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  1. rocket007

    Stoke v Kent

    As I am someone who has completely lost the plot over rules and regulations, can someone please explain the following: Kent's no1 is missing and no facility is allowed(I understand so far) so how come they now have a guest at no1, and R/R for Thomas? Shouldn't it be R/R at no1 and guest at no5, or am I missing something that is allowed.
  2. rocket007

    Kent vs Plymouth

    Just seen that Boxall refused a drugs test and is banned. Did that happen at the track, or earlier in the day? Also, I thought that Dugard had signed for Plymouth but is not listed as riding, and is there a facility given for Webster.
  3. I would imagine that someone related to the BSPA must be reading this forum, so wouldn't it be nice for once, for them to come on here and fully explain what the actual rules are concerning rider availability for Poole's match tomorrow. As far as I know, UK has priority on a Monday over all other Nations Speedway, so if Josh decides to chase the cash in Poland then he should get the mandatory 28 day ban, and Poole should only be allowed a NL rider in replacement. If Poole have a complaint against it, then they should be the ones insisting to Josh that he has to ride over here, as he is contracted to them. If any other facility is made available to Poole, then it just shows that the rules are a farce, and it's another nail in the coffin.
  4. rocket007

    Eastbourne v mildenhall 14/7/18 OFF

    The way Speedway is at the moment, take 100 away and Cubs will be running in empty Stadiums.
  5. rocket007

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    Slightly off topic, but Darts was removed from a lot of Pubs and more eating tables put in. 3 Pubs where I used to play did this saying that Darts is on only Friday nights, but people eat 7 days a week.
  6. rocket007

    Buster Chapman and the Secret Society

    This is the time for all clubs to stick together and for once forget self-interest. They all need to refuse to ride anymore meetings until the BSPA come out with a full and comprehensive explanation as to why they have suddenly stopped clubs from riding on a Friday Night. Are they going to compensate any fans that have bought season tickets on the back of the published fixture list at the start of the season? Fans have been treated badley for many years now, but this surely has to be the final straw. This farce has to stop and a complete overhaul and rethink needs to be done openly and with all clubs having an imput.
  7. rocket007

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Can someone please tell me what other events are held at the Stadium that suddenly prevents Coventry from riding, when their fixtures were known ages ago.
  8. rocket007

    Lydd Speedway

    Is anyone else going to this meeting, or are they all watching the Football?
  9. rocket007

    Rye House 2018

    I can see a manipulation of the averages now to let some clubs pick up Rye riders.
  10. rocket007

    Buster Chapman and the Secret Society

    Maybe to allow Belle Vue to move their racenight to Friday, and make sure all their riders are available instead of Championship sides having preference. It is no secret that BV are in dire sh*t and Bspa wouldn't want to loose another team, let alone the the NSS being left idle.
  11. rocket007

    Rye House 2018

    When is the deadline for signing riders.
  12. rocket007

    Rye House 2018

    I don't go to Speedway to see so-called big names, I go because it's Rye House v Whoever. I go to see the 7 Rye riders against 7 riders from the opposition. How many times have a Team turned up only for their star man to have been injured last night in Sweden/Denmark/Poland etc. I won't go if it is pre-publicised that the away side are running R/R + 2 guests. I also think that if a rider is going to be out injured for more than 28 days, then they should be forced to sign someone else instead of running R/R all season. It is nice to have riders such as Bomber, Scotty & KK at Rye, but I would be just as happy to have say, Wells, Shanes & Garrity riding, as it would still be 7 Rye riders. I think most people go to Speedway to watch a match, not individual riders. On a previous post about fans stop going after LA left Swindon, why didn't they all return when Doyle(so called star name) was there. It isn't about Star names anymore, it's about 7 Riders in a Team, on a night that suits and continuity of a fixture list.
  13. I agree. When MK closed, the Town was only starting to be built up. Regards the Football, average crowds of between 8-12000 are actually quite healthy. If the Stadium was only a 15000 capacity one, then it would look almost full, but it was built much bigger at the time with progress in mind, because it was cheaper rather than keep extending it over the years.
  14. rocket007

    Rye House 2018

    Why should Rye have to be a Friday night track. We have always been either Saturday or Sunday and that is where we need to be. Although the BSPA haven't help matters with the FRN, most blame must lie with the Rye promotion. We had a reasonable Stadium with good viewing, decent Bar and other facilities. Now, the entrance(car park) is like walking on the moon, and once in the Stadium it is an awful mess and shambles. The so-called improvements are actually worse now than before, and how the H&S have passed some of the construction is a joke. This is more of a reason for Fans staying away rather than the FRN. This is why I don't go anymore as there is just nothing to look forward too. Parking and viewing are just not enjoyable and not worth venturing out for. The BMR Promotion need to take a good look at themselves, restore the Stadium back to being reasonable, drop back to the Championship and restore Saturday night Speedway. Only if this is implemented, will fans start to return.
  15. By the way, I was planning on going Tomorrow but due to unforeseen circumstances I wouldn't have been able to make it.

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