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  1. Mark Riss has 'returned to Germany' and Belle Vue can now use horses for courses at reserve. Dodgy.
  2. Uluru

    Belle Vue 2018

    Pretty convenient for Belle Vue, they can use horses for courses instead of the deadhead squarehead.
  3. Uluru

    Playoff Semi Finals 2018

    Not bitter, then?
  4. Uluru

    Playoff Semi Finals 2018

    It's about the money. Big attendances. As was said, no-one would want to finish on top. Speedway is still a business first, then an entertainment, then a sport. Always has been.
  5. No gripe about Dan Bewley, who is clearly a special rider and nice lad. Although he was riding for Workington when hurt, there are of course precedents for a collection tomorrow at Belle Vue ---- but might this latest trend of crowdfunding pages for an injured rider, in addition to his regular speedway insurances and a crowd collection be a little bit over the top? What is the BenFund for? (I realise there will be loud cries of outraged indignation over this post, but just saying)
  6. What does anyone know about Jason's situation? Did he crash? In a meeting? At practice? Was he injured?
  7. Uluru

    Somerset Speedway.....

    Let's get back to Somerset. The Rebels have just qualified for the big-league playoffs, and are in the semi-finals of the Cup. Let's talk about their success and leave obscure non-teams to a topic of their own.
  8. If Lasse Bjerre has been replaced on the cut-off weekend, it means he won't be allowed to sign up elsewhere. This is the flaw in the cut-off system. Sedgy, Batchelor and Holder were stranded last season -- any rider dumped this weekend will be in the same situation.
  9. Go on you Aussie Rebels! Somerset have four of us, Pirates only two. No contest.
  10. Uluru

    Ipswich 2018

    Fixed race nights. Can't beat 'em!
  11. Dunno how many, but stadium seemed pretty full all around, stands were full. back straight area jammed. Well done to local promotion, well done to fans who came and WELL DONE YOU AUSSIES!
  12. Mate, it is a big thing. Every single clash between us and your lot is a big thing. As someone said before, if it wasn't an official international, Chris Holder wouldn't get a visa to ride in it. I'm in Glasgow now, nice city. Bring it bloody on!
  13. An apology due to Kevin Keay there, mate. Will you be going now, since you've realised your rant was directed at the wrong track?
  14. I think we're all satisfied with the Aussie line-up. Doyley and Nick Morris are injured, but Lemo was still spoiled for choice. The team would be no weaker, no stronger if Batch, Josh G or Proctor were included, but he's gone for younger riders behind Chris. Go Aussie, go!

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