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  1. KilliePieman

    Championship Grand Final 2019

    Congratulations to Leicester, best team over the two legs. What a final though, great crowd, fantastic racing all night, the Tigers made a hell of a fight for it.
  2. KilliePieman

    Championship Grand Final 2019

    Track looks in good condition, and the air horns have started
  3. KilliePieman

    Championship Grand Final 2019

    Didn't see the Perks one, but the Lawlor one was a bit classless. Not sure who flicked the first 'V's but I was one of the Glasgow fans applauding the rider back to the pits after a fall. Little bit of fan interaction never hurt anyone :-) Anyway my first away trip and bar the result which will be tight to overturn it was a thoroughly enjoyable night and a healthy home and away crowd there.
  4. KilliePieman

    Glasgow 2018

    I can usually pick up a sarcastic tone on posts but I do like Sarj
  5. KilliePieman

    Glasgow 2018

    I take it Cook and Harris are not available then? If not then Vissing and Starke would be the only option. When the team was first announced I was hoping Vissing or Kerr was going in place of Worrall anyway.
  6. KilliePieman

    Glasgow 2018

    Worrall 7.57 (12.07 GSA) Kerr was @ 7.18 and we are bringing in a 10.40 and 4.37 not sure how we would line up then with the middle order of Vissing, Starke and Greaves.
  7. KilliePieman

    Glasgow 2018

    Boyhood Heroes as they say
  8. KilliePieman

    Glasgow 2018

    Wait, what, how??? Did not see that one coming! Hope he can get dialed in around Ashfield sharpish though. Greaves is a good signing too. What average is he coming in on? All the best for Ritchie, he'll pick up another championship ride no bother. Hope to see Lewis back to fitness soon too he was good to watch around Glasgow.
  9. KilliePieman

    Glasgow v Lakeside 06/07/2018 7.30pm

    Good solid win from the Tigers looking at the updates. Chuffed for Sarj to get in about the points too.
  10. KilliePieman

    Glasgow v Lakeside 06/07/2018 7.30pm

    Going to be close, I can see Hammers taking away a point. If Lawson has his gating gloves on going to be hard to stop him hitting double figures.
  11. Apparently something is coming home?
  12. KilliePieman

    Glasgow 2018

    Feel terrible for Lewis, sounds like a nasty one. Hope he has a speedy recovery although I think that might be him for the rest of the season. I think he has proven himself enough to warrant a shout to be in Tigers colours again next year. Lakeside tomorrow will be tough with now with no Lewi. R/R or another Guest? If R/R used who can take his rides? Sarj and Starke? With Sarj appearing to be coming into a bit of scoring form (away at Comets and Lions results) hope he can keep it up.
  13. KilliePieman

    Rye House 2018

    Hope they reorganise for next year. If not then a Prem and Champ as one league looks high on the agenda.
  14. KilliePieman

    Glasgow 2018

    The club seem to be telling us that moral is high. I haven't seen anything first hand to doubt that to be honest. Not sure what was 'reported' to have happened, so cant add that to my views. We have assembled a very good side on paper but we are obviously lacking something. Cammy seemed to think Team performance was much improved down at Workington, Friday should hopefully show that. We'll miss Vissing though.
  15. KilliePieman

    Glasgow 2018

    New to the forum (and speedway in general). Agree with you about the continuity, and not just the team. Dickson leaving and a redesign of the track may have all contributed to the below expectation results in one way or another. Last year was injury and 'parent' teams getting preference over our riders that seemed to be our undoing. If we could hold onto the majority of the team with a maximum of 3 changes (1xHL, 1xRes and 1 Mid order) would be ideal. I still have hope for the remainder of the season and making the play-offs but not holding out for any silverware.

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