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  1. If my memory is right think it was at Oxford, think he actualy fell off during a race. Think he had some sort of blown up splint around the leg.
  2. Daz Still not convinced about Blackbird - is his heart still in it? Tel (The slightly better known)
  3. Nobody ever PMs me in that way these days, not since Bratters moved on anyway Trev You never know - your wishes may be answered (not necessarily the PM's) all the best Tel (the slightly better known!!)
  4. Brain??? Is that a recent discovery then?? Tel Strewth MK is a bit to close for comfort!! What is an LP - is it one of those hand carved discs you can find in a Museum of ancient history!! Seriously try explaining the concepts of a Betamax, reel to reel recordings, VHS Video, any form of record, cassette tape or compact disc to a 12 year old - they think you are spinning them a yarn on the same basis as Santa or the Tooth Fairy. Rye and Poole are on my will not go there list. I have only ever been to Rye Once, I will NEVER go back!! (and I have been to 2 of the Edinburgh tracks and had a good time at both) Ipswich is a possibility especially if I think we could beat them!! Terry
  5. El Tel pops out of trench, dons Tin Hat Trev and Scotsman I appreciate that you are both ancient and have been watching speedway since just after the wheel was invented. But it would help immensely, especially for us significantly younger ones, if you could put some of your comments in a historical and cultural context. For example Who or what is Jethro Tull? some local peasant who lives between Peterborough and Rye House, who occasionally fill holes in the car park at Rye Houses, or some ancient speedway rider who is rolled out every 10 years for some anniversary or other? K-Tel is this a historical DJ who pre-dates Blackburn and Wogan or a character from a B-movie Science Fiction Epic? Trev – is that your only objection to Sunday meetings at the showground? – listening to the radio – you can get a half decent mobile phone that acts as a radio and they have sockets for Headphones too. There are now pre-recorded excerpts you can download to a modern device as well (so no excuse for missing Tannoy Announcements). What on earth has the permeant “Blue Groove” on the inside of Pool Speedway track got to do with the music played at the Showground. No way is the blue grove going to wear out as it get more attention every week than the rest of the Pool track. El Tel Dives back in trench Removes Tin Hat Looks for his tablets
  6. Except he always struggled to win heat one - thereafter he was fine. Always seemed his first ride was to get the bike settings correct !!! Tel
  7. Realistic = we would rarely win heat one Tel
  8. Allegedly only an issue for most Sunday matches - hence the rumour earlier in this thread about us riding Friday nights and some Saturday nights. One explanation why he turned up at the end of Season doo. Terry
  9. Thought Vissing was going to be out for approx. 9 months recovering from surgery Of the rest :- None are really no 1 material Rohan Tungate no thanks did not impress on his guest appearances towards the end of the season Lewis Blackbird - no thanks after the way he dumped us towards the end of last season Thought Todd Kurtz had already signed for Plymouth TY Proctor no guarantee he will get a visa yet Stuart Robson like him, respect him but no thanks Update Ryan Fisher - not keen - not sure he is consistent enough or has the same level of 'motivation' as in previous years As much as it hurts me to agree with the ex MJJ fan club I like plan A if averages fit Update Based on a quick calculation Kenneth EL average 5.87 assuming a conversion multiplier of 1.4 gives an average of 8.12 including Simon gives a team average of 42.478 Terry
  10. Trev Years and years ago I had a Nokia that that flipped open - always reminded me of the original Star Trek communicator!!! I loved it! Technology wise you know when you are of date - when Alex (she's 11 tomorrow) comes up to you and starts the conversation along the lines of " Dad - My Samsung Galaxy Ace - is the equivalent of a Technology House Brick - I really need a better phone for going to Senior School!!!"" Think yourself lucky about charging the Nokia every other day. Elaine has just "gone over to the "darkside" and got an IPhone - charge does not last 24 hours!!. If I ever go back to Coventry, think I will take advantage of any electronic updates - we stand on bends 1 and 2, and I have never been able to hear the PA and the "scoreboard" is in the wrong location to easily see. But as Alex will tell you its very handy location for the Ice Cream van. have a good day Tel
