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  1. Genuine question about masks. When someone is wearing a mask, where does the exhaled air go? If it stays within the confines of the mask, is there a length of time after which it begins to be inhaled again and potentially become a health hazard to the wearer? Not looking to reignite any debates, just wondered if anyone knows the answer.
  2. Flitters

    Song Title Game

    Have You Met Miss Jones? _ Robbie Williams
  3. Flitters

    Song Title Game

    Goin' Gone -Kathy Mattea
  4. Flitters

    Song Title Game

    Let's Go To Vegas Faith Hill
  5. It isn't clear from that if we actually need to have a test before we enter. Do you know if it is required Rob?
  6. Flitters

    Song Title Game

    Goin' Gone - Kathy Mattea
  7. Flitters

    Song Title Game

    Walking in Memphis . Cher
  8. Big Brother Watch launched a Crowdfunding appeal to launch a legal challenge against Covid passports if it becomes necessary. They set a target of £25,000. It was only launched yesterday evening and they have already exceeded this total.
  9. Flitters

    Covid Vaccine

    No. I' ll just keep taking Vitamin D.
  10. My daughter uses a sunflower lanyard and has a mask exemption badge. She has never been challenged in any supermarket. Only one shop has insisted that she needs a face coverings so she had to use a visor. I did point out the mask exemption but was told all their customers had to use a face covering.
  11. I went to our local outdoor shopping centre this morning. Our local coucil have now put barriers around all the benches so no one can sit down or "linger" as they call it.. However, they have also put a nativity scene in the same shopping centre. Apparently, you are allowed to stand and look at it for as long as you want. The local residents are not amused.
  12. I haven't posted on this forum before but I have been reading it with interest.. I would like to ask a question. When is a pandemic considered to be over?. Is it when the death rate globally drops to a certain level or the number of cases consistently drops?. I have tried to find an answer but I would prefer not to Wade through pages of scientific reports. Just wondered if anyone has any ideas.
  13. Flitters

    Speedway Star idea

    I got into tractors by helping Glyn Taylor at Belle Vue with the track. I ended up with buying the Belle Vue Massey 35. There are plenty of tractor fans that would enjoy watching the tractors. My long suffering wife is now an extractor fan as I now have 5 tractors and a steam engine.

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