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  1. Sunliner

    Poole Pirates 2021

    Well you are in the know going on what i have read in the past on here,lets hope it's a bricks and mortar company not carpets.
  2. Sunliner

    Poole Pirates 2021

    For us Poole fans not in the know can someone maybe share this rumour of who maybe joining next season as no 5 or 4 point reserve etc.
  3. Sunliner

    Poole Pirates 2021

    Nothing close if this team were to ride against the Poole team this past season.Probably get reasonable racing in this league with this team as all riders will be of similar standard,premier league reserves King and Worrall apart or is that being to harsh.Still if Matt can't find a buyer this will save speedway at Wimborne road but will the fans who we are told voted for this league turn up and support it.
  4. Their reserves 15 our's 3 they always say reserves are important and they are but tonight thier's were better than ours.Wells very poor rider no idea why Matt signed him been sacked from many teams.THJ again not consistent or maybe consistant in not being consistant,that dont sound english.Anyway we lost track looked poor but as has been said Poole ain't great.Must say i did expect to win as we have won last 2 meetings at ipswich but the standard of rider in the (TOP ?) league in England is all the same no big hitters ( Jason Doyle apart,only one who could cut it in the grand prix's ) so anyone can beat anyone on different days,the days of janowski.pedersen to name but 2 are long gone and will never return.Our so called top 2 didnt deliver something you could never say when we had ward/holder, to name but 2.Season over for me roll on next year money,promoter hopefully,BTsport hopefully and Poole have a good team and win the Title hopefully.PS do find it strange all the Poole haters on here if only all their clubs had someone like Matt/Neil running their team they would be very successful,yes he knows all the tricks but so did David Nixon/Tommy Cooper and they were winners as well.Enjoy yourselves and dont be to personal you never really know someone's situation,this forum is a bit of fun lets keep it that way.
  5. Beaten by quicker up for it riders and our own track sad to say
  6. Anyway back to speedway,just been on e bay and after last nights reserve efforts maybe they both should bid for; WW2 German V2 rocket space exploration program science technology engine or X-15 Rocket Engine i say this because their engines don't seem to go very fast
  7. Sunliner

    Poole 2019

    Sorry to be a bit thick here but back to the track issue,when everybody say's it's the base that is causing the problem,is the Base not just the concrete which the shale is laid on.If i was to lay a patio so long as i have a base i can then lay my sand/cement on the base and even with a couple of holes in the Base i can still lay my sand and slabs,All knowledgeable contributors please advise.
  8. Sunliner

    Poole 2019

    I know nothing about track preparation just a load of shale on the floor stuck together somehow and blokes race around on bikes like they do at the millenium stadium for the Grand Prix and if i am not mistaken that seems ok i may be wrong but as that is a temporary track just loads of trucks turn up dump their load and it is stuck together why can't Poole do the same,what is so difficult if you can turn a rugby ground into a racing track what is stopping Wimborne Road from having the same,
  9. Sunliner

    Poole 2019

    Guess if the track is that bad the riders will refuse to ride it,not rocket science.As for losing money, with i assume Poole being the best supported team being on the coast with lots of holidaymakers what does the books of all the other premier teams look like.The promoters according to the echo article know it needs attention just wonder why it wasn't addressed pre season.
  10. Sunliner

    Poole 2019

    All you in the know,has the Poole website been closed for the live text service scores run by peptalk etc.

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