  11. Morning Trev Welcome to the Digital age - You don't need the PA system anymore - in fact you don't even need to be in the stand to find out what is going on. You now get - pre match, pre heat, post heat and post match tweets about what is going on!! Other update services are also available!! Trade in your Mobile Brick and buy one of these new-fangled "Smartphones" that have more lights than a Disco and cost no more than a Mediterranean package holiday!! In fact with the right "Smartphone" and a pair of headphones you can select and listen to your own music and avoid listening to the piped music as well. I am hoping that soon the Team Managers siting in the Grandstand, will be able to send electronic messages to the pits about rider selection for specific heats so we don't get repeats of the heat 14 decisions. However, I must warn you there is a downside to this technology you can be subjected to 24 by 7 nagging from wives, partners and/or Offspring and even worse they talk to each other. There is also a risk of depression if you are a football supporter, as those Arsenal. Liverpool, Manchester United fans and something called an England fan who sit in the more expensive seats , watching football matches on their smartphones between heats often seem to get very upset! and depressed! - must be a hormone thing!! All the best Tel
  12. Hi Trev Glad to make you smile! I'm not sure we are on their" good side" I suspect Ged's knowledge of them and his attitude - gives them far less room to play their games. I can never work out if the clowns do it deliberately or that they are inept and incompetent. Hmm I have an opinion but I wont share it quite yet. I also suspect they spend more time playing games in the "Elite League" rather than Premier League. Another reason I prefer the Premier League. I'm surprised that you have not mentioned or reminded me that my most favourite rider NOT has been getting a few mentions in Social media recently ( well at least one tweet - I unfortunately opened). A missed opportunity for you perhaps!! All the best Tel
  13. Manacat Wish I did know more - only a fan. However in a previous life I was an analyst and its a skill you can use to pick up various snippets from various individuals put them together logically and sometimes get a credible answer!! :-) I've said what I have heard - unfortunately I don't know any more. I suspect in a lot of circumstances there is a lot more information available to individuals helping/involved with the club - but they keep the information to themselves as they do not want the club to censured by the 'Pronouncements of the Clowns from the Circus in Rugby". I suspect there is a fear of fines being applied to clubs by the Clowns for "Bringing the sport into disrepute" - in other words gagging orders!! Terry
  14. The more interesting question is why the organisers of the MCN, suddenly objected to the Speedway running while they set up for the event. This was a long standing arrangement by both parties and is particularly galling as I understand the MCN organisers are actually making use of the Peterborough Panthers air fence. The Showground were not the primary cause of this particular issue. Terry
  15. Updates - because they give a complete view. That said, I do convert some tweets to e-mails using IFTTT - I now need to do some work to cut out Football tweets from Pearson and Mark Plummer and Ice Hockey tweets from Mark in the e-mail conversions. The tweets whilst attending a match are useful if the Tannoy is rubbish or you miss an announcement. I don't get on with Twitter interfaces on Blackberry's or Desktop PC's. (Dick Before you admonish me - The Blackberry is on the way out - But persuading Elaine the New Samsung S6 is essential is becoming problematic)!! Terry
  16. Trev That better? Looking at the current Elite league, not sure we are in the lower league in reality Some people are picky!! All the best Tel
  17. Dick Not worried what position Adam rides in the team!! Very worried about carrying weak reserves especially if we depend on them covering for other riders in the team. Agree on young British rider. Tel
  18. Assuming Lewis and Simon signs, then signing Oliver Allen would mean no Roynon at reserve and a circa 3.31 - 3.60 reserve. Think we need a stronger reserve more than a heat leader who is unlikely to increase their current average. Tel
  19. Dick Keep up - (its normally me lagging behind) Tel
  20. Or (not adjusted for any average discounts) Ty Proctor 6.27 Todd Kurtz 5.96 Adam Roynon 4.78 Ulrich Ostergaard 8 Robert Lambert 7.45 Lewis Blackbird 6.3 Simon Lambert 3.73 42.49 (00.01)
  21. From Mark Plummer Fine bit of business from @PboroPanthers to snap up teenage talent Robert Lambert for 2015 #speedway @MarkPlummer81 Tel
  22. Adam Roynon announced as second signing for the 2015 season - source Peterborough web site http://www.peterboroughpanthers.co/news.php?extend.2341 Terry
  23. I think if we are unlucky with the remaining signings, we will still be as competitive as the proposed Ipswich team - will depend on your next signing . If its who I hope it will be will have to change the smiley to Tel

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