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  1. Fortythirtyeight

    Number 8 for each team and Junior League

    Let’s get a bit of perspective here, this is a press release saying….” We will be doing the same thing as we did last year, picking our own preferred ‘ youngsters ‘ and telling some other ‘ youngster ‘ your the non useable number eight for the night. We say we are going to have a junior league , same as we said last year, but we didn’t bother with it really and we may or may not bother again this year” Lets wait and see what actually comes out in the wash.
  2. Fortythirtyeight

    British Speedway statement

    The 5 year deal referred too was the deal that they terminated early in 2016. Yes, in speedway terms they did put a lot of money in over the 10 years ( 2 contracts ) and just what was done with it ? Divided by the top clubs to cover their ‘ costs ‘ with a little left over for the kitty and none invested in the future of the sport.
  3. Fortythirtyeight

    British Speedway statement

    No, it wasn’t. Yes, Sky paid a for a 5 year deal and did settle in full despite withdrawing early. The current deal is less than 3% of the Sky money.
  4. Fortythirtyeight

    British Speedway statement

    It wasn’t by a long distance and once it was shared out between the ‘top’ clubs the individual amount wasn’t enough to purchase the promoter a a Rolls but it did offset a large percentage of their running costs. The new money won’t buy them a decent second hand tractor with grader attached.
  5. Fortythirtyeight

    British Speedway statement

    Your reading things that aren’t there, again. I never said ‘successful’ as second halfers obviously aren’t good enough, yet, to be in a team , any team, that’s why they are second halfers and as for the make up of the Wolves team….ask CVS or Mr. Adam’s….it’s their business.
  6. Fortythirtyeight

    British Speedway statement

    Is he defending it ?, he hasn’t even mentioned the subject. You appear to have an issue with Wolves policy, that’s your opinion and your entitled to it.. I’ve never heard of any rider ever getting ‘ appearance money ‘ and I’m very experienced in clubs finances over the years. You may be getting confused with ‘ start money ‘ ( mainly done away with now ) or even a’ guarantee’ which is quite common with some clubs. As for promoting local riders, your track needs to have the track time available to do it, few do . I’ve seen many a ‘ second half ‘ at Wolverhampton over the passed few years so they are definitely trying.
  7. Fortythirtyeight

    British Speedway statement

    The ‘ masses ‘ won’t believe you as they know best. Very few outside the ‘inner circles’ of a speedway club have any understanding of the finances involved as many a post on here shows . Championship Riders on a £100 plus a point ? Vans , houses, bikes, mechanics, given free ? never mind flights paid for. Those clubs still getting involved in those things are the ones most often on the endangered list.
  8. Fortythirtyeight

    Rye House 2020

    Not sure what your expecting from the BSPL ? They have no money , no power except inside their own minority sport and haven’t shown a lot of interest in assisting other ‘defunct’ tracks , except Leicester when they were closing as there was a bit of self interest involved .We can hardly call any region a hot bed of speedway these days , maybe the north ? ( Belle Vue, Sheffield, Scunthorpe , Redcar, Newcastle, Berwick ).
  9. Fortythirtyeight

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Whilst Redcars crowd average was up this year , as it has been year on year since 2017, it doesn’t get the four figure crowd that Birmingham appear to need but, due to good leadership, this is offset by very good club sponsors. Personally I think that’s not an achievable figure under the circumstances they find them selves in. Demanding Landlord, bad previous history in 2021 and will be putting a team together after every other club ? Recipe for another disastrous season?
  10. Fortythirtyeight

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2022

    Try reading my post again….slowly.
  11. Fortythirtyeight

    Oxford Cheetahs 2022

    but 95% true as he is the Chairman of the BSPL who will have told them “ no more Friday night tracks “.
  12. Fortythirtyeight

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2022

    Visa’s are not a BSPL issue, although they do check the club have one for the rider, it’s down to the rider and the employer ,the club. A correct visa can be voided for a number of reasons , by the DOE, change in circumstances perhaps or operating outside it’s parameters.
  13. Fortythirtyeight

