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  1. Fortythirtyeight

    Northern Junior League 2022

    The rule is that if a rider has a 3 point or below average in the NDL at the start of this season then he can ride in the NJL, if it is above that then his points don’t count. Therefore Ace’s 9 points count as he is new to the NDL, Bens points did not as he averaged above 4 last season. I believe both Berwick and Edinburgh will be using riders who’s points will not count. This will be because of a shortage of 500 cc riders which will be a major issue for the whole sport soon.
  2. Fortythirtyeight

    Northern Junior League 2022

    Teesside FIP Tigers 18 Berwick Academy 18 Tigers . 18 E.Davison 2,2,2, ….6 L.Richardson 1’,1’,1’,…3&3. C.Rushen 3,3,2…8 D.McTeer 1,0,0….1 Berwick 18 A.Pijper 3,3,3 …9 ( max) B.Rathbone X, NS,NS, as score ineligible, S.Pijper 2,2,3…7 C.Martin F, 1’, 1….2&1.
  3. Fortythirtyeight

    Berwick v Redcar Saturday 14/05/22 7pm

    Not the greatest of spectacles as far as the racing goes and the Bears could be counted as a touch fortunate to race against a five man side but overall I think they deserved the win. The Bandits riders did seem a little disconcerted with the track which may have been drier than they expected meaning only three ‘ overtakes ‘ all meeting and two of them by the Bears ( Andersen and Jenkins ). The over worked Bandits battled hard right through till the end and Morris’s last race efforts denied the Bears the extra point. All the Bandits had the odd poor ride due to missing the gate but the main body scored well and kept it close throughout. Complin a little wild but entertaining although Roynon may not agree. Bickley hot and cold but old man Pijper impressed. Bears we’re reasonably solid , heat leaders , particularly Riss, did their job, Andersen rode as was expected at Berwick , Roynon did his role and the reserves were competitive . Berwick understandably had plenty of track breaks to give their riders breathing space but there was also medical treatment handed out to both Etheridge and Roynon and the riders bikes were being weighed before and during the meeting by officials so yes, it did takes its toll. Berwick is still a club to be admired the way it’s run, on a budget but professionally and with very friendly staff and supporters. Always an enjoyable club to visit .
  4. In 2018 Godfrey was Vice Chairman, so no he was not in charge and no there was no such protocol of not interfering with each other’s affairs. Lakeside, as I have pointed out on many occasions, we’re never ever granted Fridays as their PRIMARY race night for just that reason, not enough riders would be available. the ‘ MC’ do not call matches off because of lack of guests, that is a club matter. Otherwise, your not far off.
  5. Fortythirtyeight

    Redcar v Poole 13/5/22

    It is now being streamed by the club itself. Those previously involved in the club streaming have now moved onto to BSN.
  6. Fortythirtyeight

    Redcar v Poole 13/5/22

    Redcar are streaming the match, it has been announced on their Facebook page tonight.
  7. Fortythirtyeight

    Premiership Youth League

    Short answer is NO. No team line ups, no fixtures, nothing……again.
  8. Fortythirtyeight

    Poole Pirates Vs Newcastle Diamonds 11/5/22

    ‘Turnip’ appears to be very apt.
  9. Fortythirtyeight

    Poole Pirates Vs Newcastle Diamonds 11/5/22

    Unlike some , I don’t comment on a subject I know nothing about , unless I’m asking a question on the matter to educate myself. I don’t make presumptuous uneducated comments on something I know nothing about. YOU, by your own admission DID. and whilst I’m being ‘ condescending’ and mentioning education, it’s ‘ WHAT ‘ , not ‘ WOT ‘ .
  10. Fortythirtyeight

    Poole Pirates Vs Newcastle Diamonds 11/5/22

    So you admit you don’t know what you’re talking about “ I don’t know wot check’s are made “ but have plenty to say how it should be done ? The match referee checks the track prior to EVERY meeting, he’s an ‘ appointed official’ and each track is inspected prior to an SCB track licence being issued. As previously stated in a prior post ( which you seem to have ignored ) the inspection will only show what’s on the surface not what’s going on underneath or what develops as the meeting progresses. Now you do know ….
  11. Fortythirtyeight

    Newcastle vs Glasgow 8/5/22 4pm??

    Money ! He was told the promoter could do a better job than him and save money at the same time hence the S/Star article by said promoter saying the track had been bad for years , Oh how that has come back to haunt him !
  12. Fortythirtyeight

    Newcastle vs Glasgow 8/5/22 4pm??

    With some tracks not having ‘ a base ‘ just how exactly do you inspect something that isn’t there ?
  13. Fortythirtyeight

    Newcastle vs Glasgow 8/5/22 4pm??

    But is it the clubs to spend ?
  14. Fortythirtyeight

    Newcastle vs Glasgow 8/5/22 4pm??

    Why do you think tractors go out after every four heats? To put the track back to somewhere near how it was to start with ! Track walks are to see what it’s like before the first heat and to work out bike set ups , which if you knew anything about bikes is quite important .
  15. Fortythirtyeight

    Newcastle vs Glasgow 8/5/22 4pm??

    and it shouldn’t be like that three quarters of the way through…

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