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  1. People got all too excited. It'll be mainly the same riders
  2. Flappy

    Belle Vue 2022

    Palin will be back at Peterborough
  3. Flappy

    Kings Lynn 2022

    We've had Dale at the club even before Buster took over
  4. Flappy

    Kings Lynn 2022

    Dale is more than welcome at Peterborough. He's the proud owner of the premier league winners trophy too.
  5. Looks like people will make the same mistakes again if they write Panthers off
  6. We've just seen a whole team labelled similar
  7. Wouldn't surprise me at all but one or two would need to be moved on.
  8. Is he actually a Belle Vue rider?
  9. Agree here. Do the remaining riders have another year at the top in them will any of them follow Bjarne into retirement
  10. Thomas and Palin at reserve?
  11. Flappy

    Kings Lynn 2022

    Bellego and Berge also were on the pace
  12. Flappy

    Kings Lynn 2022

    2019 we were awful and there was bleating but it appears it was misdirected bleating
  13. Haha would've been brilliant. In fact I hope we actually get that postponed 50 year meeting and they can all ride as team Dad's Army

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