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  1. Chrisdonnelly

    Stars v Aces 19/05/22

    Absolutely no favourite this year imo . Already seeing riders missing / injured , no point having a great team on paper if your running r/r or guests
  2. Chrisdonnelly

    Sheffield vs Peterborough 5/5/22

    His prem form has been up and down. He does put some great performances in for Glasgow though!
  3. Allen & etheridge nowhere near good enough to be in the main body of the team. This will put too much pressure on the reserves. Changes need making asap before it’s too late and seasons over before it’s even started
  4. Chrisdonnelly

    Belle Vue 2022

    Didn't Dan state in September that he was giving UK a miss?
  5. Chrisdonnelly

    Belle Vue 2022

    Was looking forward to seeing jye at the start of last season and he ended up being arbage and was awful in the playoffs. Very disappointed
  6. Chrisdonnelly

    Belle Vue 2022

    Oh dear
  7. Chrisdonnelly

    Belle Vue 2022

    Mid Feb and still no team ... Whats going on ?
  8. Chrisdonnelly

    Belle Vue 2022

    Tero Aarnio ? He won a heat at the SWC so let’s sign him again
  9. Chrisdonnelly

    Belle Vue 2022

    Certainly take both of those
  10. Chrisdonnelly

    Belle Vue 2022

    I thought tai was signing for us ?.
  11. Chrisdonnelly

    Belle Vue 2022

    After witnessing richie’s reaction at Peterborough being pulled out of his final ride I never expected him to resign, hope to see him back in the future. Steve definitely needs time away, had some good meetings this season but when it comes to crunch time has not delivered. He knows it and I think has looked elsewhere.
  12. Chrisdonnelly

    Belle Vue 2022

    No idea where this rubbish about tai has come from. Absolutely no chance tai will be riding in the UK. Do you really think he’ll risk himself riding against very inexperienced riders? He has had some nasty injuries over the last few years wouldn’t be surprised if he just does Poland next year
  13. Chrisdonnelly

    Belle Vue 2022

    Yeah love him in a management role
  14. Chrisdonnelly

    Belle Vue 2022

    Really hope not

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