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  1. Fortythirtyeight

    Leicester 2019

    Only the Top table meet every month and even then it can be just three of them , the other promoters just get minutes of the meeting a month later. The promoters only get together when summonsed . The top table have been caught out making behind closed decisions on several previous occasions, ask the ' Ged Father '.
  2. Fortythirtyeight

    Leicester 2019

    Rumours on Sunday that the BSPA mafia have already reassessed certain riders who currently don't have a championship team Those same ' members ' have already approached these riders for their own teams before going public with the changes. Coincidence that Leicester are now making a change? Usual stuff from the mafia
  3. Fortythirtyeight

    Scunthorpe v Eastbourne 28.6.19

    Be careful.....Workington asked to move to Fridays at the same time as Scunthorpe and Glasgow both of whose promoters at the time were on the management team. Guess who got what they wanted?
  4. Fortythirtyeight

    David Wallinger Ludicrous situation.

    And can now take Championship guest bookings! So my point still stands....ridiculous rule.
  5. Fortythirtyeight

    Four Team Tournament. Peterborough.

    So not only do you start a new thread that isn't needed you tell a rider he should RETIRE? Have a word with yourself. The lad may not be good enough for Championship standard racing but that does not mean he has to quit the sport, he's doing perfect ally well for Belle Vue so why should he retire? Silly statement.
  6. Fortythirtyeight

    Edinburgh v Redcar 21/6/19 @7.30pm

    Visited the most expensive track in the country for this match. Not a great spectacle on this technical track but the score kept it interesting. Thought the Bears were unlucky not to get a point as the crowds reaction by the start line ( or lack of it ) suggested Wright had got third place in heat 15 and judging by Wells reaction , pulling out Wrights cut out cord after the race, Wells thought Wright got it too. VAR might have been used twice as Bacon looked to have got second in his race too. some impressive rides by lesser lights but the inconsistency showed you have to gate to stand a chance but Wells and Andersson showed ' undertaking ' was possible if you knew where to put yourself as selective track grading took place ( every track does it ) Healthy crowd on a nice evening and all finished by 9:10. An hour and forty minutes for £18:50 and £3 for a programme.....good value?
  7. That's what was discussed at the last AGM but certain promoters openly admitted they would not stick to any pay scales so the idea was binned and that's why we have our current ( no change ) three divisions. Not enough British riders to form two leagues and would struggle to have one at a current Championship standard.
  8. That's as large as any Championship club I've visited bar Glasgow and there's wasn't a lot larger. Redcar looked healthy but same scenario as Cradley, crowd all on one side. Newcastle , Berwick, Sheffield, Somerset very sparse.
  9. From the 12 tracks I regularly attend this season, The only club that is ( each fixture ) getting large crowds is Cradley at £10 adult entry, the grandstand is packed which is to be envied by just about every club in any of the three divisions including their hosts Wolverhampton. Other clubs occasionally getting large crowds on bank holidays or local derbies but I would say every clubs crowds are down this season with change of race nights and general apathy. Newcastles crowd appears to be very sparse this year.
  10. Fortythirtyeight

    Newcastle 2019

    Peterborough asset first , purchased by the ' Ged Father ' .
  11. Fortythirtyeight

    David Wallinger Ludicrous situation.

    "As far as I know "....so you don't know the truth and are just gossiping. My point is the rule is stupid. Replace Wallinger's name with Macauley Leek, dropped because his average is too high and now in the same position as Wallinger, not allowed to guest in any team as he's not in a team......ridiculous!
  12. Fortythirtyeight

    Tracks around football pitches

    It's definetly not and No.
  13. The speedway version of that rule was done away with half way through last season as the Vice Chairmans track was bottom of the track preparation reports so he simply tore up the report system. Thats the BSPA for you.
  14. Fortythirtyeight

    David Wallinger Ludicrous situation.

    Yes, the rule is a joke. If he's turned down Plymouth (?) then I would totally understand as he lives in the north and works for a living but that is not the argument, it's the ruling itself that is wrong. If he was allowed to take up his booking he just may get offered a team place but he can't because he hasn't got a place already. Ridiculous.
  15. Fortythirtyeight

    Tracks around football pitches

    Can't think of any track around any pitch that could be classed as a good ' race ' track , passed or present. Glasgow is awful despite the efforts to improve it. Berwick and Workington , much better tracks but suffer from narrow exits to the bends spoiling the overall shape and therefore racing lines, most crashes at these tracks occurred at the exits of the corners unlike smaller tracks. Paisley was very poor, Halifax was spectacular but home riders dream. Hull was very narrow and rough at times. Exeter was the same and , like Halifax, the steel fence put visiting riders off.

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