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  1. rocket007

    Rye House 2018

    OK, Thanks. I missed seeing that.
  2. rocket007

    Rye House 2018

    Where does it say Rye have signed NBJ, and in place of who.
  3. rocket007

    Birmingham 2018

    Who is James Shanes replacing
  4. I am not up to scratch on riders averages but was wondering that if Rye are below the points limit, and Harris, Kennett & Clegg have so far underachieved, when the new averages come out, would Rye be able to drop Clegg and re-instate Stewart Robson or would the points be to high.
  5. I think you are the one being thick not to realise that NKI is fit enough to ride in the GP, then fit enough to earn mega money in Poland, but not then fit enough to ride in the UK. Surely he could have ridden today, then started his physio.
  6. I guarantee had Poole or any other club tried this, they would have been shot down by everybody as trying to pull a fast one. But when you have the Chairman of the BSPA own club doing it, who is going to challenge the decision. Had Chapman been told that only a NL rider could be used as a replacement, without doubt, NKI would have ridden at Rye tonight.
  7. Totally agree. It's the picking and choosing again. I have no problem with NKI not being at Rye, only about having a facility for a rider who clearly isn't injured enough to stop him riding.
  8. If it's NKI choice to take time out, then no facility should be available. Obviously the injury isn't that bad to stop him riding in the GP's.
  9. If NKI can ride in the GP's, then he can ride at Rye on Monday. If not, only a NL guest facility should be available. It makes a mockery of the sport when riders can pick and choose their meetings and clubs still get a facility for them. Surely if NKI is only having physio, then he can wait another day.
  10. rocket007

    Lydd Speedway

    Thanks for the replies about Lydd. Very helpful info.
  11. rocket007

    Lydd Speedway

    I am not on Facebook or Twitter. Would anyone have any contact details Email etc. Thanks
  12. rocket007

    Ben Fund

    You say you know the long term forecast is poor, but still moan it's called off early. Had it not been called off until 10.00am Sunday, you would have moaned that they knew all week what the weather was likely to be like. Just no pleasing some. P.S. I know there are some who have been inconvenienced, but hundreds of others haven't.
  13. rocket007

    Swindon 2018

    If the proposed New Stadium has been built in Kit form as detailed previously, who paid for it and who is paying the storage charges, as it was stated that it is finished and awaiting construction. Also, having visited the Abbey last season and seen the housing development, I can't see any way the Stadium can survive, as it is on prime construction land. Alarm bells should have been ringing when all the delays over drainage problems turns into a statement that Stadium can't be relocated, but housing can be built. The next will be that the New grandstand will now replace the old one, and once demolished nothing else will get built. If Barretts have sold houses on the pretext of Stadium being moved, then who is liable, and are there any plans available to show what exactly Barretts have permission to build and where.
  14. Does anyone know if there are any planned meetings at Lydd Speedway this season, and if so are there any dates please.
  15. I notice on the Rye website that there has already been a fixture change due to rider unavailability. They are now having a double-header(home & away) with Swindon on Easter Monday in the KO Cup.

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