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  1. 1984Star

    Wolves 2019

    Think he was ok just having one of them days went nothing goes right. As a spectator would put it down to the track nasty blue line on bend one and two and a few inches over a load of dirt.
  2. 1984Star

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Shock horror Riss confirmed
  3. 1984Star

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Proctor announced
  4. 1984Star

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Roberts average is 8.90. Tungate no thank you and reserves are very weak.
  5. 1984Star

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Bad start to the season, improve with a couple of questionable riders averages and win the koc at the end of a season, that's how it works isnt it.
  6. 1984Star

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Just remember where we finish in the league and how much of a crap team lol we had last season
  7. 1984Star

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I think Greaves will kick on more next season than Shanes. But Zac more than Andersen so pretty equal there.
  8. 1984Star

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Totally agree about MPT and think I'm right in saying Jorgensen was always in the 1-5
  9. 1984Star

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Or Robert Lambert 8.90 Lewis Kerr 5.37 Erik Riss 6.08 Thomas Jorgensen 6.05 Danny King 6.36 Michael Palm Toft 5.36 Kasper Andersen 4
  10. 1984Star

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Robert Lambert 8.9 Ty Proctor 6.67 Erik Riss 6.08 Thomas Jorgensen 6.06 Niels Kristian Iversen 7.38 Kasper Andersen 4.00 Nathan Greaves 3.28
  11. 1984Star

    Kings Lynn 2019

    mDaRobert Lgf. nny 15504228527440
  12. 1984Star

    Kings Lynn 2019

    1. Robert Lambert 9.07 2. Lewis Kerr 5.48 3. Erik Riss 6.08 4. MPT 5.65 5. Ty Proctor 6.57 6. Charles Wright 5.27 7. Kasper Andersen 4.00
  13. 1984Star

    BSF Awards - Premiership

    Rider of the year-Robert Lambert Most impressive team-Kings Lynn Team rider of the season-none One to watch-Dan Bewley Bulldog award (Best British rider)-Robert Lambert Meeting of the season-Belle Vue vs Someret Surprise of the season-Kings Lynn Underperformers (Team)-Swindon Unluckiest rider-Dan Brewley Newcomer of the season-Freddie Jakobsen
  14. 1984Star

    Kings Lynn 2019

    6 man teams 1 R.Lambert 2 T.Jorgensen 3 T.Proctor 4 Lewis Kerr or MPT 5 Erik Riss Another depending on averages
  15. 1984Star

    Somerset vs Poole (Final)

    DH with out the rider who sign at no1 saids it all really.

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