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  1. 4 hours ago, Mike.Butler said:

    crowd over 1900. Really good meeting, wonderful to see what they've down with stadium.  Some excellent racing. thoroughly enjoyed it. 

    Good crowd, close racing but very little overtaking as the track is one line at the moment with only Nicholls making the outside pass work, hence the ‘ win a race then run lasts scorers. The track may mature as the season goes on and the outside might work more consistently with a bit more moisture in it. 
    Thought the ref should have got a grip of the starts as there was constant movement from both sides in just about every race. Nicholls duped Wright into breaking the tapes and Kerr got away with one after already being penalised, otherwise an enjoyable meeting at a new (?) venue.

  2. 34 minutes ago, robbieblackadder fan club said:

    That was my point there is no incentive for Rob to sign a new no1 if he can use guests for the rest of the season so he probably won’t and it will possibly be cheaper as well 

    Guests are rarely cheaper as they know you need them.

  3. 1 hour ago, Fromafar said:

    What is happening in Polish Extraleague,surely the bike that does the fastest 4 laps  is the race winner,the chances of a dead heat using transponders is minimal.

    and if the ‘ fastest ‘ rider makes a big mistake on the last bends and doesn’t therefore win ?

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  4. 5 minutes ago, Diamonds85 said:

    But most reserves aren't good enough to beat Bewley at Belle Vue, so just because once in a blue moon someone is, doesn't mean all the 99.9% of the other reserves need to be thrown in the deep end too, which creates drawn out races with riders of completely different abilities at different ends of the track... It's insulting to the public... The reserves should race eachother and be challenged to beat the second strings... Not expected to beat number 1s... It ain't gonna happen most the time and it's boring to watch

    Dont say that to Redcar fans as Jason Edwards is fast becoming the star of the show, leading opposition numbers 1’s for fun !

  5. 5 minutes ago, HGould said:

    From memory that was only the half of it.

    Didn't Lakeside find a number of their matches being called off a few days before they were due to be raced on a Friday night because the Management Committee were concerned about rider availabilty because almost every team would be racing on a Friday night.

    I seem to remember Jon Cook going ballistic about it and Lakeside having a big Fixture backlog.

    Nothing to do with Scunthorpe needing a No 1 Guest though! :cheers: ??


    Lakeside were never supposed to have Fridays as their official race night, it was supposed to be Saturday, but Cook had the management over when he released his fixtures. Hence the back lash.

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  6. 12 minutes ago, Sings4Speedway said:

    The Oxford side is an odd mixture. Hagon and Killeen could be two of the hotter young talents but i have serious question marks over both. Clouting and Butcher have been slow and steady the past few years whilst Stoneman and Hopwood are the opposite fast but crash prone. Looks a team that will have strong days and self destruct days too.

    Isn’t that what the NDL is supposed to be about ? To give riders a chance to develop ? You shouldn’t expect higher standards in the lower league.

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  7. 23 minutes ago, Racin Jason 72 said:

    I like this idea.  I’m always inquisitive about the size of the crowd. 
    interesting I was at the Ben fund and sat in the stand which looked quite full. However when we walked along the back straight the stand was actually only half full.  It was very surprising.  
    My guess of the Ben fund crowd would be 1400

    The grandstand capacity used to be 1;000 so , if it was half full, and it didn’t look that full on the photographs, was there nearly 1,000 spread out elsewhere?

  8. 33 minutes ago, ch958 said:

    would people report the crowd levels at the meetings they attend. Be good to keep an eye on things. Doesn't have to be accurate, just an idea

    Judging by previous comments on here regarding numbers they have been way out, so you can almost guarantee it won’t be accurate.

    Good crowd reported at the Ben Fund but the photos don’t bare that out, but then what is a ‘ good crowd ‘ ? If your talking Newcastle it could be over 250, if your talking Ipswich it could be over 1,000, Birmingham need over that ! it all depends on the club and the break even figure.

  9. On 3/28/2022 at 3:32 PM, Berry9 said:

    Teams like Leicester make a mockery of speedway,  the track looks fantastic but it is prepared in a way that only produces one racing line,  God help any visiting rider who tries to go wide on the bends because they siink faster than the Bismark.  Lion's fans would call it "home advantage" whereas I prefer the word "cheating".  All it produces is a guaranteed boring follow the leader  home win

    Your fast becoming an embarrassment to Redcar with your silly posts. 

