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  1. LondonSpeedwayFan71

    Lakeside 2018

    good team that
  2. LondonSpeedwayFan71

    Lakeside 2018

    Just for fun.... Richard Lawson Ben Morley Kim Nielsan Zach Louis Kerr Alfie Bowtell Jason Edwards
  3. LondonSpeedwayFan71

    Presenters And Announcers

    forgive me if I am wrong, but the late Bryn Williams used to do several tracks? I used to enjoy Bryn in the 90's and would see him at Lakeside sometimes, but I think he was in other roles
  4. LondonSpeedwayFan71

    Presenters And Announcers

    Where have all the Characters Gone? I'm new to this site, firstly thank you for having me, Im compelled to ask the question in my title. Having been a Speedway fan (mostly of London and home county teams) for many many years, I've got to say, whats happened to the presentation of meetings outside of the racing? I know times have changed and the old school announcer probably wouldn't 'kick it' in today's standards, but what are your thoughts on today's announcers? I presume they are part time DJ's of some sorts? I have been to a couple of Conference league clubs ?national League sorry!! and the one south of the river seemed very quite, no real razamataz at all! no interaction and very passive during heats . Am I being a little grumpy or am I missing something? I must admit I do like to hear a challenging interview something a little bit more than, how are you feeling today, I also like the excitement that an announcer can bring to the meeting Where have all the Presenters Gone!! (I don't mean to offend by this message)

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