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  1. rocket007

    Plymouth 2019

    can anyone tell me if there is a new Plymouth Gladiators metal Badge for this season. There is nothing on their website.
  2. rocket007

    Workington 2019

    How much were you fined in relation to Workington, and do you know if Mildenhall & Coventry were also fined? Mick Horton should never be allowed near a Speedway track again.
  3. rocket007

    Workington 2019

    Do you know for a fact that Workington were fined £3000 for non-fulfilment of fixtures? If so, does this also apply to Mildenhall, Coventry & Buxton.
  4. rocket007

    Buxton - epitomy of NL racing?

    Can't you say how much the Licences would cost and maybe someone could set up a crowd funding page to cover all costs for the day. Speedway fans seem to unite when a fellow club neds help, and every fan seems sad at your clubs demise, and I am sure people would be keen to help to see another event held at your picturesque venue.
  5. rocket007

    AGM November 2018

    I think the picture is of the after AGM dance to celebrate what crap they have come up with for next season.
  6. What's the betting that the 2nd meeting gets abandoned after heat 10 citing "curfew"
  7. rocket007

    lakeside 2019

    Perhaps before making a decision, Lakeside should canvass their supporters to see, 1) which track is most viable or accessible 2) what level they prefer to watch. That way the promotion can gauge what's best and most cost effective. It's not fair on supporters if the club just fold when other options may be available to them. On the other hand, it's not fair to start a season(like Rye did) then go bust. I am not a Lakeside supporter but don't like to see any club close.
  8. rocket007

    lakeside 2019

    I know this won't be popular but how about rejoining the NL for next season. I know you have had a great season, but being homeless with very small support must be crippling the management. So if you do share at Eastbourne or Kent or even stay at Rye, keeping the name alive and still running is better than nothing. I am sure if Buxton can survive all these years on crowds of about 200, Lakeside should be able to manage that.
  9. If Mildenhall can come out with a such a statement knowing exactly why their riders weren't going to be available, then why couldn't they have announced this either 2 days prior or even on the evening they hosted Eastbourne. This is just a worded piece of bullrubbish, as it is obvious it was pre-planned as a pay back for the earlier meeting back in July. And surely they would have been in touch with Eastbourne asking when they intend to re-stage it. As for their good name, they lost that years ago. Also, having a pop about Eastbourne not fulfilling their fixtures until after the cut-off, why don't they create a fuss about Coventry refusing to fulfil their NT matches.
  10. According to Buxton, Coventry declined all Sunday's in October. That's where the SCB should have stepped in and insisted that they take one of the options. Again, it is the SCB that is failing to do it's duties to the sport.
  11. Is this going to be a rush to heat 10
  12. This is another black mark for Speedway. The SCB investigation will come to nothing as there will be no proof of riders being unable to make it, the promotion are supposedly broke so a fine is no good, and Mildenhall won't get suspended as they need all the clubs they can get. If Mildenhall had such a bumper gate last night, they should be made to pay compensation to Eastbourne for Catering ordered, Programmes printed and any other incurred costs.
  13. Surely the SCB can't ignore the stance taken by Mildenhall and a severe penalty must be imposed otherwise this will set a precedence for any Club that has no chance of winning the League, or qualifying for the play off's, to just cancel remaining fixtures to save on costs. Tonight's fixture has been arranged for a reasonable amount of time, so will Mildenhall give a full explanation as to why 4 riders suddenly don't want to ride. I had a B&B booked for tonight, as was going to Speedway then to a Non-League game tomorrow. That's now been scuppered but luckily B&B accepted cancelation without any cost.
  14. Why don't Eastbourne get some guests in and have a open meeting. They have 7 and need only 5 more to have a 12 man event. Terrible sportsmanship from Mildenhall. Thought they would win everything, and when they don't, decide to ruin another clubs celebration. That's one track I won't bother going to next season.
  15. rocket007

    Outstanding Fixture

    With out me knowing most of the facts, I apologise if I offended you with my remarks

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