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  1. I'd be hoping the promotion there will invite Josh McDonald to ride, even if only to give him a showcase to let others see him. He's over there with Tyron Proctor, he will be going to the meeting. It would be interesting to him stack up against men who have team places elsewhere.
  2. Uluru

    Play off contenders

    As this is about Play-off contenders, I'll back Edinburgh and Berwick for sure (each has three Aussies in the side) plus Scunthorpe and Somerset (two each). Obviously, Birmingham, Eastbourne and Glasgow are non-starters -- no Aussies!
  3. Uluru

    Play off contenders

    For whatever reason, you didn't quote the whole rule. Final sentence is "without the express permission of the Management Committee" As Wilson-Dean has been put on the sidelines through no fault of his own, but by Workington closing, a request to reintroduce him at Somerset would probably be granted. But on the other hand, would they want him?
  4. Ged has to be expected to leave, a pity if Neil Watson must follow, he's a good guy. Carl Johnson wouldn't be missed by the riders I know, that's for sure.
  5. Uluru

    berwick bandits 2019

    This from the new, official Berwick Speedway Supporters' Club, posted on their Facebook page, even picked up in Australia: When you’re the new kids on the block it’s always nice to be made welcome -- so thanks to all of who have liked, shared and sent messages of goodwill and support since we launched.In just a couple of weeks we have reached over 5,000 people via Facebook and our Instagram site Berwick Speedway Supporters Club. Perhaps the most asked question about the BSSC is how do we join?Well the good news is … YOU ALREADY HAVE!We are bringing a new approach to keeping our beloved Bandits on track in 2019 and for many years to come …... and that demands some new thinking when it comes to recruitment too. By liking and sharing this page you have automatically enrolled yourself as a member of the Berwick Speedway Supporters’ Club! Over the coming months that will be your passport to a world of offers, discounts, invitations, competitions and exclusive insights into Berwick Bandits Speedway and the men who proudly wear the Black and Gold. Think of it as our gift to you and we are determined that it will be the gift that just keeps on giving. Our stated aim is to raise funds which will be used exclusively to help in the bid to turn Berwick speedway into a financial stable organisation. Along the way we will be inviting you to help us spread the word that Summer Saturdays at Seven means Shielfield Speedway. This has been a week when Workington’s promotion admitted defeat and pulled the plug on their 2019 campaign. Despite being all-conquering on-track last season it was a financial disaster too far for the owners. Less than 24 hours later Berwick’s bosses announced that Press and Practice will be on March 29 with the season-opening Bordernapolis the following night. They have shown their determination to make a success of Season 52 and we aim to help them in the most concrete of ways – cold, hard cash. It has never been more important to get behind the Bandits – we’re behind them all the way and you’re cordially invited along for what promises to be a thrilling ride. Good luck to all, and especially Kevin Doolan, Aaron Summers and Jye Etheridge
  6. Uluru

    Visa criteria

    Where do you get that information from? I'm afraid I don't think he has.
  7. We spoke with one of the tv guys, who well aware of the problems. Said it was the heat, had caused some unusual atmospheric pressure, but that as evening cools it should get better. He said to apologise to everyone around the world.
  8. Well, it's OK here, sitting on the grass and sipping a beer! Going to be tight for the fourth place between the two young brothers.
  9. Uluru

    Edinburgh 2019

    Aw yeah. Forgot about Heepsie, he's from WA. That's really a foreign country.
  10. Uluru

    Belle Vue 2019

    Nope, he (Jaimon) rode in the big league. You can't go back on that race. Like virginity, it can't be reversed. Rules don't say one start or ten seasons. Suck it up, Aces.
  11. Uluru

    Somerset 2019

    Your regulation granting a reduction for Third Division-trained riders is fine, and as the old guard like Harris, and the colonials such as Morris, Schlein and Wethers retire, the intended result of the rule will kick in to promote Brits-only ... Look at it in the long term, don't scream and shout about Chris Harris, etc.
  12. Uluru

    Edinburgh 2019

    Edinburgh have always constructed solid sides, and this one seems OK. Two Aussies is a good base, with Joshie is already looking good here, his show in the NSW Title meet at Woodstock was very impressive.
  13. Uluru

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Well, it might be true, it might not. I'm taking the Worky moans and Tigers' howls of derision with equal quantities of salt. But if I was going shopping with ten grand and a new bike under my arm, I reckon I'd be wanting to get a bit more in exchange than a 25-year-old Danish journeyman who has only pushed his 6.56 average at Plymouth in 2013 average all the way up to 6.59 last season.
  14. Uluru

    Championship race nights?

    If they are the newcomers to Friday, Redcar will have to move off-night to visit the other Friday-nighters, and also to host these clubs when they come to Redcar off-night. What are the alternative dates?

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