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  1. I really hope to see Bradley In the Speedway Grand Prix in the coming years it would make me very happy
  2. As stated above my list, its not in order
  3. Oreti is the best track in New Zealand in my opinion, it used to be horrible but now its the best in NZ
  4. Please tell me Moore park wont be in the January months because Ive been to Moore park multiple times and i absolutely hate it when meetings are held in January, You get burnt alive under the sun
  5. The idea is, what 11 or 12 tracks would you like to see all in one season in the speedway gp calendar. They dont need to be in order. Just the venues Heres mine 1. Auckland, New Zealand 2. Terenzano, Italy 3. Daugavpils, Latvia 4. Cardiff, UK 5. Krsko, Slovenia 6. Manchester, Uk 7. Gotenberg, Sweden 8. Copenhagen, Denmark 9. Riga, Latvia (Because they never got to host the event theyd been given) 10. Togliatti, Russia 11. That new track in Poland thats at the Olympic stadium 12. Oreti Park Speedway, New Zealand
  6. I would really like Terenzano to make a return
  7. sethglover9

    Who Finishes Where 2018

    1. Sayfutdinov 2. Woffinden 3. Lindgren 4. Laguta 5. Janowski 6. Doyle 7. Holder 8. Dudek 9. Zmarzlik 10. Zagar 11. Hancock 12. Pawlicki 13. Vaculik 14. Pedersen 15. Cook

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