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  1. porkypotter

    Coventry Bees - My Memories

    a couple of other stand out memories from brandon was watching phil crump flying round on the first neil street 4 valve engine then watching john harrhy on one (frightening ) also seeing peter collins trying a twin carb weslake. more pops and bangs than bonfire night. happy days.
  2. porkypotter

    Coventry Bees - My Memories

    what about the night frank smith popped out of the traps to beat billy sanders ( god bless him). they nearly lifted the lid off the place screaming him on. happy days indeed.
  3. porkypotter

    Stoke closing down

    think you are about right there arnie. I have not seen a crowd like that since the old premiere league days. just a shame a few more did not turn up for the rest of the season not that it would have changed the outcome.
  4. porkypotter

    potters v leicester cubs

    well as expected the lion cubs were just too strong for the potters although the potters rode hard and gave it everything. an excellent night with a very large crowd made for a good atmosphere for our last hurrah. big thanks to dave tattum and all his band of workers and nice to see him getting warmly applauded for all his efforts. cheerio potters.
  5. porkypotter

    potters v leicester cubs

    nice sentiments mimmo I am sure there will be plenty of tears tonight. my home town club was Coventry but I had left for pastures new before they closed but this is a bit more personal. I have had a bit more involvement through sponsorship and other things at stoke so am feeling it a bit harder. lets just hope it is a cracker of a meeting and the potters are victorious though with riders missing again I think it will be a tough ask. come on the potters do us proud.
  6. porkypotter

    potters v leicester cubs

    hi greyhound. yes the weather is perfect with lovely blue skies so it should be all systems go. I agree regarding the promoters but nobody can doubt dave tattums efforts to keep the team going when others may have walked away. I also agree that the powers that be are driving the sport into extinction. as I have already mentioned the poole situation stinks and a supposed injured rider on Thursday night turns in a near maximum the night after ( surely blatant rider manipulation ) but they are allowed to get away with it by the so called rule makers. anyway hope you make it up and have a good night. up the potters.
  7. porkypotter

    potters v leicester cubs

    what a shame you have to miss this. like yourself I am becoming very sad the way the sport is going so perhaps some time away from it will either renew my enthusiasm or make me decide to walk away from it for good. we can only hope that at the agm the powers that be can realise the error of their ways and work together to put it back on track but don't hold your breath on that one and next season will just be the same old same old. come on the potters.
  8. porkypotter

    potters v leicester cubs

    hi Jason. the forecast is very good. its a lovely dry day today and should be the same tomorrow. hope you are coming to shout for the potters.
  9. well here we go again for one last time as the potters take on the cubs in the last ever meeting at loomer road. as per usual both teams have riders missing which is a shame but hey ho lets just enjoy it and hope it is a good and fitting match to end on. I am sure it will be a very emotional and sad evening. to hear dave tattum on local radio in the week was very hard to listen to and no matter what axe to grind with him anyone may have had in the past surely we can turn out in numbers and just enjoy some good racing on a very good track and do the promotion proud. for me this is probably the end of my time watching speedway as after reading about the sharp practice and manipulation going on at poole last night the premier league is not for me thank you very much. the win at all cost attitude of some promoters is doing the sport no favours and will drive good honest supporters away from the sport as it all leaves a bitter taste for some fans. anyway that is enough drivel from me so come on the potters lets go out with heads held high and good luck to all the riders on both sides but just a tad more luck for the potters please.
  10. porkypotter

    Stoke closing down

    hi Adonis. yes lets hope we get a good crowd for one last match. funnily enough Coventry was my home town club for years and the way that the closure was handled was nothing short of criminal and all those involved should hang their heads in shame. to see the place now in a state of dereliction is heart breaking
  11. porkypotter

    Stoke closing down

    hi Richard. thanks for your comments. we are all gutted in the potteries to lose the team. I really thought this was going to be the turn around season for the potters and to be fair the promoters have done a great deal of good in improving the old place. alas the team did not quite live up to the hopes and the crowds fell to an alarming level. last Saturday in particular was the smallest crowd I have ever seen there. lets just hope that this Saturday we get a good crowd to send the potters into oblivion with a rousing cheer. whatever the gripes with the management in the past nobody can deny that dave tattum and all his team have done their best but when you are only a tenant you are going to be on a sticky wicket and all of this is beyond his control. so come on everyone lets go out with our heads held high and trounce the lion cubs. come on the potters give it some welly..
  12. porkypotter

    potters v plymouth 07 09

    too true raddog. if only we could have ridden like this all season we would be mid table or in the play offs now. still a big well done to all the lads and an extra pat on the back for alcock and Rutherford. up the potters.
  13. well here we go again. Plymouth take the long road up to the potteries for what should be a fairly even match. stoke have conor coles absent and are using r/r and I believe Plymouth also are using r/r. just hope we can get our long tail wagging and take all the points. the weather is looking ok after some overnight rain so the track should be in good nick. good luck to both sides for a good match.
  14. porkypotter

    Stoke v isle of wight

    a fair match on a good track with two evenly balanced teams. the pass by tom perry in heat 13 was top notch and worth the admission fee on it,s own. we just need to get some points from our 2 and 6 and finish the season with a flourish.

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