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  1. DBP

    Killing the sport

    What's going to happen next season, Peterborough wont have a home due to redevelopment the premier League will only have 5 teams it's already dire only having 6 Something will have to be done, it's a crazy situation when the premier league supposedly the better league has less than half of the teams that the championship does. Even more stupid is that almost every premiership rider doubles up in the championship
  2. DBP

    Sheffield Tigers 2022

    Its irrelevant what match it is, he's riding to earn a living so he should be busting a gut in every heat he's in.
  3. Discovery were doing offers got it for £29.99 for 12 months bargain
  4. Showers forcast till 1900 so can definitely see an early call off due to injuries, Out of curiosity what time flight would zagar be on if he was fit to ride but Belle vue called meeting off
  5. DBP


    Similar position bt and Discovery plus have officially announced a merger so will wait to see what options are available. It sounds initially they will operate as two separate companies but bt will have access to Eurosport and discovery plus will have access to bt. Will have to wait to see what the cost will be whether or not one will be cheaper than the other
  6. DBP

    Belle Vue 2022

    Can someone start a different topic this rules s**t is getting boring as f**k now
  7. The Glaziers are uniteds owners Lemon does not own the aces
  8. DBP

    Belle Vue 2022

    Thought the visa issue was for the mystery man
  9. DBP

    Belle Vue 2022

    Well thats been worth the wait would have preferred Richie back
  10. DBP

    Belle Vue 2022

    Woofy Bewley doyle british based before polish season starts so wont be flying in fricke might also be here think his partner lives in knutsford I meant that zagar is now only one who could race here because others had polish extraliga plus one other foreign league now that NKI has signed for kings lynn Ah well only just over a week to go then maybe belle vue will announce our surprise signings must be good if its taking them this long ha ha
  11. DBP

    Belle Vue 2022

    Still think Zagar will be one of the signings why bring him over for the P.C. meeting He is the only rider in the meeting not racing in the UK at present
  12. DBP

    Belle Vue 2022

    Its not that bloody hard Phil they've still got to find a heat leader even if its on a temp basis, every other team named their 7 months ago we are still faffing around
  13. DBP

    Belle Vue 2022

    How can king's Lynn name a replacement rider in a matter of hours when we can't even name the two riders to complete our original team
  14. DBP

    Belle Vue 2022

    Well if you put it down correctly no one would have to explain it to you Twit

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