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  1. bloom89

    Edinburgh 2020

    I wonder if they'll be more patient with this Aussie than they were with etheridge
  2. bloom89

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Should be a decent signing if he can stay fit.
  3. Yeah just seen should be a decent signing on his average.
  4. bloom89

    Newcastle 2020

    Who do people think our number 1 will be? Looking at the rest of the teams quite a few can’t fit another heat leader in. Just a few I could think of off the top of my head, Vissing, MPT, Covatti and two long shots Hans Andersen or David Bellego, 1) D Bellego 9.28 (not sure if he’ll get a PL spot so could be a decent shout although don’t think his brough Park form is great) 2) M Clegg 5.05 3) M Wethers 6.92 4) L Bjerre 5.87 5) N Covatti 7.82 6) some 2.00 7) Sarjeant 3.90 I know I’ll probably get shot down for mentioning Bjerre but surely he can’t be as bad as he was last season even if his attitude does stink you need riders who can improve there averages. With that team you’d always have a strong reserve and could probably make changes once Bellego’s average drops. Anyway that’s just a few random riders I’ve thrown together I’m just really happy speedway at brough is carrying on into next season and I’ve got something to do again on Sunday nights win win!
  5. Kildemand making an announcement later today where do we think he’s off?
  6. bloom89

    Wolverhampton 2020

    Why do Wolves fans dislike Nicki P so much?
  7. bloom89

    Kent Kings 2020?

    I'll go for Starke and Heeps
  8. bloom89

    Eastbourne 2020

    To improve his gating? He might think he had a year at Sheffield big open track he’s gone the opposite way so he can try and master a small technical track?
  9. bloom89

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Haha yes lots of homework to do for this league lol, I think if you signed Danny King as is rumoured it will take some of the pressure off Stevie.
  10. bloom89

    Poole Pirates 2020

    If Stevie can get back to his pre leg break form he will be one of top riders in the league, we at Newcastle seen glimpses of it last year but he was very inconsistent. Although in saying that I could easily see him putting a point on his average.
  11. bloom89

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    Couldn't Tungate not be bothered to attend the Wolves meeting too? It would be good if for once the BSPA or whoever own his licence could suspend it like Poland have the ability too and riders might think twice about doing it instead of just picking and choosing where and when they can be bothered to ride. But we all know that won't happen and riders will continue to take the pee out of British speedway.
  12. bloom89

    Newcastle 2020

    Not really a great selection like!
  13. bloom89

    Newcastle 2020

    Have you any idea which assets we have? If we’re trying to keep costs down it would be sensible to use our own assets... can only think of LL, Phillips & Embleton though? And you could argue the latter two aren’t up to Championship standard.
  14. bloom89

    Somerset 2020

    Just think Schlein helps out doing the no limit training schools as well doesn’t he? So he’ll be passing on his awful attitude to the younger riders.
  15. bloom89

    bandits 2020

    So Berwick have confirmed they’ll be staying Championship next season and that Jye Etheridge & Leon Flint will be returning next season too. Good news for all Berwick fans.
  16. The promoters will probably try and entice a couple of "so called big riders" back spend all the tv money on them and once crowds have fallen further and the money has ran out the said riders will be nowhere to be seen.
  17. Would it be too sensible to assume the money the top league are getting from Eurosport that they went out and say bought 3 track covers between the league something useful or getting some actual decent grading equipment instead of wasting it on riders like they did with the Sky money.
  18. bloom89

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Do the Bates still own Leicester? If they do didn't they sack Bjerre when he was at Sheffield? So I doubt they'd have him back. Running out of clubs he seemingly hasn't upset is baby Bjerre.
  19. bloom89

    2020 NL Season

    So what kind of state will the NL be in next year? Will it just be a MDL style? It looks like Kent & Plymouth are moving up. Leicester aren't running and uncertainty over Belle Vue i think as well. So out of this years league we have Mildenhall & the IOW. Seemingly the promotion on the IOW have done a fantastic job and have a great reputation now I sincerely hope that they can run in some kind of fashion next season we've lost enough clubs already. We need 3 leagues it's natural progression, if we just have the MDL you can't expect kids to jump from there straight into the Championship it would be too big a step, I hope this doesn't mean we see a number of riders walking away from the sport because it seems like in saving the Premier League it's having a very big impact on the National League.
  20. bloom89

    Newcastle 2020

    I'm sure you've wrote on some thread that certain teams basically have there sides sorted for next year but I can't find where? Genuine question if that is the case why can't the annual meeting be brought forward? And perhaps already done? Because judging by your post they basically know what the limit etc will be for next year.
  21. I've got a fancy for Leicester to hold on myself, if Mountain can take care of Glasgow's reserves. Cook & Jensen might be hard to beat and Vissing is in good form too I think Leicester need to pack the minor places so they don't concede too many head advantages. Although 13 & 15 could be tough they need a big night from Nicholls.
  22. bloom89

    Swindon 2020

    That's a pretty decent side, you would always have one strong reserve and Perks is improving all the time. Who owns KP? Is that what you think the points limit will be?
  23. bloom89

    Swindon 2020

    Oh didn't realize, i'd still be tempted to have him over Wells imo.
  24. bloom89

    Swindon 2020

    I'd be looking at Josh Pickering his CL average is slightly lower than Wells and I think he's got a lot of potential in him.

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