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  1. Fortythirtyeight

    Newcastle 2020

    BSPA rule book is written in pencil. Im not sure you are right with Buster but I'm sure someone will clarify it.
  2. Fortythirtyeight

    Newcastle 2020

    Newcastle should not get a vote for three years . The Stoke promoter was in the NL , that won't count for Championship issues but then who knows what they will allow these days as your not supposed to be a promoter at more than one track , but that one got overlooked if your on the committee! . Newcastle are the only Sunday track in the division.
  3. Fortythirtyeight

    Newcastle 2020

    Talks Less? Never going to happen.
  4. Fortythirtyeight

    Transfer Window

    It only has to apply for the last quarter of the season which could be as little as 4-6 weeks. How about a bad photo copy of an email from a supposed Danish Doctor saying " Rider sick , Not Ride" and a copy of a doctors business card alongside it? its been done before and lasted some considerable time even though it's authenticity was questioned to be answered by " this has gone on for years , live with it!".
  5. Fortythirtyeight

    Transfer Window

    Rules being made up after the AGM? so what's the point of the AGM! This is yet another one that will be manipulated by the more unscrupulous promoters with more dubious sick notes that cannot be questioned .
  6. Fortythirtyeight

    Championship Fours 2020

    Shared events are not voted on. They are discussed, usually by the 3 on the top table as there's only 3 in attendance at 90% of management meetings , and then offered to whichever track they think can host it when the committee want it hosting, that's how it's always worked. You may have noticed the big meetings this coming season are being hosted by management members clubs.
  7. Fortythirtyeight

    Loan Riders

    Where's the contradiction? I never said there wasn't an asset base just that certain riders have ridden without being an asset of any club and there is nothing to stop them doing so. Each club and no doubt the BSPA will have a list of their alleged assets, wether they have ridden in the last 10 years or not!
  8. Fortythirtyeight

    Loan Riders

    Bunyan bought his own contract therefore was not an ' asset ' of any club, there's nothing in the book to say a rider must be someone's property because he doesn't. The asset system is only there to benefit the club's financial liability to the BSPA so that if a club folds they can claim the club's assets and then benefit from loaning them out themselves, like they did with Coventry. New riders become assets by default once they have ridden so many matches for what ever club they start their career with in the U.K. Some riders are ' owned' by clubs that they have never ever ridden for, the British Champion being one such rider. There has been no new asset list since 2017 as it was so out of date then it was embarrassing .If it was ever challenged it would have no legal basis whatsoever which is probably why there's been no attempt at renewing it.
  9. Fortythirtyeight

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    Either you need to go to Specsavers are get a new calculator. Whilst the crowd is healthy replace your minimum with maximum.
  10. Fortythirtyeight

    Loan Riders

    No sure your right Dave. There's nothing in the rule book to say a rider has to be ' controlled ' by any club. Jason Bunyan bought his own contract and then rode for Mildenhall. The last club asset list that was published included riders who hadn't ridden for over 10 years and even two that are no longer with us!
  11. Fortythirtyeight

    Reading blocked from Entering NDL

    Rules state that a nomadic team can only use a name when they are actively trying to find a location to run from in the near future. I assume Reading are not looking to find their own piece of land? A lot of nomadic junior teams have disappeared for the same reason recently.
  12. So it's at Leicester the day after Cardiff. Three big meetings in three days for a lot of folk with Somerset for the pairs, Cardiff GP and then Leicester. Personaly I'd rather see the bigger meetings spaced out through the season but will have to start saving and find appropriate accomodation . Any suggestions where to park ? as had issues in the past at Leicester.
  13. Fortythirtyeight

    Leicester Lions 2020

    So some fans will have to find serious pocket money to be able to go to the Pairs, then Cardiff, then Leicester for the Fours in 3 days. Can't even imagine the costs if thinking of doing Swindon on the Thursday.
  14. Fortythirtyeight

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Brian Havelock, once a promoter at Redcar, stopped Matej Kus signing for Newcastle until they agreed to purchase him which had to go to arbitration. Think he did the same with Aaron Summers.
  15. Fortythirtyeight

    Armadale Devils 2020

    George Rothery, Elliot Kelly? Both impressed last season at Edinburgh but the team will need a couple of heat leaders and non of those so far mentioned are at that level yet.

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