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  1. It's just like the mid 90s used to turn up on press and practice day without a full team then sign the cheap foreign rider who could stay on for 4 laps during the afternoon. Franz Leitner everybody. Or the time they waited all winter for a work permit for Miroslaw Kowalik only for it never to be granted. 

  2. 49 minutes ago, Baldyman said:

    It wouldn't be so bad if they said we were hoping to get Chris Holder, but his visa application has fallen through,, but we did have a back up in mind,, and we are currently negotiating a deal with them. 

    That's assuming they were hoping to sign Chris Holder. I'll be honest I have my doubts on that... 

  3. The worrying thing is other than Holder and Iversen I can't think of any rider who would fill the number 1 criteria. 

    Hancock is the only other name but he I very much doubt would be interested and after a year out could be a risk. 

    Other than that I'm struggling! 

    If Nicholls had been factored in at the bottom end on his bargain average I wouldn't be so worried 

  4. 20 minutes ago, 4 looks good said:

    Your spot on there..

    Silly boy isn't he......

    Quite funny to think that Tungate was once hot property and signed for Ipswich dispite intresting others. However all went wrong fell out with the club and has never hit the highs most thought he would. 


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