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  1. Bandits V Comets 26-08-17 @7pm

    I think Ian Rae is on holiday, might that be reason for different track conditions? But we enjoyed what must be our biggest victory of the season with Heat 1 giving us a real boost. About time things went well, the club deserves it.
  2. Neil Macfarlane

    This announcement seems to have failed to catch the imagination. Is it going to happen?
  3. Newcastle Diamonds Vs Peterborough Panthers 13/08/17

    Please tell us who you think they are? Genuine question.
  4. Bandits V Panthers 12/8/17 7pm

    Simply the best meeting of the season. So far.
  5. Actually, that was a very fair statement by this poster.
  6. Bandits V Panthers 12/8/17 7pm

    Simply, the best meeting of the season. So far!
  7. Neil Macfarlane

    For what is is worth, Toni Franchitti was promoter of Edinburgh Monatchs in the mid 'eighties.
  8. Sgb Championship Best Pairs 2017

    I think Crescent Girl's suggestion of Belle Vue fits the bill.
  9. Sgb Championship Best Pairs 2017

    Lasse Bjerre will be in Denmark on a Friday if he didn't had a UK fixture logged and on the other subject if this is saved by covers added to Berwick's five successful saves this year won't it finally wake the doubters up?
  10. Berwick 2017 50th Year

    Scott Courtney told us in Saturday's programme that "communication from Lewis's doctors has been scarce, we can do nothing else but trust the information" so what more do you want? Anyway, Lewis Bridger isn't in Berwick's current 1-7, so whatever is happening isn't going to affect current scoring, and I know I was cheering when Joe Jacobs humbled Richard Lawson in Heat 1 on Saturday!
  11. Redcar 2017

    Unfortunate timing for Coty Garcia because after 31st this month teams can't be changed. Shame for a great wee guy who did nothing wrong at Berwick, Glasgow or Redcar.
  12. Leicester Lions Vs Swindon Robins 17/07/17

    I remember Berwick using r/r and then losing both reserves in Heat 2 against Rye House a few years ago but the four remaining Berwick riders who included Nick Morris as a teenage guest won by ten points despite having only one rider in half the heats!
  13. Sheffield 2017

    Isn't there an allowance to replace injured riders after July 31?
  14. Sheffield V Berwick Thursday 13th July

    Stupid post, whoever you are. Berwick have been devastated by injuries this season, yet virtually the same team as will race tonight went to Edinburgh (currently second in the table) and scored 39 earlier this month. Which is close to matching Workington and Ipswich's 40, equal to Newcastle and better than Scunthorpe (35), Redcar (34) and Peterborough (30). Plus your dig at promotion's success with covers is pointless, and suggesting the Andersons should only be remembered pies ignores the FIM meetings Sky matches and BenFund Bonanza brought to Shielfield as a result of improved track, lights and the foam-fence.