Is Eddie Kennett fit to ride? If so he'd be an ideal guest at Rye House
  9. Jorgensen or Howarth if available should be at number 1 As for the reserves you have to try and get Garcia and then either Ayres, Stewart and Nicol
  10. No Nicholls, Lambert or Bacon at Workington friday
  11. Panthers are there for the taking today i fear given the injuries and Ostergaard coming back from injury. Jorgensen Grondal BWD MPT Ostergaard Lambert Stewart
  12. Surely we could do better than Jorgensen?
  13. Would be a season defining moment with us already without Ostergaard. All in a guest booking
  14. Have to make the jump at some point

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