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  1. bent billy

    Sheffield 2020

    All the doom and gloom merchants have their opinion yet again, rumour after rumour about Niki if the supporters put as half as much effort in to the speedway club as the promotion have over the last few years and especially last winter they would do well, instead of finding fault with everything at the club and starting falsehoods off about who is riding at Sheffield and for how long. Its time now to get behind the club not slag everything off
  2. bent billy

    Sheffield 2020

    Always someone who tries to spoil things. who says Nikki is only here for 8 weeks and the ridicoulas wages allegedly being paid, I am sure there is envy somewhere regarding the Sheffield team
  3. bent billy

    Sheffield 2020

    Just been to see my mate at the stadium, as i arrived i saw Keith Chapman leaving, could he be buying Sheffield to go with collection
  4. bent billy

    Sheffield 2019

    All the rumours that Ian Hunter of Sheffield Window Center was buying the club are un true also I have been told there is interest from other parties so we will have to wait and see, maybe an announcement will be maid after the last official fixture on Wednesday
  5. bent billy

    Leicester 2019

    who says Leicester have not being paying the riders, it seems to me that it is speculative gossip by neer do well so called supporters of speedway. Once again everyone seems to have an opinion on how the club should be run, the club needs support not slagging off every opportunity by so called supporters who don't have an idea how things work. The current promotion and owners have turned round the fortunes of the club with there hard earnt money since taking over from David Hemsley a lot to be said for that in this current climate. The riders were not paid by the previous promotion but this is an entirely new promotion who are known in speedway as paying their dues
  6. bent billy

    Sheffield 2019

    I think the bates family have done a great job at Sheffield, more trophies won in 6 years than the whole of the tigers history People should back off or put the money where the mouth is, oh I forgot it is very easy to criticise when you have no financial stake in the club and advise how to run a club, congratulations to the management over the past 5 years for the hard graft that has been done
  7. bent billy

    Sheffield 2019

    the fifty /fifty was replaced by the £500 draw to help raise funds but as usual the Sheffield supporters would not buy tickets, so it was reverted back to the 50/50 as the club could not stand the losses
  8. bent billy

    Sheffield 2019

    Seems everybody likes to have a poke at the bates family, they have worked hard to run the Sheffield team and won things along the way namely the league championship in 2017 or has that been forgotten now I don't think leicster is there main objective as thy are all tigers fans. What we need to do is give credit for what they have done over the last six years after Neil decided for reasons like the bates family to sell up. The supporters at Sheffield don't see anything but trouncing the opposition every week if that don't happen moan moan moan I think that we should get behind the team and promotion instead of criticising everything.. Has anyone thought why an exciting and and entertaining rider like Josh Bates {who has been missed so much} left. It is all the negataivity from the so called fans
  9. bent billy

    Sheffield 2019

    Seems like we have a new track man IMO the track looked better than for along time, i was told Graham has been sacked due to lack of commitment
  10. bent billy

    Sheffield 2019

    I Must say last night turned into a good meeting after all the doom and gloom of cancellation at the last meeting, the track staff did well and Graham is the best man in the business at track preparation allowing for his limited time now on thursday due to the running the dogs until 6 o'clock, i thought the track was very good.Also the promotion over the last 5 years have worked at length to improve the speedway, may i add we have won silverware again this year so onwards and upwards for next season, the team will be back on track next year we have just had a blip the last few weeks All the moaners and negative people need to look what Sheffield has done the last five years after barron years and second rate riders since 2002, Well done the promotion for keeping Sheffield going, we all know if not for them there would be no speedway in Sheffield. I will be supporting the Tigers in 2019
  11. bent billy

    Sheffield v Edinburgh 23/08/18

    Sheffield win, cant keep on loosing like the last few weeks, Broc should be more comfortable at reserve
  12. bent billy

    Sheffield 2019

    whats the odds of josh bates returning next season he has been missed this season always entertaining and good for 6 to 10 points and steps up when he is needed
  13. bent billy

    Sheffield 2019

    Can’t see it being Bjerre I think it could be an English rider. The promotion seem to try and build a good team with English riders being preferred where possible
  14. bent billy

    Sheffield 2019

    i can't see it maybe it could be an english rider you got to hand it to the promotion they do try to build a good team with english riders
  15. bent billy

    Sheffield 2019

    I can't see that maybe it could be an english rider you got to hand it to the promotion they do try to build a good team with english riders

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