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  1. diamond@heart

    Ben Fund

    Any news on riders taking part in this yet?
  2. diamond@heart

    Newcastle 2019

    I agree with you on the returning riders and would have Garrity as well, Aaron Summers is a good bet (not sure about Adam!!! ) and Josh Pickering is a great choice as well, similar to Garrity in that he is very entertaining. Tero and Ash are a must, I'm not sure about Wethers and I don't think we will get Worrall as he will probs be looking towards Poland again and if not we won't get Pickering and Worrall away from the Monarchs. I think Ricky Wells would be a good shout as well but in the same boat as Pickering and Worrall. I think Ludvig defo needs time away from Brough and with the no show at Workington that may have already have been decided (but may have been a perfectly good reason for the no show but we have not been told). Rene seems to be back to his best again so would be worth a punt.
  3. Great meeting and good maxs for Archie and Danny (was that Danny's first?). Glad Dale was OK as it looked a nasty one especially when he lost his helmet. Did the strap snap or was it just not secured properly, very lucky either way. Impressed with Kean Dicken as well.
  4. diamond@heart

    Newcastle v Scunthorpe CL 9/9/2018

    Any news on Matej?
  5. diamond@heart

    Newcastle v Scunthorpe CL 9/9/2018

    Well done Scunny, Newcastle only seemed to have bad luck last night but rallied at the end. The ref was rubbishe last night and that is me being kind. Great to watch Garrity again, would love to see him as a Diamonds, fantastic value for money. Great to see Steve back again and riding well, but not great and I thought Gino had one of his best visit to Brough. Matty Wethers was fantastic for the Diamonds, hope Matej is OK and it is nothing serious. Great last heat 5-1 to restore some pride and make the score more respectable.
  6. I think he felt that Morris had crossed the white line on bend two with both wheels!
  7. Well to say that result was a shock is an understatement. Well done to the Diamonds on 4 much needed league points. My only regret was I was not at Sheffield to witness it.
  8. diamond@heart

    Newcastle 2018

    Looked to be a good night for Josh Embleton last night for the Brummies, paid 7. Well done.
  9. I've said the same about Newcastle having Robbo and Ludvig at 1 and 2.
  10. True, but in the previous meeting Sheffield hit us with 4 5-1's in the first 5 heats and after that it was game over, I appreciate that Sheffield riders form of late has dropped but if we start slow as usual and the fact we have no big riders to win vital heats, 13 and 15, I still say you will be too strong. I would love Newcastle to prove me wrong,
  11. Easy win for the Tigers in my eyes, even if you have lost the last 3, we are never strong at Sheffield and the Newcastle team has not performed well away from home, nice confidence boosting win for the Tigers. Probably good to face the Diamonds whilst bedding in two new riders, 60 - 30 to the Tigers, would love it to be a win for the Diamonds but just can't see where the race wins will come from, plus I think Garrity makes you stronger.
  12. So if Bjerre doesn't turn up tonight does he get banned for withholding his services?
  13. Lasse Bjerre just became available according to Twitter!!!!
  14. Workington are saying its a rearranged fixture as per the press release, is it not? I can't why either?
  15. I can't understand why we have Robbo and Ludvig as 1 and 2, surely Ludvig would be better utilised at 3 or 4 and Kus and 2??
  16. Good meeting with some interesting races. Glad to see Josh appears to have found a team spot with the Brummies.
  17. Can anyone tell me, where can you sit or stand at Glasgow, haven't been for years and just wondered whether you can stand on the back straight. Thanks
  18. diamond@heart

    Newcastle 2018

    No probs and I hope he enjoys the experience and takes a lot from the day. And I'm not jealous at all.
  19. diamond@heart

    Newcastle 2018

    Only if they can find the money for a set of kevlars for him!!!
  20. diamond@heart

    Glasgow 2018

    A double headed coin and someone will call tails!!!
  21. diamond@heart

    Glasgow 2018

    "We can confirm this move has NOT been approved by the British Speedway Promoters’ Association at this stage." Hmmmm, is that has not or will not!!!
  22. diamond@heart

    Newcastle 2018

    I think he will be snapped up by somebody, probs not us.
  23. True, but its the pissing about at the back when he misses the gate that bothers me!! If he is not in front after 1 lap he doesn't seem to care.
  24. diamond@heart

    Newcastle 2018

    Any chance of us making a move for Richie Worrall now he is a free agent. Harsh but fair, we could drop Wilkinson (sorry Carl), put Kus at reserve and bring Richie back. Never mind #itscominghome lets have #richiescomingbacktothediamonds I appreciate that I think he has signed a contract in Poland but not sure how much racing he is getting and I believe he has setup his own Civil Engineering business to supplement his income, but could it happen. I hope so. Yes I know he is in bad form, but would still have him in the team. Thoughts?

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