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  1. rocket007

    Play-off final

    No riders should have booked anything as they knew the season ends on the 31st.
  2. rocket007

    Swindon Stadium

    Once they start building houses around a Speedway Stadium, it's always going to be a problem you being there.
  3. If conditions were as bad as some people are making out, surely the meeting would have been abandoned after heat 13 when a result was confirmed. The riders must have been happy to continue.
  4. Are there any updates anywhere please
  5. rocket007

    Plymouth Gladiators Badge

    Thanks for the info. Made contact and Mark Phillips is sending out required Badges.
  6. rocket007

    Eastbourne v Birmingham 28/9/19

    Isn't Buster Chapman chairman of the BSPA. Isn't Buster Chapman owner of Ipswich. One reason why there has to be an independent Chairman, and not one that just makes a mockery of the sport in doing so for his own self interest. Surely rules are rules and while they are being manipulated time after time, then nobody can take this so called sport seriously.
  7. rocket007


    According to the League Table, Edinburgh v Newcastle is an outstanding fixture. Are there any plans to run this meeting or has the Table not been updated.
  8. rocket007

    Canvas(sing) support

    Have you tried contacting Wulfsport as they may still have stock left. There are some also on Ebay.
  9. rocket007

    Wolves v King’s Lynn 2nd Sept

    BT's viewing figures are probably 4 x higher for GP replays than our rubbish league action.
  10. rocket007

    Wolves v King’s Lynn 2nd Sept

    Craig Cook wasn't ill or have bike problems(he didn't ride them far enough to get any) His problem was his arrogance and attitude. He needed to make 3 starts to get his money and that is all he did. He is just an obnoxious twit.
  11. I attended the Veterans meeting at Lydd on Saturday but had to leave after heat 25. If anybody who attended has a completed score card, could they possibly send me a scan so I can fill in my programme. Thanks. aspringett59@hotmail.com
  12. rocket007

    Plymouth Gladiators Badge

    Thanks for the reply.
  13. Has a Gladiators Badge been produced yet, and if so from where or whom do I purchase it from. Thanks
  14. rocket007

    Plymouth 2019

    can anyone tell me if there is a new Plymouth Gladiators metal Badge for this season. There is nothing on their website.

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