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  1. So the "patched up poundland pirats" are getting a thrashing on a smooth grippy track obviously not use to it
  2. 1984Star

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Totally agree
  3. 1984Star

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Kasper Andersen?:-p
  4. 1984Star

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Just been told Broc will be a 4 big gamble if you ask me so Broc for s.lambert and Riss for Proctor is my guess.
  5. 1984Star

    Kings Lynn 2019

    If Broc Nicol is the new rider wit Riss coming back. Either it's got to be for kerr and s.lambert or we are 1.34 under the limit if averages are right on kl website, or there is more than 2 changes. 1. Robert Lambert 8.07 2.MPT 5.77 3. Kasper Wornya 6.30 4. Erik Riss 5.83 5. Craig Cook 7.78 6. Thomas Jorgensen 5.59 7. Broc Nicol 3.00 42.34
  6. Proctor needs to go cost us big time tonight and not the first time this season.
  7. 1984Star

    King’s Lynn v Wolves 3/6/19

    I have just checked averages and your right. Come from someone I would have said was in the know. Maybe they know something we dont :-p
  8. 1984Star

    King’s Lynn v Wolves 3/6/19

    Riss and Ryan Douglas for Proctor and S Lambert by next home meeting for what I was told tonight
  9. 1984Star

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I put it on here after our last home meeting. Was talking to Buster he said that he had been in contact with NKI, but he would miss 8 Thursday meetings due to swedish commitments.
  10. 1984Star

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Neither can the main man at the bspa, from the conversation had Monday night
  11. Didn't think Harris was a gater.
  12. 1984Star

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Ipswich and Harris to Lynn just that feeling
  13. 1984Star

    Kings Lynn 2019

    So with Riss out with a broken collar, Proctor looking like a amateur and shutting over off half way down the back straight changes are needed. From what I was told tonight Iversen has been asked but would miss possible 8 meetings due to Sweden commitments any thoughts? Lebedevs?
  14. 1984Star

    Warsaw 2019

    Robert Lambert

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