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  1. ZagarRacing

    Finishing Averages Table 2018

    Are you obsessed with RR, you need to calm down dear.
  2. ZagarRacing

    Finishing Averages Table 2018

    You have completely lost me or lost the plot yourself.
  3. ZagarRacing

    Finishing Averages Table 2018

    Morris & Kurtz both look steals on their average.
  4. Harris needs to stay away from the GPs, his time has been and gone.
  5. Congratulations to the real champions of 2018, Kings Lynn.
  6. Poole up for sale haha
  7. Cheating Champions 2018
  8. Tie over, Ellis & Howarth useless.
  9. ZagarRacing

    Lambert to Robins, Doyle to Stars

    Deal to be announced after Knockout Cup Final.
  10. Preparing for one of the worst away performances in Pirates history.
  11. Tie over with no Iversen/Palm-Toft, Ellis & Howarth average replacements.
  12. Apparently discussions have taken place regarding a swap deal between Jason Doyle & Robert Lambert as permanent assets. Would make sense with Doyle living in Norfolk. Kings Lynn want £25,000 plus Doyle for Lambert. Source Someone very much in the know from Tru Plant.

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