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  1. Does anyone have an update on James Davies' condition?
  2. Gonna be hot! Forecast for Friday is 43 degrees, Saturday 44! Slip, slop, slap!
  3. Aussie young guns on show at Mildura on Friday (19th) for qualifier and Saturday (20th) for U-21 Final. Plus U-16 titles. The future awaits.
  4. Never thought much of the English-born Pom Jason Crump........
  5. Redcar 2018

    Ellis Perks is sitting in Australia without a club in the UK. Bears should have gone for him, rather than the unknown quantity
  6. Edinburgh 2018

    Younger cousin
  7. Australian State Titles 2017

    Surely that should be dependent on the calibre of nominations? The WA Title line-up is a joke in that respect, yet offer a free pass for visas year on year. As a matter of interest, when did the number of visa places drop from top four to top three in State Titles, and has this ever been publicised?
  8. Edinburgh 2018

    The Joel Andersen kid that Edinburgh have signed is in Aussie just now, I'm told. Is he going to be racing at all the tracks, oir is it just a holiday?
  9. Somerset 2018

    Which is true, it certainly wouldn't be. But at Somerset when I was there (three times) in 2017 the programme contained far more than the race listings and adverts. There were pages and pages of off-beat and entertaining articles by good writers. To me, the Somerset programme is very good value for money!
  10. Belle Vue 2018

    One thing Aces fans can be sure of, Rphan Tungate and Max Fricke are winning meetings for fur Down Under right now. Bang in form for the Aussie Title series starting this weekend.
  11. Australian State Titles 2017

    Zaine Kennedy performed w ell in State Title meetings, it is unfortunate he chose not to nominate for the National Title series.
  12. James Davies will replace Justin Sedgmen, I am informed.