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  1. Lydd Speedway

    I am not on Facebook or Twitter. Would anyone have any contact details Email etc. Thanks
  2. Ben Fund

    You say you know the long term forecast is poor, but still moan it's called off early. Had it not been called off until 10.00am Sunday, you would have moaned that they knew all week what the weather was likely to be like. Just no pleasing some. P.S. I know there are some who have been inconvenienced, but hundreds of others haven't.
  3. Swindon 2018

    If the proposed New Stadium has been built in Kit form as detailed previously, who paid for it and who is paying the storage charges, as it was stated that it is finished and awaiting construction. Also, having visited the Abbey last season and seen the housing development, I can't see any way the Stadium can survive, as it is on prime construction land. Alarm bells should have been ringing when all the delays over drainage problems turns into a statement that Stadium can't be relocated, but housing can be built. The next will be that the New grandstand will now replace the old one, and once demolished nothing else will get built. If Barretts have sold houses on the pretext of Stadium being moved, then who is liable, and are there any plans available to show what exactly Barretts have permission to build and where.
  4. Does anyone know if there are any planned meetings at Lydd Speedway this season, and if so are there any dates please.
  5. I notice on the Rye website that there has already been a fixture change due to rider unavailability. They are now having a double-header(home & away) with Swindon on Easter Monday in the KO Cup.
  6. Stoke

    Steve Boxall?
  7. Rye House 2018

    If the other riders know who the last signing is(and there can't be doubt otherwise riders wouldn't tweet fans will be happy) then why can't the management just announce it now and be done with.
  8. Swindon 2018

    How is the Stadium rebuild being funded. I thought originally that the sale of the old Stadium to the House builders, would pay for the new Stadium, but now it's not being demolished for Housing, who is paying for it? Also, the comment of "We hope to get some of the work done" should surely say "We look forward to getting ALL the work done.
  9. Nichols/kennett Rule

    As Scott was allowed to be a guest last season, can he be a guest this season? If he can still be a guest, what is there to stop a Team using him for every one of their meetings.
  10. Rye House 2018

    What valid reason is there for not allowing Scotty & Eddy to double up? Does this also apply to Bomber & all other riders? Although riders are paid by a club, technically they are classed as self employed so is this not a case of restraint of trade.
  11. Promoter's Agm!

    Just proves that when it suits promoters they can run a meeting in quick time.
  12. Promoter's Agm!

    The same rules that don't apply to all teams equally.
  13. Rathbone/godfrey Allegations

    This is one problem with doubling-up riders. Holder should have got a 28 day ban from all British Speedway, but why should Poole be punished for an event that had nothing to do with them. Peterborough should have said no, then if Holder still went off to Poland, then he should have been sacked immediately.
  14. Rathbone/godfrey Allegations

    Ged broke the rules and completely sold out British Speedway & Peterborough Panthers. When Torun called about using Holder, Ged should have said sorry but no because Holder is contracted to Peterborough and committed to appear in certain events. By taking the bung, Ged has also broken the contract of using the top 4 riders for a tournament as requested. If Ged refuses to pay the fine and has his promoters license suspended, the easiest way around that would be to pretend to sell to someone else while still being involved in the background. Perhaps Ged should be banned from all British Speedway Tracks until fine is paid. Moving on, Jack Holder surely has to be banned under the current rules, as Cook & Knight were banned for being ill & having no bikes respectively, while Holder was absent earning lots of money for himself against his contract.
  15. Bspa Forum

    More guests = less fans. Can't the chairman and all other promoters see that the fans are so against all the guests. Every week people come onto this forum to complain about the amount of guests, and yet the Heirarchy can't see the problem with it. Speedway rapidly going downhill until someone says enough is enough and we must listen to what the paying public actually would like.