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  1. ShyTalk

    Sky and Bt sports

    BT showing some of last year's GP's later this week.
  2. ShyTalk

    Sky and Bt sports

    If they didn't and got found out could cost them a fortune in lost customers. If you want to be certain, the money goes to the correct cause, just request a refund and give the money personally.
  3. ShyTalk

    Sky and Bt sports

    Just seen on BT sport website, that you can claim one month's credit back, or ask them to donate the same amount to NHS charity.
  4. ShyTalk

    scam callers

    Likely they will step up their efforts, as they often, try to use the fear factor. I have my own way of dealing with them, as follows: Upon realising a call is a scam, I remain calm, and pretend to be in need, of, and grateful for their help. I then say I need a few seconds, to do something, quick, but urgent (turn the bath taps off, turn chip pan off). I then put, phone down, do not end call, and waste their time, while they are waiting for me to return (which I will not do). I once got some scammer calling me back, about 4 times, thinking he had conned me, before he realised, I was conning him.
  5. Been trying to think of a few ideas which could help British Speedway, in view of problems it had before and after the current Corona situation. Here is what I thought of. Getting to matches. Not all fans have access to vehicles. How about a new section in the forum, of lifts to matches. A new topic could be started about any match, and a poster could request,or offer, a lift from "area where they live" to relevant track. Poster to be PM by any interested party. Rider sponsors. To assist riders getting sponsors, or persuading them to part with a few extra £££'s, start the pre match presentation a few minutes earlier, and announce each rider's main sponsor and their business. Next season. If the two top leagues merge, how about a series, of say 5 matches, between, Team GB North, and Team GB South. All British riders, contracted to the teams, which are in the Northern half of the League being eligible, for selection for Team GB North, same for South. Decent standard of match, and appeal to the North, South rivalry. If merger does not happen, how about the cup competition, being open, between the two leagues, with the lower league team, being allowed, say, 5 tactical rides (each leg), any rider, any race. Play Offs. Unpopular, with some, who feel top of league are champions, popular with those, who like end of season drama. As a way of rewarding the higher placed team, why not add the amount of league points, the higher team scored, over and and above their opponents, to their aggregate score.Would make it harder for team to be champions, by peaking at right time. Meet and Greet. Offer, this sort of experience for those interested, and prepared to pay a little extra for it. Alternatively, offer chance to watch a few races from centre green, for a small charge. Like to hear other opinions on this, or any other ideas out there.
  6. ShyTalk

    Premiership Junior League

    Plenty of time, but not much point.
  7. ShyTalk

    Sky and Bt sports

    I think Sky and BT need to think carefully about how they treat their customers. Some may be contracted to pay for their services for up to a year from now. Whether customers choose to pay for services after that date is up to them.
  8. Do the programme receipts/profits go to the fund?
  9. ShyTalk

    Speedway On Tv And The Internet In 2020

    Anyone know, if freesports have any plans to cover speedway this year?
  10. ShyTalk

    Sheffield 2020

    Don't think they are even set in jelly nowadays. I can accept rain offs, but some of the other reasons are getting ridiculous.
  11. ShyTalk

    2020 Fixtures

    For fans who want to plan dates etc, the sooner information available the better. Few years ago, fixtures issued, but some dates, including British semi, were held back. When issued, I found I had planned something else on one, of the dates. Heard the speedway was brilliant, at this match, so I missed some great speedway, and the promoters missed a bit of income. I used to buy speedway star, for the results, but gave up about 40 years ago, when I got a TV with teletext. I am not interested in speedway star, but I do like to go to matches, and I am sure promoters, both want and need all the income they can get.
  12. ShyTalk

    2020 Fixtures

    I would call it working against, rather than with the paying fans.
  13. ShyTalk

    Sheffield 2020

    Fixtures now out. All Tigers home matches on Thursday. I wonder if this means that some Eurosport matches will be shown Thursday,'s.
  14. ShyTalk

    Sheffield 2020

    Just read the following on Stratrax (stock cars) website. Lots of work has been ongoing with a revamp of the Sheffield pits area to commence early March and we are in serious discussions about re -opening at least part of the back straight - We are developing Sheffiled in the coming years hopefully to become the jewel of the North and it has a much livelier fixture list in 2020 which will also feature Bangers & support formulae programme. Interesting bit about the back straight.

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