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  1. rocket007

    Swindon 2019

    Probably used invisible ink
  2. Answer is no because Riders riding for one club in the play-offs cannot then ride for another club once their club has been knocked out. But as this is Speedway, rules will probably change to suit certain clubs.
  3. The weather forecast for the Rye area for next week is set to be fine, so why can't a midweek night be arranged.
  4. rocket007

    Coventry v Eastbourne Play Offs.

    For the integrity of the league, ALL fixtures should be completed, otherwise the NL might just as well run challenge matches all season except for maybe 1 cup that all teams enter. That way meetings should be completed.
  5. rocket007

    Coventry v Eastbourne Play Offs.

    I hope it rains for the rest of the month so these clubs don't complete these fixtures. Then it will show how pathetic they are, and how much disdain they show for the sport. Eastbourne can't ride on the warmest day of the year because there is a Football match on 3 hours later, and now Coventry can't get a tractor to go round for a few times in 7 hours.
  6. If you all ran meetings during the summer when Speedway is meant to be run, you could all be packed up now instead of sitting around watching in the damp and cold.
  7. To be honest, both sides had probably had enough by then and made a gentlemans agreement. As for the curfew, I really don't believe there is one as I have been going to Rye House for many years and never heard of one before and several times in the past have been at the track until nearly 11.pm. It seems strange that one week when results matter, meetings can go on until 11pm, then the following week when the second result doesn't matter after heat 13, it suddenly becomes a curfew issue.
  8. As stated by your own promoter, only the Ref can call it off early. Don't blame Lakeside as I suspect Peterborough weren't that bothered either.
  9. Meeting would not have been restaged as it had passed the point where a result could be declared.
  10. rocket007

    Workington 2018 .

    Now that Lakeside have got through to the Final, will Workington stage a double header to complete the League fixtures.
  11. Respect due. It would have been very easy to call it off and accept defeat, but to battle on against the adversity shows what can be achieved with some effort.
  12. How do you know Lakeside are refusing to ride? Are you there? Why would Lakeside refuse to ride as they are 12 points ahead on agg and unlikely to concede 4 5-1 in the last 4 heats. If meeting is abandoned, result would stand and Lakeside go through without refusing to do anything.
  13. rocket007

    Derwent Park

    I am not quite sure, but I think any new club wanting promotion to the FL can't have an Athletics Track around the pitch. Also, I believe Rotherham might have been given dispensation because a new ground was planned. West Ham were just allowed to bend the rules completely because they are Premier. Any other club would not have been permitted to do what they have done(mainly moving into another clubs post code)
  14. rocket007

    Derwent Park

    You have explained exactly what West Ham have to do to cover the Athletics Track from being visible.(Premiership clubs seem to get away with doing what they like, as there was a written rule that stated no club can relocate within 3 miles of another League clubs postcode, which is why Orient kicked up a fuss, but were just over run) Gateshead would not be allowed to play at their Stadium if they get promoted from the NL. Looking on Google Earth, selling off Derwent Park and redeveloping Borough Park for both sports, with the Speedway behind on the old dog track would look like a good option.
  15. rocket007

    Derwent Park

    Generally, Football fans like to be as close to the pitch as possible and don't like viewing across a Athletics/Speedway Track. Also , it impacts greatly on atmosphere at Football Grounds. If, and I hope it does go ahead, a new purpose built stadium is created, then it would be done with the future in mind, and if Workington FC suddenly had a couple of good seasons, they wouldn't be allowed back into the FL with a Speedway Track around the pitch. Gateshead in the NL have the same problem, as if they win the League they cannot play League Football at their International Stadium.

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