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  1. Berwickbandits2018

    From what I was told by a good source and backed by conversation with a rider, the crapping upon was initially in the other direction. Berwick's promotion deserve support from any fanclub using their name and surely speedway supporters clubs exist to do everything to help keep the sport alive in their area. Donations towards a promotion's expenses are surely vital to this.
  2. 2018 Regulations

    What does it matter, if the referee has put the two-minute warning on IMMEDIATELY he signals a recall? Have as many hangers-on as you like out on the track, the riders still have to be back in 120 seconds.
  3. For or against team suits

    As ever, team suits are great at the P&P. Then two weeks in, you lose a rider to injury. Replacement arrives, but no suit for him. Then you change a reserve - ditto. Then you re-declare, change two riders to benefit the chances of winning That leaves three team suits and four wearing tatty football jerseys, or old race-jackets from another season. Professional, oh yeah....
  4. No TV deal?

    .......and the last I-don't-know-how-many posts have to do with a TV deal because.....?
  5. Somerset 2018

    I loved it when riders were easy to recognise by their personal, rather than team coloured suits. Plus, when you have a guest, or introduce a new rider to the team after the start of the season, all that is needed is to hand him a race-jacket, and the team still looks like a team. Race jackets for me every time -- unless a major team sponsor makes the promotion an offer they can't refuse.
  6. Bt Sport Coverage

    June 14 to July 15. But BT Sport don't have UK rights to any of it, so they should be anxious to put alternative sports on during this period. Premiership meetings from June onwards would make sense. I expect, like last year there'll be ten domestic fixtures (every track once at home, once away) leading up to play-offs. In Australia, with soccer rights sold by FIFA to SBS and Optus, there's hope the UK meetings will be shown on Foxtel or one of the channels not showing football.
  7. Fixture Change

    Mate, the Craven meeting is no more official than Polish friendlies. Except the riders in the friendlies will be paid three or four times as much as at Belle Vue. You choose.......
  8. Somerset 2018

    I love watching at Somerset, great shape for great racing. When I've been there, which is quite a lot, the surface complemented the shape.
  9. Kim Nilsson owed a few bob

    Maybe Scott Nicholls has had a lucky escape?
  10. Bt Sport Coverage

    There will be four World Pairs events, but surely only ten GPs?
  11. Glasgow 2018

    You sure about that? That wasn't what I was told about Ashfield 'curation' by someone in the know about such things?
  12. I don't know if there will be, mate. As I see it, and presuming UK law marches with Australian law, your BSPA is a "club" and as such can make private rules if agreed by members. Like golf clubs choosing not to accept women and stuff like that.
  13. Pretty sure Rob's not for persuading, but Ellis Perks most certainly is.
  14. Somerset 2018

    With Doylie, young Jack and big Jake in the side, I'm certainly a Rebel at heart this season. Hope to be able to make several visits while in Europe later in the year. Go for it, Rebels!
  15. Redcar handed fours

    Interesting quote there. But good luck to Jordy, looks as though he'll be our only newcomer in the British leagues this year, thanks to your Thesesa May's visa rules. Why don't they apply in Poland?