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  1. ShyTalk

    Speedway On Tv And The Internet In 2020

    Anyone know, if freesports have any plans to cover speedway this year?
  2. ShyTalk

    Sheffield 2020

    Don't think they are even set in jelly nowadays. I can accept rain offs, but some of the other reasons are getting ridiculous.
  3. ShyTalk

    2020 Fixtures

    For fans who want to plan dates etc, the sooner information available the better. Few years ago, fixtures issued, but some dates, including British semi, were held back. When issued, I found I had planned something else on one, of the dates. Heard the speedway was brilliant, at this match, so I missed some great speedway, and the promoters missed a bit of income. I used to buy speedway star, for the results, but gave up about 40 years ago, when I got a TV with teletext. I am not interested in speedway star, but I do like to go to matches, and I am sure promoters, both want and need all the income they can get.
  4. ShyTalk

    2020 Fixtures

    I would call it working against, rather than with the paying fans.
  5. ShyTalk

    Sheffield 2020

    Fixtures now out. All Tigers home matches on Thursday. I wonder if this means that some Eurosport matches will be shown Thursday,'s.
  6. ShyTalk

    Sheffield 2020

    Just read the following on Stratrax (stock cars) website. Lots of work has been ongoing with a revamp of the Sheffield pits area to commence early March and we are in serious discussions about re -opening at least part of the back straight - We are developing Sheffiled in the coming years hopefully to become the jewel of the North and it has a much livelier fixture list in 2020 which will also feature Bangers & support formulae programme. Interesting bit about the back straight.
  7. ShyTalk

    Sheffield 2020

    First match at Owlerton 19 March 7pm per website.
  8. ShyTalk

    Sheffield 2020

    Some doubt about how many points left available. If it is 6.91. Looked up some final averages for previous seasons, for riders not rode in GB since. Possibilities would include Woryna, Kasprazak, Hougaard, Huckenbeck.
  9. ShyTalk

    Sheffield 2020

    Just going on riders announced on Speedway GB site.
  10. ShyTalk

    Sheffield 2020

    6.91, leaves a few possibilities; King, Wright, Riss, Tungate, Harris, Musielak, Ellis, Bewley.
  11. ShyTalk

    Sheffield 2020

    What average does Kurtz come in at?
  12. ShyTalk

    Team GB

    After the recent GB test match v Denmark, with somewhat weakened teams, I wondered about the selection of Team GB for a test match. What would your selection be for a full strength seven man team? Assume all riders available and on reasonable form. No particular track in mind, so no horses for courses, and no tactical switches such as putting best rider at number 7. I will make my selection. 1 Woffy 2 King 3 Cook 4 Wright 5 Lambert 6 Ellis 7 Bewley.
  13. ShyTalk

    Sheffield 2020

    They have ridden at Owlerton on Monday's in the past.
  14. Hope the last set were removed before racing commenced. Would be inCONVENIENT riders having to go round them.
  15. Per tigers website story about CLRC "Despite two provisional dates being announced, Tigers remain in discussions with Newcastle regarding a new date for the outstanding Championship fixture at Owlerton. This makes me feel the date is still in some doubt. they certainly have not made it very clear

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