    Leicester was built by the same man who built Redcar, although it has been tinkered with a number of times. A lot of tracks have there own racing line, some because they are around football or rugby pitches, some because of the angle of the bends, no two tracks are the same. Does that mean they are all ‘ cheating ‘ ? No it doesn’t !

    As a famous world champion said “ They are all there to be ridden “.

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  10. 6 minutes ago, Berry9 said:

    1) The Birmingham promoter's could have held up their hands and forfeited the tie.

    2) Speedway is fast becoming a pi## pot sport because Clubs like yours are paying extortionate rents at dog tracks and are denied a secondary income from concessions. The clubs in trouble all seem to be tenants while the prosperous clubs have their own facilities.  



    Why don’t you give it a rest ? Your embarrassing Redcar fans with your futile posts, it’s done, move on and grow up.

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  11. 3 minutes ago, Yearbyred said:

    Think this thread was better when no one had replied and just liked the original comment.

    Dragging up old disputes seems pointless.

    Yep, it appears we have someone with ‘ issues ‘ trying to get attention.

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  12. 1 hour ago, Berry9 said:

    I can't believe nobody has bothered to respond and I feel as a Bears supporter it shouldn't me but I will have my tuppence worth and proclaim that Redcar Bears are the best run c.ub in British speedway.  The stadium is superb  and the track is fantastic its just a shame that Godfrey and his cronies will stop at nothing to discriminate against us at any opportunity 

    No need to respond as nobody’s arguing. A few first meeting minor issues otherwise a typical Redcar race night as the new promotion team carry on the good work of the last few years. Produce a good product, run it properly with enthusiastic staff, keep your sponsors happy and the crowd will come , hopefully !


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  13. 12 hours ago, StevePark said:

    Positives from last night - 6 Diamonds riders got some laps in.

    Negatives from last night (apart from the obvious) - 2 min warning light off bend 4 needs a bulb in it.  The Programme was full of mistakes (eg Peter Complin, Stewart Robson, but there was many others).  Not a fan of having an interval, just as the temperature starts to drop, especially for those who like to stay behind to watch the Juniors.  Fine in the middle of summer, but not while still in March!

    Still have to give riders (especially Brad, Matty and Lee who are all coming back from injury/retirement) time to settle in.  George hasn't seen, let alone rode, any of the tracks (apart from  Leicester), so must be given a little leeway, but it will be interesting to see how he does when he starts making the gate.  A race win will give his confidence a massive boost.

    Get well soon Paul Starke.

    Points noted but….

    there wasn’t an interval !

  14. 1 hour ago, Sings4Speedway said:

    No mention of Prem only in the regs and ultimately wouldn’t be enough riders to go round/fit. Most/all PL number 8s are going to be 3/4 star riders. They can only ride for one side so the rest is going to be much lower graded riders.

    014.1.2 Rider Eligibility
    Teams should have a regular squad of 4 riders.
    Being an opportunity for young or inexperienced riders, the league is open
    to: -
    a) those holding a UK passport and an ACU licence.
    b) holder of a valid SCB Registration
    c) eligible and committed to the Rising Star programme
    15-year-old riders on a 500cc motorcycles will be eligible and 
    classified as a one Star rider.

    014.1.3 Team Composition
    Teams will consist of 4 riders with a maximum team build of 8 Stars or less
    and may include the following: -
    a) 15-year-old riders on 500cc motorcycle 
    b) MSDL and NJL riders riding 500cc motorcycles
    Guest ruling – any eligible rider who has not previously ridden for a 
    PJL team and does not increase the team total above 8 stars.

    Yep….014.1.2. section C.

  15. 1 hour ago, Sings4Speedway said:

    Did i say PL ride? The PJL is made up of riders totalling 8 stars. Most number 8s are 4 stars so the remaining riders will be 1.

    Obviously 2022 list is hush hush but going off 2021 list the Millars, Butcher, Chattin, MacDonald, Smith, Woods etc. All 1 star riders who are potentially going to go to the tapes with a Thompson or Hume and try to provide a competitive spectacle.

    But none of those named are on the rising star list !


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