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  1. Uluru

    Edinburgh 2019

    Aw yeah. Forgot about Heepsie, he's from WA. That's really a foreign country.
  2. Uluru

    Belle Vue 2019

    Nope, he (Jaimon) rode in the big league. You can't go back on that race. Like virginity, it can't be reversed. Rules don't say one start or ten seasons. Suck it up, Aces.
  3. Uluru

    Somerset 2019

    Your regulation granting a reduction for Third Division-trained riders is fine, and as the old guard like Harris, and the colonials such as Morris, Schlein and Wethers retire, the intended result of the rule will kick in to promote Brits-only ... Look at it in the long term, don't scream and shout about Chris Harris, etc.
  4. Uluru

    Edinburgh 2019

    Edinburgh have always constructed solid sides, and this one seems OK. Two Aussies is a good base, with Joshie is already looking good here, his show in the NSW Title meet at Woodstock was very impressive.
  5. Uluru

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Well, it might be true, it might not. I'm taking the Worky moans and Tigers' howls of derision with equal quantities of salt. But if I was going shopping with ten grand and a new bike under my arm, I reckon I'd be wanting to get a bit more in exchange than a 25-year-old Danish journeyman who has only pushed his 6.56 average at Plymouth in 2013 average all the way up to 6.59 last season.
  6. Uluru

    Championship race nights?

    If they are the newcomers to Friday, Redcar will have to move off-night to visit the other Friday-nighters, and also to host these clubs when they come to Redcar off-night. What are the alternative dates?
  7. Uluru

    2020 SGP Qualifiers

    Top five in British Final? Lambert, Bewley, Cook, Garrity & Nicholls. From the qualifying heats, it was Lambert, Cook, Bewley & Garrity (3rd equal) then Nicholls & Howarth (5th equal). Harris was 9th, Ellis 13th.
  8. Uluru

    Edinburgh 2019

    Don't you worry -- any team that starts their roster for the year with three dinkum Aussies gets my support! Good on ya, Monarcks!
  9. Uluru

    Edinburgh 2019

    Two Aussies are a great start to any squad. The poster above who suggested Max Clegg is surely on a wind-up?
  10. Uluru

    REDCAR 2019

    Good on the lad, he'd been spoken to by the bigmoneymen up north, but chose to stay with Redcar because they gave him his first break.
  11. Uluru

    berwick bandits 2019

    If the Bandits bring back their three Aussies, they'll compete! Last season was really impressive, and the team missed the playoffs by a hair. If they set up a team that wins at home and a Saturday night that entertains people, they could be good for another fifty years.
  12. I think he's always raced as a Brit -- didn't he win their U-21 Title a couple of years back? His dad is Aussie, his mum is a Brit. His choice to go with mum's lot.
  13. Uluru

    2020 SGP Qualifiers

    Only three Aussies? Not good enough, you'd think we hadn't had three different World Champs since the millennium. I guess I can accept six Poles, Swedes and Danes and even five Brits......... Who will those five Brits be, though -- top five in Brit Final, or some sly seeding for the favoured ones?
  14. Uluru

    Somerset 2019

    Don't be surprised if there's another Aussie at the OTA in 2019. By the way, what's the difficulty in understanding how many meetings you'll be getting? In the so-called 'big league' you are guaranteed a minimum of 13 matches. 12 league and 1 cup. In the preferable (as I see it) Championship you are guaranteed a minimum of 15 matches. 11 league, 3 Shield and 1 cup. How difficult is that to grasp, even for Poms?
  15. Uluru

    AGM November 2018

    Here's a thought, how come at least half, probably more, of the British Elite ice hockey teams are staffed by foreign, mostly Canadian or American, journeyman players? How do they get the visas that are denied to kids like Jaimon Lidsey?

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