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  1. Chrisdonnelly

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    Not sure how any of those fit if the 5 above are in the team also
  2. Chrisdonnelly

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    Me too. Should have missed last season as well. It hasn’t worked with lemo so why are we letting him sign the same riders
  3. Chrisdonnelly

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    If that’s our top 5 we are in real trouble
  4. Chrisdonnelly

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    I’ll be going Sheffield
  5. Chrisdonnelly

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    do NOT want to see steve worral in 2020 for bv
  6. WIth The amount of polish talent coming through at the moment I think we need to welcome kids who are willing to take a risk. If he’s investing heavily over the winter will want to be riding 2 leagues
  7. Chrisdonnelly

    Peterborough v Belle Vue 5/9/2019

    Selfishly I’m glad we’ve not made the playoffs. Don’t deserve it at all. hopefully this instigates the shakeup we’ve needed for a few years. Keep max/jaimon and Dan the rest thanks but no thanks. I swear if I see steve worral in next years team I’m not bothering
  8. What’s happened to the racing at Sheffield, been a few times this year. Pants every time
  9. Chrisdonnelly

    Wolves v Belle Vue 5/8/19

    Seems everyone has given up on bv , not even worth discussing on here anymore
  10. 22 heats of speedway, first lot are going to be boring so by the time we get to the end there not racing on concrete
  11. Chrisdonnelly

    Belle Vue v Ipswich Monday 8th july

    Understand track was heavy. Few good heats but a lot of spread out races, think yogi and worral needed to explore that dirt line
  12. Chrisdonnelly

    Belle Vue v Poole Monday 1/7/19 BT Sports

    Dan really needs to be riding in the championship as well, he’s not had a team place in Poland this year due to form. It’s a risk riding in the lower league after his injury but I think lack of activity is effecting his progression. I don’t want to knock the riders because it’s a bloody tough sport but I want to see the club i love do well and win the league again but until we have a proper think about riders it’s not going to happen. Getting rid of cook was a total wrong decision, not sure why this happened but we’ve lost a gem there. I don’t think the club now truely believe they can win the league so why are we not just dropping down a league and making more money with more local derbies...
  13. Chrisdonnelly

    Belle Vue v Poole Monday 1/7/19 BT Sports

    Agree, to me both dan and Steve’s bottle has gone. Totally understandable but that’s not going to cut it for winning the league. Dan has the capability to return to form but I fear steve has nothing left to give. Constantly shutting off in tough situations and only races when he’s out in front. The only good signs were beginning of the season against poor teams in meaningless matches. After his playoff performances last 2 years I’d have said bye bye. 1 point at home is just not good enough, far too many chances now

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