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  1. Hi, I have bought a Weslake engined bike that hasn't been used for a long long time and thus has no oil catcher on it. Can anyone advise what type would be suitable and where I might obtain one from. Thanks, Victor.
  2. victor

    Upright Wanted.

    Hi, I have now acquired a nice PJ framed Weslake. (I'd put a picture on but haven't got a clue how to do it). Thanks for the replies and advice received. Victor
  3. victor

    Upright Wanted.

    Hi, Yes, still in the market. Thanks, Victor.
  4. victor

    Upright Wanted.

    Hi all, I am looking for an old upright speedway bike. On a bit of a budget so something a bit rough but that could be used without too much work would be ideal. Maybe a 2 valve Jawa or a Weslake. Anything really to be able to get out and have a go. Thanks, Victor

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