    Berwick Bandits 2022

    That’s 12 riders the Bears have signed so far then.
  14. Fortythirtyeight

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    He could be pleading for extra funds? extra help or going to tell the fans exactly what’s going on ? Best way to find out is by attending.
  15. Fortythirtyeight

    British Speedway statement

    So that’s Buster x 2, Bates, CVS, Louis, and Smith ( who we understand has tried to rattle the top table ) .As Godfrey was Busters right hand man and supporter , Bates has power in both divisions and the newest promoters don’t get a vote for 3 years, how do you think you can break up the boys club?
  16. Fortythirtyeight

    British Speedway

    Outside Poland which country do you think is healthy ? Sweden matches are mostly run infront of three figure crowds , the rest a lot less. Sponsors pay the for the clubs to run because of TV coverage. Long Track gets bigger crowds than speedway in both Germany and France , the others don’t even have proper leagues. Poland is huge because their football is poor in comparison to other countries and they price speedway correctly to attract family’s , that attracts sponsors, which brings cash , that attracts stars!
  17. Fortythirtyeight

    British Speedway

    I’m not naive in the way speedway is run , non of us have any choice of how the sport is run. We can simply not attended, that’s a ‘ fans ‘ prerogative but don’t kid yourself that fans are going to have a say on how the sport is run under it’s current set up. An independent body might change that . This ‘ conversation ‘ has gone on since 1928 when the sport was brought into the UK and has gone on , in changing volumes, ever since !
  18. Fortythirtyeight

    British Speedway

    It was ‘ silly ‘ because the powers that be will release news as and when it suits them, not the fans so what were you expecting ? a personal email ? Clubs have closed because of bad management , others for slightly different reasons , that has always been the case in speedway.Speedway is now a very minor sport, probably only fit to be called semi professional but just won’t accept it. Can you enlighten me what ‘ genuine supporters ‘ are addressing ? . Most are on this forum complaining about anything and everything and whilst I’m not going to defend the BSPL , it’s their money that’s keeping what little is left of the sport running so they are entitled to make whatever ludicrous decisions they wish until such time as an independent body comes along and sorts the mess out, if that ever happens. They will be the judge if 6 teams for 30 race nights is financially viable, not the fans. Meanwhile , they’ve told you what to expect, more of the same….
  19. Fortythirtyeight

    British Speedway

    Then please don’t make sweeping statements that aren’t true. Quite a few clubs do care and take great effort to encourage youngsters in the sport. Oh, and a local lad from Redcar travelled to Kent for his home meetings and we have a very young junior regularly attending Redcar sessions from Plymouth so, if your dedicated enough, there are opportunities !
  20. Fortythirtyeight

    British Speedway

    You never did come to Redcar, did you, or Berwick who also have a great enthusiasm for junior speedway, or even Edinburgh despite their restrictions.
  21. Fortythirtyeight


    But Newcastle have made the decision to drop Archie, a local prospect who the club threw in the deep end and said there would be no pressure on him , and said this would be a good move for the future of Newcastle and now they drop him and bring in another untried but non UK youngster , and that’s British Speedways fault ??? No, that is the Newcastle promoters decision nothing to do with the rest of speedway.
  22. Fortythirtyeight

    British Speedway

    Not protecting anyone, just answering a rather silly post.
  23. Fortythirtyeight


    Is that the same BSPL who stated the rising star programme was a 2 year scheme and each club needed two this year ?
  24. Fortythirtyeight

    British Speedway

    Not sure what you are expecting ? Probably because they , the promoters, aren’t supposed to announce any news from the AGM meetings until there’s been an official press release. As for Riders, most are advised to keep stum until the club issues it’s release.
  25. Fortythirtyeight

    New Rider Help

    Richard will keep you right, he’s the godfather of amateur speedway. Depending where you live makes a big difference to what’s available. Up north you have Scunthorpe , nearly every weekend, Redcar , now closed for the winter , Northside and Duns ( near Berwick ). Your budget will get you a rough and ready old lay down nothing more , no chance of an upright. You will need an ‘ amateur ‘ licence to race in those meetings ( much cheaper than a full licence ) but not for practices. Loads of mature gentlemen riding lay downs in amateur meetings so no problem there. Good luck.

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